‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ Returns Next Month With Emotional Episodes Featuring Anna Cardwell’s Final Days & More: Watch the Season 6B Trailer

Anna Cardwell, discussing her cancer battle in Season 6B of ‘Mama June: Family Crisis.’

Mama June: Family Crisis returns to TV next month with six new–- and very “emotional”–- episodes that will include the final days of Anna Cardwell’s life.

As The Ashley previously told you, Anna–- Mama June Shannon‘s eldest daughter-– passed away December 9 following a nearly year-long battle with cancer. The 29-year-old was survived by her husband, Eldridge Toney, and her two children, 11-year-old Kaitlyn and 8-year-old Kylie. 

This week, June took to social media to share a sneak peek of the final six episodes of Season 6 that will begin airing next month, telling fans the content of the episodes will “definitely” be “emotional.” 

“Here is a little bit of a sneak [peek] of what is to come in June for the back six episodes,” June posted on Facebook, along with two clips from the show. “It will start with Season six episode 21 and end with Season six episode 26. 

“It’s definitely going to be an emotional one and we are letting y’all in more than we ever have,” she continued, adding that “it still doesn’t seem real” that Anna has been gone for five months.

June, breaking down in tears in the Season 6B sneak peek….

As you may remember, Anna reportedly wanted her fight against adrenal carcinoma documented for her family’s reality show, so she allowed a WeTV crew to film her final days. In the sneak peek of the upcoming episodes, viewers get to see Anna open up more about her declining health. 

“I thought everything was great and then all of a sudden all this pain came,” she says in the clip. 

Anna is seen returning to the hospital in the Season 6B trailer…

There is also a scene that shows June encouraging the family to get along with each other, before sharing what was seemingly one of Anna’s final requests. 

“Anna wanted to be around family,” June says. “We’re giving her what she wants.” 

While Anna’s health and ultimate passing will presumably be the main focus in the upcoming episodes, viewers will also watch as June’s daughter Jessica Shannon opens up about the possibility of starting a family of her own. 

“If it’s a girl, we definitely ain’t namin’ her ‘June.'”

“We’re thinking about having a baby,” Jessica says in the clip, joined by her girlfriend, Shyann McCant.

The second half of Season 6 will also see Alana Thompson gearing up to stand by boyfriend Dralin Carswell as he heads to court over his legal issues– issues that Alana fears may prevent Dralin from joining her in Colorado, where she is planning to attend college.  

When your boyfriend not only has legal issues, but also pigtails…

(As The Ashley told you in October, Dralin pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from a February 2023 police chase.) 

The new episodes will also show June and husband Justin Stroud renewing their wedding vows after tying the knot in a secret courthouse civil ceremony back in March 2022.

Justin, trying to figure out why June thinks NOW is a good time for a vow renewal. (Probably.)

“My life is a crazy rollercoaster,” June says in the camera at the end of the sneak peek. 

‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ returns next month on WeTV and ALLBLK. Watch the sneak peek of Season 6B below. 


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