Where Do the Stars of ‘Sister Wives’ Currently Live? Map Plus Updates on All of Kody Brown’s Wives & Kids

Kody Brown had dreams that most of his large, polygamous family would move into one large house on the family’s ill-fated Coyote Pass property in Flagstaff, Arizona. Unfortunately for the Sister Wives patriarch, his family was against living all together in a giant, polygamy mansion.

Just a few short years later, the Brown Family is literally scattered across the United States, with Kody’s third wife, Christine, even announcing earlier this month that she has left Kody (and her decades-long “spiritual marriage”) and moved to Utah.

With so many Browns in so many places, it’s hard to keep track of where Kody’s wives, former wives, kids and grandkids are currently residing. To help prepare you for the upcoming season of ‘Sister Wives,’ The Ashley has created this handy-dandy map showing the current locations of the Brown Family members, as well as updates on their lives. 

(Please note: this map was made based on family member’s social media posts, as well as information provided on the show. It is up-to-date to the best of The Ashley’s ability. Keep in mind, though, that some major life changes may not be addressed until the new season.)

Kody and his wives in happier (and scarier) times…

Kody & the Sister Wives: Where Are They Now?

Kody Brown: Currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona, and down to three wives. Still has an enormous ego and an enormous mess of curly blond frizz

Meri Brown: Currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona, (according to an Instagram Live she did on Friday); running her bed-and-breakfast in Utah and hocking the hell outta some Lularoe leggings. Still spiritually married to Kody. 

Janelle Brown: Currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona; had been living in an RV on the family’s Coyote Pass property until recently. In a recent Instagram post, Janelle stated that she (and assumingly her minor daughter, Savannah), found short-term housing in Flagstaff for the winter, but that they plan to live on Coyote Pass in the RV next spring. Still spiritually married to Kody and currently hocking Plexus. 

Christine Brown: Currently living in Murray, Utah, with her daughter Truely; recently left her marriage to Kody and stated that her life is “so great” now that she’s ditched Kody, his plethora of wives and his bad attitude. Christine currently sells both Lularoe and Plexus, and continues to maintain a close relationship with at least Janelle, with whom she recently did an Instagram video with. It is unknown if she is still close to Robyn and Meri.

Robyn Brown: Currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona, with her children. Has been completely silent on Kody and Christine’s split, which was rumored to have been caused, in part, by Robyn’s marriage to Kody. 


The Brown kids spending some (quality?) time with their dad years ago…

The Brown Family Offspring: Where Are They Now?

Logan Brown (age 27): Currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his fiancé, Michelle Petty. (They are planning to get married in October 2022 and are currently building a home together.) Logan has chosen not to appear on ‘Sister Wives’ for several seasons. He currently works for a Las Vegas start-up company.

Aspyn Brown Thompson (age 26): Currently living in Murray, Utah, (very close to her mom Christine and sister Truely); married to husband Mitch Thompson since 2018. Aspyn works as a manager of a retail store.

Mariah Brown (age 26): Currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah with her fiancé Audrey Kriss; they have not publicly announced a wedding date

Madison Brown Brush (age 26): Currently living in Greenville, North Carolina, with her husband, Caleb Brush, and their two children: Axel and Evangalynn Kodi. Maddie and Caleb purchased a home in North Carolina in July.

Mykelti Brown Padron (age 25):  Currently living in Lehi, Utah, with her husband Tony Padron and daughter Avalon, who was born in April. She sells Lularoe like her mom and sister mom, Meri.

Hunter Brown (age 24): Currently living in Maryland and attending grad school at Johns Hopkins to complete his masters in nursing. Last year, Janelle stated that he graduated in the top 10 percent from the US Air Force Academy.

Robert Garrison Brown (age 23): Currently living in Arizona. Earlier this week, Janelle posted a photo of her out to dinner with Garrison and his girlfriend, as well as her son Gabriel and his girlfriend.

Paedon Brown (age 23): Currently living in St. George, Utah. Paedon is in the U.S. Army and apparently does not get along with some of his siblings. In 2020, he admitted that he and his sister Mariah “can’t stand each other,” due to their different political views, which set off an online battle between Paedon, and Mariah and her fiancé Audrey. Several months later, his younger sister Gwendlyn called Paedon an “idiot” and a “racist.”

David Dayton Brown (age 21): Currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona, and attending Northern Arizona University. Dayton– who is Robyn’s oldest child—is triple majoring in Marketing, Information Systems Management, and Management

Gwendlyn Brown (age 20): Currently living in Arizona; appears to be attending Northern Arizona University. Came out as bisexual in 2020

Aurora Brown (age 19): Currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona; appears to be attending Northern Arizona University. Last year, Aurora’s mother, Robyn, stated that Aurora planned to live at home while attending college

Ysabel Brown (age 18): Currently living in Greenville, North Carolina. Ysabel moved in with her sister Madison and her family in August, stating that she was starting a “new life” on the East Coast. Christine later stated that Ysabel is attending college in North Carolina.

Breanna Brown (age 17): Currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona

Savannah Brown (age 16): Currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona

Truely Brown (age 11): Currently living with her mother, Christine, in Utah

Solomon Brown (age 10): Currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona

Ariella Brown (age 5): Currently living in Flagstaff, Arizona


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  1. Wow. I wish nothing but the best for all of the kids. I can’t imagine the implications of those kids being raised in polygamy AND subjected to the specific nuttiness of Kody Brown! At least they all appear to have been raised by mothers who love them. It will be interesting to see how their lives play out. I bet not a single one pursues polygamy!

    1. MANY years ago on the show (maybe around the time of Robyn showing up or before) they interviewed the kids and asked if they wanted Polygamy for themselves… NOT ONE said they wanted it.

      Mariah wavered a bit, but we see how that ended up 😅 I remember thinking it was very telling that even the boys were like, “Nope, it’s a mad house here!”

  2. Do you know if any of the older kids are interested in polygamy? It seems like most of them are trying to get away

    1. From the different interviews I’ve seen and read, it doesn’t appear that any of the kids are interested in polygamy. It surprises me somewhat, but I guess when you consider all of the upheaval they’ve gone through in their lives because of their parents’ marriages/lifestyle, it’s not really too shocking that the kids don’t want to live that way or put their own offspring through that.

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