Take The Ashley’s “Best of 2021 Reality TV” Survey!

2021 was kind of like Kody Brown’s hair: bad, long and ridiculous…

It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2021, which means it’s also time to take The Ashley’s annual “Best of Reality TV” survey!

While 2021 wasn’t quite the level of dumpster fire that 2020 was, there was still a lot happening, including dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, on-set fights happening, Oopsie Babies being born and more! 

This year marks the 11th year The Ashley has done a “Best of Reality TV” survey! (Here’s how Roundupers voted during the very first survey back in 2011, in case you’re feeling nostalgic!)

Take The Ashley’s “Best of 2021” survey and vote for the best, worst and wackiest people, shows and events of 2021!

(Results will be posted on January 1.)

(Photos: Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)


  1. Went with Cody Brown for a few. What a douche.

    Kail Lowry, Chris Lopez and Nick Cannon are all pretty annoying. The whole OG cast is annoying. Not a redeemable character on that show.

    The Duggar arrest and conviction was shocking. Thought he’d get off on some technicality or something.

    I wouldn’t consider Jenelle or Farrah as villains/ trainwrecks anymore especially when you have Amber and Kail still on the show.

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