“16 and Pregnant” Star Whitney Purvis Arrested for Allegedly Attacking Baby Daddy with Broom

Today's Mugshot
Today’s Mugshot

Former 16 and Pregnant star Whitney Purvis was arrested on Wednesday afternoon after she allegedly broke into her baby-daddy Weston Gosa‘s house and attacked him with a broom.


Whitney, who starred alongside Weston on the very first season of ’16 and Pregnant’ back in 2009, allegedly “threw a metal wheel through two windows in an attempt to enter [Weston’s] Silver Creek, [Georgia] home,” according to the Coosa Valley News. She then allegedly hit Weston, who is the father of her six-year-old son Weston Jr., with a broom. The local news reports that Weston was whacked in the leg and side.

After the incident, Whitney was arrested on two charges– criminal trespass and aggravated assault. It appears that she is still being held without bond in the Floyd County jail.

Whitney and Weston have kept the Georgia law enforcement busy in the years since they appeared on ’16 and Pregnant’. They’ve each had multiple arrests over the years. In March 2012, Whitney was arrested for stealing (and using!) a pregnancy test at Wal-Mart.

Whitney and Weston in happier times, before the alleged brooming...
Whitney and Weston in happier times, before the alleged brooming…

A few months later, she and Weston were both arrested for criminal trespassing when they allegedly smashed someone’s laptop and cell phone. Weston has also been arrested several times on his own. (He’s been known to take some quality mugshots, such as this classic from 2012.)

Whitney and Weston have broken up and gotten back together several times since their MTV days. In October 2014, they welcomed another son, River. Whitney and Weston are not currently in a relationship, as Whitney has been dating a guy named Keith.

It is not yet known what caused Whitney to execute the alleged brooming.

UPDATE: As of Thursday afternoon, Whitney remains behind bars, with her bail set at $11,200.

(Photos: Floyd County PD, Facebook)


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  1. i figured she was in for a long road if she didn’t get the hell away from her mom and grandma the first time i saw her episode. if ever i saw a pill-popping white trash hooker, it was then.

    1. I was scrolling down to type that, albeit with ‘hell’. After we move past our societal double standard of domestic violence, I’m wondering which end of the broom she used and what could get her that upset since they aren’t together.

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