Josh Duggar Trial: Joy Duggar Forsyth, Anna Duggar & Other Family Members React As Expert Describes Graphic Child Sex Abuse Photos Found On Josh’s Computer (Exclusive Details)

Anna and Josh Duggar held hands as the left the courtroom after Day 3 of his trial….

Trigger Warning: This story contains mention of child sex abuse images and other disturbing information.

 The Ashley was in a Fayetteville, Arkansas, courtroom today alongside members of the Duggar Family as graphic descriptions of child sex abuse photos and videos that Homeland Security investigators found on Josh Duggar‘s computer were read. As The Ashley previously reported, Anna Duggar was sitting in the front row, alongside Derick Dillard (husband of Josh’s sister Jill) as James Fottrell of the Department of Justice and an expert in child exploitation crimes, described files that were downloaded (or attempted to be downloaded) on Josh’s computer in May 2019.

Also in the courtroom while the CSA images were being described was Joy Duggar Forsyth and her husband Austin. As James Fottrell described the files— one of which featured an infant female— Joy looked visibly disturbed, leaning forward and furrowing her brow.

The Ashley can also confirm that some of the disturbing images were visible to Anna and Derick and others in the courtroom. Although the CSA images were only supposed to be shown to the jury, judge and attorneys (with the TV screens to the general public turned off during those times), the prosecutor left his computer screen on for a short time, showing several storyboards of the CSA images and videos in question.

Anna, who was seated right behind where the prosecutor’s screen had a view of the images. (The prosecutor eventually turned off his computer, but not before some of the child p0rnography file storyboards were visible to those in the first rows.)

The Ashley is choosing not to go into graphic detail as to what the files downloaded to Josh’s computer showed. However, she will refer you to The Sun‘s coverage, if you would like to know more details about the CSA found on Josh’s computer.

While Joy and Austin looked sad and disturbed by the descriptions, and several of the jurors looked away or wiped tears from their eyes, Anna remained stonefaced, even as the graphic descriptions were read and the CSA images were briefly visible to her. (The Ashley is choosing not to describe the files in question; however nearly all of them had disturbing file names indicating things like the age of the girls in the files, etc., with one even containing the phrase “Hot JB,” with JB standing for “Jail Bait.”)

All of the CSA files in question were downloaded or attempted to be downloaded over a period of four or so days in May 2019 on the computer located in the office of Josh’s now-defunct Wholesale Motorcars lot.

Despite hearing about the CSA files Josh is accused of downloading, Anna made it clear that he has her full support. After court was adjourned for the day, Anna was seen walking hand-in-hand with Josh to the parking lot. 

To read The Ashley’s live updates from Day 3 of the trial, click here

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  1. The fact that Anna is having basically no reaction to anything leads me to believe she either knew about it long before the investigation, or she’s so numb to his bullshit that she just can’t react anymore.

  2. I may be the only one who feels this way, but what if Anna is in on it? She knew he was doing this. She has seen this stuff before. How do you sit there stone faced? Also does anyone know what the minimum sentence is if he is found guilt? I worry he’ll get off with a light sentence.

    My old boss was charged with possings “Sickening amount of child p***”. He took a plea and got 30 days. THIRTY DAYS!!! They didn’t even look into the fact his wife ran a daycare. So I am jaded when it comes to these things.

    Best possible outcome is he is found guilty, thrown in Gen Pop, and the other inmates take care of him.

  3. Ashley, make sure you’re taking the time you need to to be able to hear the horrors of this case without letting it affect you too much, I know that’s probably impossible I personally can not imagine but I would try to take moments to fill my mind with positive stories when possible to try and counter the filth that monster enjoyed.

  4. I think Anna is probably medicated. They need to keep her numb so she can get through the trial. I hope that when Josh goes to jail she can finally realize that she’s better without him.

    1. They can’t medicate her too much, isn’t she pregnant with their seventh? I wouldn’t think numbing a pregnant woman out on a benzo would be smart.

  5. I read a different article yesterday about Anna remaining “stone faced” during the descriptions while everyone around her displayed some degree of disgust. I just figured it was her “poker face.” Then I read this article today with the same description and it hit me differently. She seems so unaffected by this. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Maybe she is so brainwashed and subjected to unsavory behavior by her husband towards her and her children that is why she is not bothered. We don’t know but I wouldn’t put anything past this perv. Fondling your sister while doing Bible study!!?? I hope he soon meets Bubba in jail. Bubba’s gonna take good care of him.

  6. I genuinely hope that when josh is found guilty, because he will be. And is sentenced to jail time.. that Anna really does leave. I hope that her “standing by her man” is just a show for whatever reason and that she doesn’t really plan to stay with him..

    I know I’m wrong yall, but I still hope 🥴

    1. Yes, I hope so too but I don’t think it will be any time soon if she does. His parents (and hers probably) will pressure her to stay ‘faithful’ and visit him even if he gets 20 years, and maybe even make her think it was her fault somehow. The longer he gets the more likely it is that she will break free of the brainwashing. Let’s hope he gets a nice long sentence. I really despise these cults: they do so much damage, all the while looking down on everyone else for their ‘sins’, y’know like hugging people from the front – the horror! And wearing trousers means you’ll burn in hell. Josh’s SA of young girls is no big deal though. Twisted!

    2. Also, I would not be surprised if there was some low-key blackmail going on – i.e. we can take care of you and the kids as long as you don’t divorce Josh and you tell the world he’s not guilty of these things. How are you going to survive without our support?
      There’s no low these sickos won’t sink to in order to try and salvage their reputation. The good old days are over JB, we see you for what you truly are, which is UGLY!!

  7. A) shouldn’t Anna be at home with her newborn child and filing divorce & restraining order files?
    B) what happens to the children in these videos? They’re all I can think about… I imagine investigations occur trying to save them from this despicable abuse? Thank you to the people who bear witness to these horrific things and try to bring justice for these children. Enough to drive most people out of their minds.

    1. Wtf would down vote this comment??? Id be concerned about the down voters mindset.

      Because i 100% agree woth Regina’s comment.

  8. Josh is disgusting.
    As is Anna for being supportive.
    I don’t care what devil made him do it. He did it. It’s wrong. He knew it was wrong. They have daughters.
    Leave him and save your children Anna.

    1. But think about it— where would she go with that pack of kids? They’re being supported by the Duggars so she’s trapped…for about the next 18 years

      1. There’s programs for women and children like her. Don’t know the exact resources in Alabama or Arkansas or wherever they are, but she could get assistance like food stamps, cash assistance and housing. She could learn a skill, get a job & support her babies. It wouldn’t be easy, but better than being associated with a pedophile into child porn.

    1. No that’s too quick, draw it out like the baby in the video he downloaded. If he can watch a 3 month being tortured he should have to endure it too.

    2. I’m bothered that his parents, who created this monster with their bizarre upbringing, are not held accountable. Yes, he’s an adult responsible for his actions but sure seems like had they DEALT with this when he was teen instead of sweeping…who knows.

  9. How any mother ever could support him whatsoever whether it’s his sister or wife is absolutely beyond me. Makes me fear for their own children if they’re willing to defend this disgusting disturbing POS. Honestly how do you advocate for stronger sentences for pedos and get the laws changed bc I don’t understand how child predators aren’t able to get the death penalty when they deserve that and so much worse. infants can die from abuse like that but he clearly isn’t concerned for the well-being of children.

    1. She is no mother, she is just a birther. Why isn’t she home with her newborn baby? That baby needs her, but no she’d rather be with her husband. I hope someone takes her children to raise as she is just as bad as him for standing by him.

      1. Sadly the people who would get those kids are the same ones who raised Josh and Anna. I can only imagine the amount of child physical and sexual abuse that runs through this cult.

        Anytime someone is found with this crap – CPS should open a file on the family. Especially when the wife is an accomplice.

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