Farrah Abraham’s Father Michael is Writing a ‘Teen Mom’ Tell-All Book


By Holly Rasmussen

Another Teen Mom tell-all book is about to hit the shelves! Michael Abraham, father of Teen Mom: OG star Farrah Abraham, is releasing his own book, according to a new interview he did with OK! magazine.

“It’ll be a unique book regarding ‘Teen Mom.’ It’ll be a lot of info that has never been put out,” Michael said. “I’m not under a nondisclosure like my daughter is.”

It sounds like Michael is ready to dish out some dirty behind-the-scenes details about Farrah’s ‘Teen Mom’ cast mates.

“It’s an opportunity for people to face the music involving the past season,” he told OK!

Michael first announced that he was writing a book about the show and his daughter last year, telling Life & Style that he planned to write about “what really happened” during Farrah’s childhood, as well as the real story behind his daughter’s p0rno.

“Vivid [Entertainment] and the press made me look like I negotiated that deal and I did not,” he told the magazine in 2014.

We first met Michael way back in 2009 when Farrah was cast in the first season of 16 and Pregnant. Over the years, we’ve seen Michael countless times on ‘Teen Mom’— arguing with Farrah and her mother Debra Danielsen, faithfully defending Farrah, and taking care of Farrah’s daughter, Sophia.


Michael is not the only member of the family to write a book. His daughter’s book My Teenage Dream Ended was published by MTV Press in 2012. His ex-wife Debra’s book Vapor (about her experience of being scammed out of thousands of dollars by a catfish) was published by Ellora’s Cave last year. Ellora’s Cave is also the publisher of Farrah’s erotic fiction trilogy.

The rest of the ‘Teen Mom’ memoirs were published by Post Hill Press. Michael has not released a title or publisher for his book.

Here’s to hoping he calls the book Farrah: How She Overcame her Anti-Christ Attitude.

The Ashley will update this story when more details about Michael’s book become available.

Until then, if you’d like to order The Ashley’s 2013 tell-all book, Teen Mom Confidential, which also has juicy behind-the-scenes stories about Farrah and the rest of the ‘Teen Mom’ cast and crew, click the link below!

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18 Responses

  1. Farrah has not one redeeming quality. She yells and screams all the time. The poor daughter will need therapy.. A lot of it.. Farrah is making her parents tell the world how Farrah is wonderful.. Not even close Michael.. spare us..

  2. Pam, chill out. You would really just mangle some strangers face? And Chloe, it’s not Sophia’s fault she was born into such a disfunctional looking family. You really sink so low as to make fun of a little child’s looks? She can’t help what she looks like. I already know you’re ugly. You’re ugly inside which can make the best looking people ugly. You guys are unfortunate looking adult bullies.

    1. agreed! seriously, wait till Sophia is 16 and making bad decisions in the name of money and fame to make fun of her.. even the ashley never makes comments about these kids appearances (other than the girlses unbrushed hair! which is a jab at Leah’s parenting skill obviously)

    2. Actually Sophia is a horrid brat, granted it’s because she’s not ever been disciplined, but she is quite awful.

      Not commenting on her looks just her behavior.

  3. this will be a book about how his wonderful daughter is so misunderstood.
    Why are these parents so scared of her?
    My dad would slap me right in front of the cameras…jail would be worth it to slap the snot out of a brat like that

  4. Nothing this man could say would make his daughter any more likeable. What makes this guy defend his stupid, horrid daughter…especially how hateful she treats him? Obviously he’ll do anything for a buck…just like his spawn. How on earth can he possibly be proud of Farrah? I hope he doesn’t sell a single copy of his delusional lie – filled book. That whole family is despicable. God help the unfortunate-looking granddaughter.

  5. I was seriously about to propose a title involving the phrase ‘anti-christ attitude’ but you beat me to it. And I love you for that. Non-‘eros’ love, don’t want to make it too weird.

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