Take The Ashley’s “Best of 2023 Reality TV” Survey!

The Ashley, after watching a year’s worth of  crappy reality TV shows…

2023 is coming to an end, which means we are about to ring in a new year of drunken fights and trashy drama! It also means it’s time to take The Ashley’s annual “Best of Reality TV” survey!

This year brought plenty of craziness— with reality stars losing custody, losing challenges and even losing their damn minds on-camera ! We watched our favorite shows, sat open-mouthed as our favorite (or least-favorite) reality show stars shocked us, and tuned in to see who would be the trashiest of them all!

This year marks the 13th year The Ashley has done a “Best of Reality TV” survey!

Take The Ashley’s “Best of 2023” survey and vote for the best, worst and wackiest people, shows and events of this year. (To see how The Ashley’s readers voted last year, click here!)

It’s been a loooong year…

UPDATE! The results are in! Click here to see how The Roundup’s readers voted!

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  1. Thank you for omitting Farrah from any and all lists this year.

    It’s how we get folks to go away into the reality abyss. Baby steps.

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