Josh Duggar’s Parents & Most of His Siblings Ignore His Trial; Mingle at Brightly Decorated Duggar House & Warehouse After His 3rd Day in Court (Exclusive Details!)

The Duggar home appears quite merry, despite the dark crimes the family’s oldest offspring, Josh, is currently on trial for…

Josh Duggar may be in a fight for his freedom, but it’s business as usual for his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, and most of his siblings.

The former 19 Kids & Counting –who is facing decades in prison if he is convicted of possessing and receiving child p0rnography, the crimes he’s been on trial for since Tuesday— had the ever-loyal support of his wife Anna this week in court, but his parents have been noticeably absent. (Jim Bob testified at Monday’s pre-trial hearing because he legally had to, but has not made an appearance in court since.) 

Despite the dark crimes Josh is being accused of, the Duggar Family’s Springdale, Arkansas, was lit up brightly for Christmas.

The Duggars are still having a holly jolly Christmas, despite Josh’s trial…

The Ashley (who is in Arkansas to cover Josh’s trial), can confirm that two giant wreaths adorned the home’s front gates, while a life-sized nativity scenes sat under spotlights at the home’s entrance. (Several signs promoting Jim Bob’s current run for Senate are placed in the Duggar front yard near the road as well.) 

After Day 3 of the trial— which, as The Ashley previously reported, contained testimony from a government expert regarding the type of child sex abuse material (CSA) found on Josh’s work computer—the Duggar home was bustling with activity. The Ashley can confirm that several children were running on the porch and lawn of Jim Bob and Michelle’s house, as several visitors stood on the porch and chatted just two hours after Josh’s trial recessed for the night.

Also bustling with activity was the warehouse on the Duggar property that Josh, Anna and their children have been living in. (Josh is currently not staying there, as he is still at the home of the Rebers, who are his court-appointed guardians while he’s out on bail.) Outside the warehouse, several adults mingled and chatted and laughed loudly enough that their voices could be heard from the road. 

As The Ashley has reported, only a few Duggars have been in court since the trial began on Tuesday. Josh’s sister, Joy Duggar Forsyth sat through the testimony on Thursday and Friday, with her husband Austin Forsyth, who appeared solo on Tuesday. (Joy and Austin have sat away from Anna and the others, except for Austin sitting briefly near Anna on Friday.)

Derick Dillard— who is married to Jillhas been in court every single day of the trial, sitting next to Anna. (To be clear, this does not mean he– or Joy or Austin— is there in support of Josh.) Each day Derick has appeared in a suit and has taken notes through the witnesses’ testimonies. 

“Just here to observe, thanks!”

Jill has not appeared in court; however, she has been named as a witness and may testify next week. (Jedidiah Duggar has also been named a witness.)

Josh’s younger brother Justin appeared on Thursday, with his mother-in-law, Hilary Spivey, in tow (for some reason). Justin and Hilary looked jovial during court and during breaks.

Jim Bob and Michelle have never made an appearance, nor have any of the other Duggar siblings. Although Josh’s sister (and former victim), Jessa Duggar Seewald lives less than seven minutes away from the courthouse where Josh’s trial is taking place, she has yet to make an appearance.

Anna has had some supporters with her, though. Her brother-in-law, David Waller, has been in court with her several days, as has her uncle.

To read The Ashley’s coverage of the Josh Duggar trial, click here!

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  1. Ashley – Please tell me that as a compensation for having to attend this you are rewarding yourself with the getting to go to the golden girls convention in Chicago?

  2. The sun shared an awful pic of Justin smiling and giving thumbs up as he walked out of the courthouse. Sick sick sick. And why is derrick sitting with the family after he’s been so outspoken about them?

  3. Cultist leaders have an amazing gift for prioritizing their own wants and needs. Jim Bob sacrificed all of his children and grandchildren for his eldest son. Then, after being deemed uncreditable by a judge, he sacrifices his eldest son for a shot at a senate seat.

  4. Jim Boob and Michelle are going to hell for not protecting their little girls. They are also going to hell for using their children to make money for themselves. Josh is just plain going to hell.

    Praying for the victims, which includes the Duggar girls.

  5. Thanks for being there in person The Ashley, and taking one for the team. What an awful trial to have to sit through and I bet there’s more dark-sidedness to witness.

  6. Don’t think for one second if Jim Bob didn’t believe he had some control or influence that he wouldn’t be in that courtroom every day. The judge smacked his hand pretty early so now JB’s method will be to ignore and pretend everything is peachy.

    I cannot speak for the sisters, my heart goes out to them and other victims.

  7. Now that Jim Boob is running for Senate, he will be staying a fair distance from the pedo stink if he doesnt feel that it is going his way. Nothing like that unconditional parental love!!

    Josh if you’re somehow reading this on your “Covenant” software….. Youre a garbage human, and I hope youre waiting for Santa with your boyfriend Bolo in Arkansas State Prison.

  8. I don’t believe any of the few siblings who showed up to his trial were there to support him in any way. Joy and Jill were victims, and Jill is testifying against him. The only person there to support Josh is Anna.

  9. I wouldn’t go either. Fuck him. Ol pervert. I’m sure the girls wrote him off long long ago.

    Derrick’s probably writing a book.

    1. Yeah, Derrick’s relationship with the Duggars has been rocky. So I wouldn’t doubt he’s playing nice to expose them all and make money in some fashion.

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