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2023 reality TV in a nutshell…

Last week, The Ashley asked you to vote for your favorite (and least favorite) reality TV stars, shows and moments of 2023. The Ashley gathered up the most-loved, most-hated and most-jaw-dropping, and you voted for your favorites! 

And now…the results are in! 

Before we get to the results, The Ashley would like to thank her readers for another great year for The Roundup! It’s been….interesting.

For the second year in a row, Sister Wives absolutely dominated the survey results. (That’s really not surprising, given how much chaos and commotion Kody, Robyn and Robyn’s tear-soaked eyebrows have caused this year!) 

Check out the survey results below! 

Biggest Reality TV Trainwreck of 2023:

Kody Brown (‘Sister Wives’) 

“At least I still have Robyn as my Number One Fan…and only fan!”

For the second year in a row, the Brown Family patriarch took the “crown” for being the reality TV star who basically made the biggest mess of his life in 2023. Kody narrowly beat out ‘Teen Mom’ star Ryan Edwards to “win” this title, edging Ryan out by only seven votes!

2023 will go down as the year that Kody basically lost it all: from his last remaining “extra” wife (Meri), to the relationships with nearly all of his kids, to more of his Top Ramen hair. 

Honorable Mention: Ryan Edwards (‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’) 

Most Shocking Reality TV Split of 2023:

Ariana Madix & Tom Sandoval (“Vanderpump Rules’)

“This is the only ‘win’ you got in 2023, Sandoval! Enjoy!”

When it comes to shocking splits of 2023, no other couple’s demise can hold a candle to Tom and Ariana’s! “Scandoval” absolutely engulfed pop culture for months after it was discovered that Tom had been having an affair with pal (and co-star) Rachel Leviss, resulting in longtime couple Ariana and Tom breaking up— and all hell breaking loose!

Honorable Mention: Kim Zolciak & Kroy Biermann (‘Don’t Be Tardy’ & ‘RHOA’)


Biggest Reality TV Villain of 2023:

Kody Brown (‘Sister Wives’) 

“Me again? I have a feeling Christine is behind this!”

Kody is back for an impressive third year as Reality TV’s Biggest Villain. The ‘Sister Wives’ star “won” this title in 2021, and continued his crazy, manic and sometimes downright mean ways all through 2022. In 2023, Kody still failed to see the error of his ways and continued to make things in his life even worse!

Kody almost lost his third “win” of this category, though, as he and the second-place finisher, David Eason, were just 10 votes apart!

Honorable Mention: David Eason (‘Teen Mom 2’) 


Best Reality TV Comeback/Change of 2023:

Christine Brown (‘Sister Wives’) 

“It’s been only wins over here since I dropped Curly Sue!”

2023 truly was a great year for Christine. The ‘Sister Wives’ star got engaged, bought a house and got married to a man who didn’t already have three other wives! Christine seemed to come into her own in 2023, enjoying her kids and friends— not to mention her new Kody-less life! This is the second year in a row that Christine won this title here on The Roundup! 

Honorable Mention: Jill Duggar-Dillard (‘Counting On’) 


Favorite New Reality TV Show of 2023:

90 Day: The Last Resort (TLC)

Big Ed was clearly very excited to be part of a win here on The Roundup….

Just when we thought TLC couldn’t possibly come up with more spin-offs for its hit “90 Day Fiance,” the network dug to the absolute bottom of the dumpster to give us ‘The Last Resort!’ Bringing together some of the franchise’s most-notable couples, ‘Last Resort’ served as sort of a ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ meets ‘Couples Therapy,’ with a naked Big Ed thrown in for no purpose whatsoever except to scar us viewers for life! 

Honorable Mention: ‘The Golden Bachelor’ (ABC) 


Reality TV Show That Should Retire After 2023:

The ‘Teen Mom’ Shows (MTV)

Maci, talking about the last four years of this horrible show…

For the last few years, Roundup readers have made it clear that they feel that the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise is a bit long-in-the-tooth and needs to end, but MTV has not received the message. For over 13 years, we’ve been watching the girls and guys of ‘Teen Mom’ pick fights, parent and avoid getting real jobs, and there seems to be no end in sight for their franchise, as a brand-new season of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ is just around the corner!

Honorable Mention: Mama June: Family Crisis (WEtv) 


Most-Shocking Reality TV-Related Scandal of 2023:

“Scandoval” (‘Vanderpump Rules’)

Understatement of the century series.

The biggest reality TV scandal of the year even received its own name, “Scandoval,” and the aftermath of the affair continued to fascinate, entertain and shock us for months! 

Honorable Mention: Ryan Edwards relapses, trashes his house, gets arrested for drugs & still doesn’t serve any jail time (‘Teen Mom OG’)


Most Jaw-Dropping Moment of Reality TV in 2023:

Janelle Brown tells husband Kody to “f**k off” during explosive on-camera fight (‘Sister Wives’)

It was the cuss word heard across the world…and the ghost town that is Coyote Pass…

‘Sister Wives’ viewers were absolutely tickled to watch as Janelle Brown finally got her groove back after she got into a bitter fight with her husband Kody during Season 18. Janelle, who is usually reserved, sensible and calm, absolutely lost it on her spiral-haired spouse after Kody refused to talk to her about their failing relationship. Eventually, Janelle told Kody to “f**k off!” and it got the ball rolling for Janelle to boot The Curled One from her life.

Honorable Mention: Sammi Giancola finally appears on ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ after years of refusing to do the show (‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’)


Overall Favorite Reality TV Show of 2023: 

Sister Wives

This comment alone should have won the show this title…

For the second year in a row, ‘Sister Wives’ takes home the prize for favorite reality show, even though many of us were hate-watching it. The TLC show had coasted along for years, bringing lukewarm content about wetbars and property lines and whatnot. However, that all changed when Christine, Janelle and Meri decided to leave Kody, and he lost his damn mind! The Roundup’s readers love ‘Sister Wives’ as much as Kody loves his own abs!

Honorable Mention: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ 


Click here to see how The Roundup’s readers voted in 2022! 

(Photos: MTV; TLC; Bravo)


  1. Kody the #1 villian for 3rd year in a row? Talk about a knife to the kidneys. Super Villian Sidekick, Roblox Robyn is probably sitting at the worlds saddest picnic table on Coyote pA$$, hysterically crying invisible tears over this.

  2. I was shocked Jenelle lost custody, moreso than David getting charges, probably bc he hasn’t seen the inside of a gel sell yet.
    Face it, the way these druggie TV folks have it, he probably won’t.

    Somehow I thought she could squeak by the 3 or 4 years til Jace was an adult. Egg on my face, I suppose.

    I’m not a Sister Wives or Vanderpool fan so I didn’t vote that way.

  3. If Kody wasn’t SUCH a trainwreck, I am sure Ryan would win! Both take no accountability for their actions, words and frankly…being lunatics who will never learn!

  4. Kody the #1 villian for 3rd year in a row? Talk about a knife to the kidneys.

    Super Villian Sidekick, Roblox Robyn is probably sitting at the worlds saddest picnic table on Coyote A$$, hysterically crying invisible tears over this.

  5. Kody the #1 villian for 3rd year in a row? Talk about a knife to the kidneys.

    Super Villian Sidekick, Roblox Robyn is probably sitting at the worlds saddest picnic table on Coyote A$$, hysterically crying invisible tears over this.

  6. I enjoy this poll every year.
    Thanks Ashley for covering all the crazy of 2023!
    This is the best site for reality news bc of the great writing, funny & spot on comments, and no politics!

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