‘Teen Mom 2’ Drama! Vee Torres Insists She Did Not Quit the ‘Baby Mamas No Drama’ After Her Co-Host Kail Lowry Tells Listeners She’d Be Recording Episodes Solo From Now On

Right now MTV is calling around, trying to find a mud wrestling pit to book so Kail and Vee can settle this feud on-camera…

Their podcast is called Baby Mamas No Drama but there is plenty of drama going on between Vee Torres and Kail Lowry right now.

The Teen Mom 2 stars— who have baby daddy Jo Rivera in common—are currently at odds, and their feud is now affecting their joint podcast. After Kail told listeners on July 6 that she would be continuing with the podcast solo, Vee hit Instagram Stories on Wednesday to dispute Kail’s claims. She discussed her absence on the podcast, which she has been recording with Kail since September 2020. 

“Me and Kail decided that we’re going to kind of do episodes separately until we get our s**t together,” Vee said.

During the most-recent episode of the podcast, Kail hinted that there was a lot of baby mama drama going on between her and Vee. While recording with her co-star Leah Messer, Kail pointed out that “it’s just me today…baby mama,” blaming her going solo on “scheduling conflicts and some other things.”


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Later in the podcast, Kail said that, right now, it was “baby mama, all drama” between her and Vee. 

Raise your hand if you knew this was coming…

“Things have transpired in the past week or so, so I think I’m going to continue the podcast by myself,” Kail said. 

After the episode was posted, fans expressed their sadness on Instagram about Vee no longer being part of the podcast. However, on Wednesday, Vee made it clear that she is still very much part of the podcast, despite Kail declaring that she would be doing it by herself. (You can watch Vee’s video below!)


“So many people were DMing me and asking what happened to me on the podcast,” Vee said on Instagram Stories. “I’m doing an episode so I’ll be on Tuesday. It would just be me and my best friend. We’re going to do an episode.”

She then addressed where her relationship with Kail stands.

“There’s a lot going on, but, like, we’re fine,” Vee said. “I’m actually filming with her later or whatever…We’re OK. I just don’t want you guys to worry too much. We just, we have to work through some things. It’s normal but, um, the show must go on. So I’ll be having my own episode next week and then she’ll have her own episode with [her friend] Toni

“But we are still here and we’re still gonna podcast…Don’t worry guys, everything is fine.”

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans will remember, Kail and Vee did not get along for years after Vee began dating Jo (who is the father of Kail’s oldest son Isaac and Vee’s daughter ViVi). They eventually became friends, and on the premiere episode of the podcast, they talked about why it was difficult for them to get along.

“[Because of ‘Teen Mom 2’] we have to relive things over and over,” Vee said in September 2020. “So it would piss us off even more to see it on [the show]. Or, like, if there’s something that you said or I said, and we could have already squashed the beef, it comes up again [on the show] and we get pissed again…we got over that.

“We were so young going through all of that, and now we’re older and we know how TV works,” she continued. “We know how to handle ourselves. We know what to say and what not to say.” 

Back in Season 3, after Jo began dating Vee, Kail called her a “hoodrat.” Their feud continued for years. 

“It’s probably only a matter of time before this ends in a restraining order…”

This is not the first time Kail and Vee have stopped podcasting together due to a fight. Back in April, Jo’s dueling baby mamas took a two-week break from each other after getting into a feud over co-parenting issues.

“We haven’t podcasted in some time [together] because we were having some internal conflict,” Kail said after she and Vee made up. “We were having some internal issues. We were having some co-parenting bumps in the road. We took the time to podcast with other people and took a break and worked it out, and now we’re back.”

“It just goes to show it’s always up and down, a work in progress always…” Vee said of their relationship. “We just still needed some space just to figure out both of our s**t, like separately, which is totally normal. And I feel like that’s healthier to do than to come together and act like everything’s okay.”


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Kail has yet to address what Vee said on Instagram on Wednesday. However, Vee and Kail both posted that they were at lunch together, and the lunch was being filmed, assumingly for ‘Teen Mom 2.’

You can watch Kail and Vee rehash their relationship on this 2019 Reunion episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

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17 Responses

  1. All Kail knows how to do is burn bridges. Vee and Mark both are distancing themselves. She is suing Briana. She’s going to end up a very lonely, bitter mama soon.

  2. She’s lost 2 long time friends in less than 2 months…There is a common denominator here, that needs to get her head outta her ass and start being nicer to the people who care about her.

  3. Why don’t they talk about it on the podcast? Isn’t the point of the podcast to talk about the perils of co-parenting? Lol.

  4. I have so much respect for Vee and how she has conducted herself in public. She never says a bad word about Kail and she always writes off any talk of drama as a “typical co-parenting dispute” “no big deal”, etc. Even when Jo and Kail are overtly fighting, Vee stays out of it and says that their problems are their problems and she isn’t involved in it.

    Jo has had his moments, but I hope Kail realizes that she is very fortunate to have him as Isaac’s dad. Jo has grown into a good man and Vee has played a role in that, as well. They appear to be a very stable couple and I think that no matter what goes on between all of them, they would drop everything to be there for Kail and all of the boys if she needed help.

    1. I reckon she’d be like an actor…needing constant attention…watering, feeding, adoration. Every conversation would be about her & how she’s always right & everyone else’s wrong and how they wronged her. Ugh.

  5. No drama and Kail don’t go together. Who’s surprised said no one. Kails miserable and wants everyone to be miserable. Kail has no one. When the kids grow up. She won’t have them either. She will never let this be on Teen Mom. Just like everything. She doesn’t want the truth to come out.

  6. Sometimes you just can’t have a relationship like that- especially with bitter, hateful people like Kail. Who in the world would want a damn thing to do with her/be desperate enough to ride what little fame she has? Vee needs to keep her shit to herself and leave Kail alone. You don’t need to be all buddy-buddy with your husband’s ex or his baby mama, its totally fine to say you don’t have the space in your life for that mess.

  7. So I guess this is why Kail requires NDA’s from her “friends”. She probably feels safe knowing she can be a nasty, bitter human being and nobody can say anything about it. If she was terrible before, I could just imagine how much more awful she is now.

  8. Can’t she have a friend without pissing in that relationship? I just read an article yesterday about how she sh*tted on her oldest friend recently smh

    1. Oh yeah, Mark? About the birthday week thing?

      That was disappointing bc he has been there since the very beginning.

      Typical Kail though. She burns bridges and rotates friends like its going out of style.

      Remember Bone and Micheala? Or was Bone Miceala? Lol. Then “Daddy Dom” and Becky?

  9. Haha omg, seeing that Instagram preview of them standing side by side is like seeing a bear and a princess in the same outfit ???

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