Original “16 & Pregnant” Season 1 Star Whitney Purvis Arrested for Making “Terrorist Threats” Against Her Ex

“‘Member me?”

Whitney Purvis was arrested recently for making felony terroristic threats– just the latest bout of legal issues for former 16 and Pregnant star. 

As viewers may remember, Whitney appeared on the first season of “16 and Pregnant” alongside Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell, who went on to appear on Teen Mom OG. (Whitney and another girl, Ebony Jackson, were not chosen for the show.)

“Sounds like she would’ve fit in quite nicely, to be honest.”

Whitney and then-boyfriend Weston Gosa welcomed son Weston Jr. during their “16 and Pregnant” episode and the couple later welcomed a second son, River, in October 2014, before ultimately calling it quits. 

Whitney & Weston, way back in 2014…

Starcasm broke the news of Whitney’s latest run-in with the law for an incident that occurred September 27. Whitney, who is now 30, was reportedly arrested for her crimes October 14 in Bartow County, Georgia, and charged with felony terroristic threats and acts. She was released a day later after posting a $5,000 bond. 

Whitney appeared to reference her recent arrest in a Facebook post from November 29. 

“One month and I’m so proud,” she wrote. “Not to be cheesy but after two really rough years I’m finally starting to love and believe in myself again. I truly apologize if you’ve met me or had to deal with me during this toxic period. I was a really lost, hurt, angry and traumatized person with some pretty terrible coping mechanisms and didn’t know how to deal with any of what life was throwing at me. 

“Never underestimate the power of therapy, self discipline and God,” she continued. “Time to finally grow and live up to my potential and learn to stop self-sabotaging. (And I lost 15 pound, 15 more and I’m at my weight goal!)” 

Weston has maintained legal and physical custody of his and Whitney’s two children since April 2018. At the time, The Sun reports, Whitney was granted visitation rights every other weekend and ordered to pay $353 in monthly child support to Weston. As of September 2019, the mom of two had fallen behind on payments by more than $5,500, though that amount has reportedly now more than doubled. 

While Whitney was arrested just months ago for making alleged “terrorist threats,” The Sun reports she threatened Weston back in 2018 via text message, claiming she’d “blow [his] brains out.” (Weston filed a petition for temporary protective order in August 2020 for himself as well as his son against Whitney.)

In texts sent prior to her most recent arrest, Whitney allegedly threatened to poison her ex by making him “inhale toxic gas,” kill him, and “slit [his] throat,” among other disturbing messages. 

Yeah girl… we heard.

When questioned by police, Whitney claimed she was motivated to send the texts because her ex “had cheated on her, beat her, and humiliated her.”    

As longtime fans of “16 and Pregnant” may recall, Whitney has had many legal issues since her days on MTV, most notably back in 2015 when she infamously broke into Weston’s home and allegedly beat him with a broom. Following the incident, Whitney was arrested on two charges– criminal trespassing and aggravated assault. 

Whitney’s broom-beating mug shot…

The Ashley has reached out to Whitney for comment and will update this story when more information is available.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. All she is doing is lying and blaming others on social media. It’s so fucked up. An the worst part is there is evidence that she is over $13k in child support. She constantly bashes the stepmom or the few who like her that don’t really know the “real her” constantly say it’s the current wife’s fault or the husbands fault. The way I see it that kid needs to be behind bars for the stunt that she just pulled. Not to mention there is a police report filed bc she was slamming dishes and supposedly punched the Memaw. Like the fuck?! The kids were around when that happened
    She just needs to to be done. I’m beyond disgusted!

    1. I felt really bad for her during the 16 and Pregnant episode because memaw and Whitneys mom are 2 piss poor excuses for maternal figures. Those dirt bags failed miserably at providing any normal life for Whitney. If I was in the same vicinity as memaw, I would have punched that low life in the face too.

  2. Are we beginning to see the connection that Actor Drew talks about between some teen moms and terrible life decisions?

    Amber, Jenelle, Valerie, Lori, Whitney.. Troubled kids grow into troubled adults

  3. Meanwhile, Amber reading this article on her couch: “Pff rookie. I could give her some good ol’ machete lessons and maybe teach her my karate moves if she seriously wants to threaten her man. Girl needs to learn from the pros”

    1. Earth would cease to exist but yes, its not a terrible idea.

      Need a license to drive, to own a business and to fish ffs.

      But to be responsible for a human being??? Nahhhhhh.

  4. It’s crazy because she lives local to me & even added me on Facebook a year or two ago. She acts like a saint & is super judgmental yet this is how she acts behind closed doors?

    1. Acts like saint? If someone is trying to do better with their life, why wouldn’t someone try to be a saint? Teen mom fans are worst. They love to kick people when they are down. Like does she suppose to act trashy or something on Facebook? Lol

  5. She blamed MTV for her behavior after her 16&p. Said it was embarrassing and that MTV made her do things she would never do, like fight with her grandma.

    She complains her ex doesn’t let her see her children “over nothing”.

    Full of lies and doesn’t accept responsibility for anything, including her children apparently.
    She would have fit right in indeed.

    1. She never blamed MTV for her behavior or fighting with her grandma LOL you just want to bash someone. The stepmom doesn’t let her see her kids because the power is in their hands and she is an insecure immature bitch. She was Whitney’s best friend and slept with her kids dad.. that would drive anyone crazy. Keep your head up Whitney! Some people know what’s really going on and my heart goes out to you.

      1. Sad really. How Whitney has some folks fooled. Step mom does a great job. Tell me have you seen the arrears. Have you seen or actually heard the proof of “ Whitney actually wanting to talk to the kids?!” It’s so frustrating as parent or only uses the reputation of “parent” there is nothing proving she is doing for those kids. An they are right where they should be. A loving home with two loving parents

  6. She’d be another Amber / Jenelle if she made it on TM. The only difference is Amber and Jenelle have / had money – they’re all total trash bags though.

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