‘Sister Wives’ Star Aspyn Brown is Married! See Photos of Her Wedding!

“And, no, we didn’t demand life-sized pinatas and 4,000 tacos for our wedding!”

Another Sister Wives kid has tied the knot!

On Sunday, Aspyn Brown–who is the oldest of Kody Brown‘s children with third wife Christine–married Mitch Thompson in an outdoor ceremony held in the Utah mountains.

Aspyn wore a white satin gown, while Mitch busted out a Scottish kilt for the occasion. (Kody showed off his gams by wearing a kilt as well.) All four of Aspyn’s moms wore fancy hats to the wedding, with Christine all decked out in emerald green.

Although Aspyn served as maid of honor for her sister Mykelti‘s December 2016 street-taco-filled wedding, and had previously stated that Mykelti would be her maid of honor, TLC reports that Aspyn and Mitch ultimately decided to forgo having a bridal party. Instead, they had 10 flowergirls.

Mitch, who is a carpenter by trade, built the arch that he and Aspyn said their “I do’s” under.

Mitch and Aspyn started dating after meeting at a pro-polygamy rally in Utah. (The Browns were shown attending the event during an episode of ‘Sister Wives.’) Their families have been friendly for years, though.

The couple got engaged in December. Although both come from polygamous families, Aspyn and Mitch have stated they do not plan to live plural marriage.

Wedding guests included Mitch’s older sister Vanessa Alldredge, her husband Jeff and their kids, all of whom star on the TLC reality show Seeking Sister Wife.

Aspyn is the third of Kody Brown’s 18 children to get hitched. Mykelti and Madison Brown both had their weddings in 2016.

Aspyn and Mitch’s wedding will likely play a big part in the next season of ‘Sister Wives.’ As The Ashley previously told you, the show was recently renewed for another season.

See all the photos from Aspyn and Mitch’s wedding day by clicking here!

Check out more pics below of the Brown family enjoying the wedding:

I love you a little bit more every single day //

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Super fun incredible day to celebrate my sisters wedding.

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Got to see my lovely family yesterday at my sister’s wedding! Link in my bio

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(Photos: TLC, Instagram)


  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Ashley I have watched Sister Wife’s each season. Not at all looking forward to the new season. I can’t stand Meri. Whinny poor me Meri.
    I still want to know what happens. Just can’t wat h another minute of Meri
    You make me laugh with your updates. Keep up the good work

  2. Aspyn seems like a very sweet girl. I hope she’ll be happy.

    Mykelti and her husband look happy. (Lots of unnecessarily mean comments about them. But I guess that’s the world we live in now.)

    What I would love is for Solomon and Truely to have a spinoff show. Those two have more personality than the entire rest of the family. They are both super cute too!

  3. Aspyn looked absolutely beautiful. IMHO she looked more classy, beautiful and even more bridal than her sisters did at their wedding.

    Meri & Kodi looked to me in the family photo as if they made up from what I could see of their body language and proximity to each other.

    Has Kodi ever mentioned Scottish ancestry? Wonder what plaid he’s wearing. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if he just picked a plaid he liked and didn’t concern himself whether he was a member of that clan or not.

    1. Thought the first time ne didn’t go through so I wrote the post out again and then when I posrted the 2nd that’s when the fist showed up. It really is that kind o fun a day today ?????

  4. Aspyn looked absolutely beautiful on her wedding day. Totally blew her ssisters out of the water (IMHO) in comparison to how Madison & Mykelti looked as brides. Her wedding looked a little classier from the photos.

    I wonder if Kody & Meri made up as she is not only standing next to him in the family photo but also touching his arm.

    I wonder which kilt Kody was wearing. Has he ever mentioned any Scottish roots?

    So much to wonder about with this crew lol

  5. So is there any truth to Meri finally doing the smart thing, and truly leaving this hot mess of a “marriage”? I hope it’s true. Live your life happy. Life’s short. Enjoy, find real love…. i,wish I could get ingo on if this is true. Anyone??

    1. I think if that’s her story line for the next season, TX will probably want it to stay hush hush

    2. The way she was standing next to Kody with her hand resting on his arm in the family photo doesn’t say “leaving” to me.

  6. Mykelti got married TWO years ago….? I feel like I just lived through that s**tshow last week. How is Sister Wives so far behind on the show?

  7. The views at their venue look amazing. Also, this seems like a much classier affair then Mykelti’s taco-fest. Speaking of, Mykelti looks particularly pressed at Aspyn being the center of attention.

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