‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: Drug Use Denial & the Dramastically Cute Pig


It’s time for another episode of Teen Mom 2! While it will be nearly impossible for this episode to top the previous one– Nathan screaming “Jennnnnnnelle!” in the back of a police car is now permanently etched into The Ashley‘s brain– but let’s give it a shot.

The episode kicks off in South Dakota, where Chelsea and Cole are about to paint a room in Chelsea’s cabin. For some reason, the room has no windows and appears to have cinder block walls. Um…why does Chelsea have a jail cell in her home? Perhaps the judge just figured it would be easier for Chelsea to house Adam inside her home when he doesn’t pay child support, rather than have the state deal with him? She can just lock him in there for a few days and deprive him of protein shakes until he pays up. Maybe South Dee-ko-tah Mary can be the prison guard?

"We're gettin' it all fixed up for ya, Adam!"
“We’re gettin’ it all fixed up for ya, Adam!”

“Ya gotta stay in the cell for a few days, Adam, dontcha know?!”

Anyway, Cole and Chelsea discuss how Cole will soon be moving into her cabin. Aubree now considers Cole her second father, which doesn’t scare Cole. Their relationship seems to getting better every day.

"Every couple wrestles on the toilet...don't they?"
“Every couple wrestles on the toilet…don’t they?”

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Jenelle‘s relationship with Nathan. As per usual, she’s had her booooyfriend arrested for domestic violence but Jenelle is still longing to be with him. Just because you’ve had your boyfriend carted off to jail is no reason to give up on the relationship!

It’s been a week since Nathan was hauled off to the clink, and he’s been texting Jenelle and begging for her to give him another chance. He claims he’s changed and will no longer try to rip jewelry off of any of her limbs.

Almost on cue, Jenelle’s rented pal Krista arrives (this time carrying random dogs) and starts peppering Jenelle with questions about where she and Nathan stand. Jenelle starts talking about herself in the third person, so we know she’s about to say something important.

She states that “no abuse happened” because, you know, he never kicked her down the stairs (a la Amber Portwood) and he hasn’t “physically” cheated on her. Apparently, ol’ Nate never slipped any other girls his wacky snake, so it’s A-OK with Jenelle. He does, of course, talk to other girls behind Jenelle’s back.

"if I tell her that 'dramastically' isn't a word will she still pay for my dinner?"
“If I tell her that ‘dramastically’ isn’t a word will she still pay for my dinner?”

“I need to see a dramastic change, not hear you’re going to dramastically change,” she says.

Jenelle and Nathan: Stop trying to make ‘dramastic’ happen. It’s not going to happen. It’s just getting embarrassing.

Jenelle tells Krista that she doesn’t want Kaiser growing up in a broken home. It’s obviously much better for him to grow up in a house where Mommy and Daddy are wrestling each other on the toilet on the regular.

Meanwhile, Jo has purchased a home two blocks from Kail. Of course, this means that Kail and Javi are going to have to move out of the housing development. While Kail’s not thrilled about this, she’s happier in her relationship with Javi. There have been no fights about phone codes, concerts or Sterling’s mom in the last few weeks so things are going much better.

Finally, we check in with Leah, who is prepping to go to a treatment center that’s out of state to get help for her headache/backache/anxiety/depression/whatever medication dependency. Of course, Leah is still not admitting that she’s seeking treatment for a drug problem.

"I don't have to be a ding-dang genius to know you're goin' to rehab!"
“I don’t have to be a ding-dang genius to know you’re goin’ to rehab!”

She meets up with Corey and Miranda to talk about them watching the twins while Leah’s in rehab. They seem to be foaming at the mouth in anticipation of Leah finally having to admit that she has a drug problem, but Leah refuses to admit it. In fact, she denies that she’s even going to rehab. She describes the treatment as “a therapy at a facility or something.”

Corey Tyler may look dumb, y’all, but he reckons to know what Leah really means.

“It’s not like a drug rehab or nuthin’ like that?” Corey asks in hopes that Leah will come clean (literally) and admit her problem.

"Shame on you, Corey Tyler! My pupils are like this 'cuz I had to much Mountain Dew."
“Shame on you, Corey Tyler! My pupils are like this ‘cuz I had too much Mountain Dew.”

Leah denies that she’s seeking treatment for a drug problem and the whole time Miranda is just sitting there looking like her damn head is about to explode. Seriously, someone in the crew must have had to give her a stick to bite on in between filming these scenes to prevent her from jumping across the table and pouncing on Leah.

Despite the fact that Leah keeps calling it a “therapy,” Miranda refuses to play Leah’s wordplay game and makes a point of calling it a rehab several times.

While Leah refuses to admit that she has a dependency problem, she does reveal to Corey that she and Jeremy are getting divorced. She tells Corey and Miranda that she’s confident that going to to rehab treatment will make her a much better mom.

Corey and Miranda keep encouraging Leah to admit her problem, with Corey even going as far as telling her that the first step is admitting that she has a problem. Leah swears up and down to the Baby Jesus that she doesn’t have a drug problem, despite the fact that her pupils are as large as saucers in this scene.

Again, Corey Tyler ain’t no damn fool. He tells Leah that he knows gosh dern well that she has a drug problem and that Leah’s making up a problem to explain away her drug dependency issues. Leah is, of course, offended and things do not end well.

As you do.
As you do.

Back in South Dakota, it’s time for Chelsea and Cole to pick up their pet pig. They’re driving to the airport to meet up with their new pig pal, Pete. Chelsea is worried that Cole will leave her (and their pig) like Adam did, but Cole assures her that he’s in this pig-raising business for the long haul.

The pig arrives via pet carrier (#ChelseasNewBabe) and she’s overwhelmed with emotion. The pig is squealing louder than Leah during a romp with Robbie Kidd, but Chelsea is so happy she doesn’t notice. They get him loaded into the car and take a few selfies with their new baby.

"Hey Chelsea, Juh-nelle has a pig too-- his name is Nathan!"
“Hey Chelsea, Juh-nelle has a pig too– his name is Nathan!”

Later, Aubree comes home to meet Pete. They’ve put the pig in Adam’s freshly painted jail room, and Aubree excitedly runs to go see him. Mary hopes that getting the pig will keep Chelsea’s ovaries at bay and help her resist having another baby any time soon.

"Tell me one more time, what's the kid's name again?"
“Tell me one more time, what’s the kid’s name again?”

In Carolina, Jenelle is trying to find the time in between the boyfriend arrests and Krista visits to go fight Babs for custody of Jack Jace. She heads to the office of one of her many lawyers to talk about her upcoming mediation with her mother over custody. Jenelle wants Jace during the week, but the lawyer thinks it’s going to be hard for her to get that, what with all the ring pullin’ and cop callin’ going on at Jenelle’s madhouse.

Unfortunately, the lawyer was planning to use Jenelle and Nathan’s “stable relationship” (LOL’zzzz) as one of his arguing points for Jenelle getting custody.

MTV really should put up the hashtag “#LawyerOfTheYear” in this scene. The fact that this dude kept a straight face while talking about how stable Jenelle is really should earn him some sort of award.

"Seriously, I have a better chance of getting custody of Jace than you do."
“Seriously, I have a better chance of getting custody of Jace than you do.”

The lawyer says that Jenelle may have to choose between being with Nathan and getting custody of Jace. A per usual, the threat of losing Jace isn’t enough to keep Jenelle from her man. She’s still talking to Nathan and hoping to make it work.

Barb (and Jenelle’s never-before-seen-on-camera brother Collin) arrive with Jace to Jenelle’s madhouse. Barbara wants Jenelle to know that, even though they are battling for custody, she is still there for her.

“I told Nathan that if he hurt my daughta he’s gonna answer ta me!” Barb declares. “I don’t play!”

Jenelle downplays the incident, stating that Nathan “only” wrestled her for the ring, no biggie. Barb sees that Jenelle is trying to defend Nathan, so she tells her that she, too, was in an abusive relationship. Babs gives us insight into her hard life with who we can assume was Jenelle’s dad. Babs says she stayed with him and got hit for years in order to establish good credit and make a better life for her kids.

"It's always about you and your boooooyfriends!"
“It’s always about you and your boooooyfriends!”

“I just don’t want to see anotha guy drag ya down, Juh-nelle!” Babs tells her, adding that her being with Nathan will be a problem when they go to court to fight for custody of Jace.

Jenelle seems unmoved by Babs’ story, however.

In Delaware, Javi is literally scooting down the street to Jo’s new house. (Perhaps the Benz is still in the shop after they hit that board in the road?) Jo (dressed in a Wu-Tang shirt because apparently it’s 1997) and his brother Junior (who is wearing an equally amusing T-shirt that says “High on Life”) greet Javi at the door and show him around Jo’s new digs.

After they finish moving in Jo’s stuff, Javi heads back home on the scooter. He and Kail discuss how nice it is for them not to have to drive all the way to New Jersey to drop off Isaac. Of course, Kail wants boundaries, meaning that Jo and Vee can’t come bopping over to their house whenever they want.

A few days later, Kail and Javi visit Jo’s house, and Kail goes home to give Sterling an update on things. Kail is worried that Jo will ask for more custody now that he lives so close to them.


In West Virginia, Leah is holding her brother Isaac‘s new baby. Of course, that’s no reason for her to have to stay awake! She’s literally nodding off in the middle of her conversation while holding the infant. Again, she chalks it up to her stress.

This is just getting sad. Her brother doesn’t say anything, and acts like it’s perfectly normal for someone to literally be about to pass out while holding his kid. The baby seems blissfully unaware that the woman that’s holding her is seconds from crashing face-first through the glass coffee table. Finally, someone steps in to take the baby but not before Leah mumbles something about her anxiety.

Meanwhile, Corey and Miranda talk about how Leah is clearly in denial of her drug problem.

“If she doesn’t have a drug problem, is she going to therapy to learn to clean the house?” he asks.

Oooh, zinger! That may have been the most witty thing Corey’s ever said on this show.

"The jig is up, Leah Dawn!"
“The jig is up, Leah Dawn!”

The fact that Leah came to their meeting the night before “totally out of her damn mind” and was slurring her words was not lost on Corey and Miranda.

Meanwhile, Leah explains to the girls that she has to go away for a little while, but the girls seem unconcerned. (Surely they already know that their midnight ravioli feedings will be unchanged.) Leah randomly tells the girls that she’s “gonna have to keep the boys off of y’all” when they get to high school. “Why?” Aleeah asks.

Dear Lord. Good luck, Corey Tyler! You’re gonna need it!

"I reckon you ain't on the drugs!"
“I reckon you ain’t on the drugs!”

Later, Leah sits down with Momma Dawn to talk about how Leah has to leave those babies for a month. Dawn is more concerned that people will think Leah’s on drugs, but, of course, she ain’t!

UM?!?!?!! Please refer to the previous scene, Dawn!

Leah defends her drug use, stating that them ther doctors done gave her pillses at the hospital after she birthed Addie, and she kept taking the meds until she started to get dependent on them and then she stopped.

Dawn, ever the enabler (and user of the wrong verb) declares that if “You was on drugs” she’d call up that dern Corey herself and report it!

Again…LOLzzzzzz, Dawn. Good one!

Leah admits that she’s in desperate need of help and hopes that she can come home from rehab a changed woman.

"I hope I can fit Robbie in this here bag!"
“I hope I can fit Robbie in this here bag!”

The next day, Leah’s house is full of hustle and bustle. Divorce papers are being picked up, kids are running amok and Leah’s heading off to the ‘hab. She takes her suitcase toward the door, but everything falls out.

“Leah, it’s not zipped, baby!” her mom tells her.

Pretty sure that’s what ol’ Corey Tyler told Leah the night the twins were conceived.

Anyway, Leah’s signing her divorce papers as she’s driving to rehab. You know your life is in the toilet when you have to do that.

They arrive at the airport and Leah bids the twins farewell. She heads to catch her flight and the scene ends. (MTV didn’t tell you that Leah didn’t exactly make it to rehab that time. Click here to find out what really happened. Scroll toward the bottom of the post.)

Over in Carolina, Nathan has changed his mind about getting back with Jenelle and texted her to let her know that he “wants to see other people.” Jenelle is devastated, of course, because now she will have to toilet-wrestle with Krista.

“I’ve tried everything to get him back!” Jenelle declares.

Krista seems to have a hard time listening to Jenelle be so pathetic. But, hey, she gets a free sushi dinner if she listens to Jenelle blubber about this douche-nozzle.

Jenelle ends the scene by sobbing in her car, squealing that she only wants Nathan and doesn’t want to date any other douche-nozzle.

To read The Ashley’s recap of the previous episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ click here!

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  1. This is my first time watching this shitshow. I was amazed at whatever their names are painting the untaped sheetrock. That’s going to look REAL nice!

  2. Just wanted to let you know I love this column and look forward to it every week. Can’t wait for this past Thursday’s recap….pleeeeease make sure you mention the fact that Nathan was desperate to pawn Kaiser off on Jenelle so he could go to the gym!

  3. I felt bad though hearing Aubree talk about her dad…that he is bad and has been in jail. Chelsea is so intent to push Adam out of Aubree’s life and replace her dad with Cole. Aubree loves,her dad and he seems to love her. It’s very wrong for Chelsea to deliberately do all she can to turn Aubree against him for her own selfish reasons.

    1. If Adam really loved Aubree he would stop puttin his and her lives in danger by driving wasted.

      Chelsea is doing the right thing until Adam can legally be truste to keep his child safe which he is not right now.

    2. If Adam really loved Aubree he would stop puttin his and her lives in danger by driving wasted.

      Chelsea is doing the right thing until Adam can legally be truste to keep his child safe which he is not right now.

      EDIT: wanting your child to stay alive is not selfish. You concern me. A lot.

    3. I agree with you completely Chloe. I had to fast forward this weeks episode when they were at lunch talking about Adam. I’m not saying Chelsea isn’t a good mom, but she should never have those types of conversation on front of her daughter. Her daughter saying how her dad will do things if he remembers and etc. is stuff she is repeating after hearing it over and over from her mom. No 4/5 year old just says that on their own. Chelsea talks crap about Adam in front of Aubree all the time and we are starting to see the effect of that. I don’t care if what she says about him is accurate, there is no reason for her to be sharing it with her daughter. She can hear everything being said and it is affecting how she interacts with him.

      1. I disagree with your statement that a kid wouldn’t say that on their own. Both of my brothers had rotten moms who would flake on them. They noticed it themselves and would say things about it. My mother, who was the one to raise both of them, made a point to never say anything negative about their moms. That didn’t stop them from saying things similar to why Aubree has said about Adam. Yeah, Chelsea is guilty of saying things in front on Aubree, but she has toned it down a bit compared to her being a baby. Now that Aubree is picking up on stuff she seems to have put in some effort to shield her. She sent her into her room when Randy came over to talk about. She looked to have attempted ambiguity with Taylor during the painting play date, but that got blown. I’m not saying the lunch conversation was right, it was uncomfortable to even watch, but it’s not like she’s outright saying “Adan sucks and he’s a bad dad” to Aubree. Aubree is a smart little girl, Adam has been arrested while Aubree has been on his time. I’m sure she has picked up on his crummy behavior herself just by being around him equal to seeing how her mom acts and what she says when he comes up.

      2. Adam is such an idiot, he probably tells Aubree himself that he just forgot to go to her stuff. He obviously doesn’t see it as a big deal so why would he bother hiding it from her?

    4. I see where your comming from with that. Chelsea wants Adam to not play a role in Aubrees life. That will never happen. Coles isnt her father and never will be. Adams is a drunk douche but that drunk douche provided half her dna. The same way Corey has to respect that his girleses love their drugged up sleepy headed adulteress mother is the same thing chelsea must understand. You protect your kid from danger but dont put down or hamper their relationship with their other parent.

  4. @ the ashley- did you see the after show where chelsea wins a stuffed bear that has babs voice recorded saying her best phrases inside it?! it’s a build a bear stuff animal that is babs :O best shit I’ve ever seen!

  5. Just watched the preview for next weeks episode and saw Jo and Javi/Kail arguing over child support. Kail wants to modify it. Jo agrees and wants to keep it to an agreement between them and keep courts out of it. My opinion is that is the best option! This child needs a decent amount of cs no doubt! But this father (and hes a darn good one that uprooted and relocated 3 hrs away to be with his son) needs to be able to live also. Anyways Javi is saying “let the courts decide” then Jo tells him ” u don’t know the situation with cs because its not u” I would just LUV to tell Javi to pleaseeeeee dont influence Kail on this. One day I really believe Javi is gunna be in Jo’s position (kail will never be satisfied)and hes going to see what its like. I agree Javi should totally have a voice in this bc he is Kails hubby but you tend to see a different side of people when money is involved and I hope he backs off a little and keeps it out of court bc after all this man is a fabulous dad that is there for his son. And I’m pretty positive what goes around comes around. So be careful inflencing her Javi! Bc I’m sure you’re going to be in Jo’s situation next. Just sayin

    1. it’s ridiculous to say let the courts handle it when they’ve agreed to work it out on their own! oh yeah, lets throw money away on lawyers and waste time, missing work etc, to go to court rather than acting like adults and settling it. you’re right, javi will see one day.

        1. As a direct address “Hey, kiddo!” it’s all right, but otherwise it’s at least slightly mode tolerable than “little one/littles”.

    2. Can we talk about the double standards? Javi is butting in and babysitting Kailyn and Jo while they discuss CS. Javi shouldn’t have been there for that conversation. No one is making comments about Javi needing to butt out or mind his own business. Yet, when Miranda went to the meeting with Corey and Leah where Leah was asking them to take the girls for a month, a decision that would greatly affect Miranda’s day to day life, everyone was telling Miranda to butt out, mind her place, etc. So annoying.

      1. thank you, it was ok for jeremy to butt in, even to gang up with leah on corey, and ok for javi, but oh, miranda just needs to stfu lol. why, cuz she’s pretty? i think she did an admirable job of minding her own business until it clearly got way out of hand and anyone who DIDN’T butt in would be morally wrong! javi will so see for himself one day anyway smh

  6. I’m mostly curious if someone can zoom in on those spray cans in most of Leah’s pictures. What is it about aerosol cans in WV? Maybe it is a clue.

  7. Wacky Snake? OMG the Ashley I almost died laughing. How can people keep straight faces when Jenelle and Nathan persistently use dramastically? I know we’ve all been saying it every episode but how can Leah’s family deny a drug problem? It’s just…sad. When your sister can’t even hold a conversation while holding YOUR CHILD it’s time to call it a day. I think the best part of the Kail thread was Javi on that little bike and the look of joy on his face! I have to say I never liked Chelsea in the beginning but I’m really happy her life seems to be in order. I’m glad she found a nice guy and nice little piglet. Do we think Pete the pig and other Chelsea share a room?

  8. mtv did a live recap with the cast after the show (originally) aired Thursday; why…..how …could they not have called Leah out & replayed that scene for her?

    Even in the recap she still denied going to rehab & was upset that people automatically think that just because she went away (takes prescription painkillers, nods off holding a kid & slurs her words) that she has a drug problem & it’s a drug rehab.
    Wonder where they get that idea?

    1. I often wondered if she is suffering from both an eating disorder and some kind of addiction. When I was 19, I went away for 30 days for a combination of anorexia/bulimia and abusing sleep meds. But either way she’s either in denial or She’s embarrassed to admit her stuff on tv..

      I don’t get it. .admitting a problem does not make you a bad person, it means you are suffering from a disease and working towards a better life

    2. Leah refused to sign onto this season. She finally did after they contracted that they would not address her drug issues and her affair with Robbie.

    1. DEFINITLY! I enjoy reading what u have to say too. This blog is great and I can’t get enough of her recaps but the comments always make it that much better. We can be friends 4 sure girl!

  9. LMFAO…That dern Coranda & their” ridiculous” accusations..couldn’t possibly be true right. Gtfoh..I did think her brother had the “my sis is a damn junkie” look on his face while she sat there about 2 drop his infant child while mid junkie nod. but still just sat there saying nothing as all “normal” ppl do when their child’s life is in danger. U know in the Messer family holding new babies in a junkie nod is like having canned dollar store brand raviol @ midnight 4 supper at 5 years old, it’s just how they do it & it works!! I mean, look how great stuffing cheetos in the couch cushions worked 4 dawn with Leah when she was a baby, made her who she is today so why would she ever deny her children the good life she had..fucking lunatics I swear. I’m sorry but this episode just pushed the cheetos bag off the counter in regards 2 her abusing meds..u can’t miss a pile of big orange puffed junk lying on the floor (& in Leahs case, the best way 2 clean that mess up is 2 call the girls over 2 graze on them like cattle in a field) just like u couldn’t miss her high as a kite 99% of this episode. I do have 2 say that I LOVED the scene with Barb and Jenelle talking about how Barn was abused & such..I think that was the most real conversation I’ve ever seen between them & Barb was right in every single word she said..unfortunately Jenelle just let it go thru one ear & out the other but she’d have been smart 2 listen 2 that message. I just can’t stand Jail anymore & her moving after Jo moved closer is just as selfish and self centered as they come. Grow up, Isaac in sure would have loved spending the long haul so close2 his dad who obviously loves him & would do anything 2 b with him. Like so what if he is down the road, not like he’s trying 2 give u the one eyed snake on the tag..bitch. As far as Chelsie goes..I love her & Cole 2gether & he is great for Aubrey but there isn’t a whole lot 2 go into cuz her story isn’t so dramatic cuz well, she is actually a great mom & doesn’t live in constant drama every day.

    1. Agreed with Chelsea…mtv can’t even create a storyline with her, they are trying to cling onto the Adam story, Chelsea has totally moved on from that nonsense. Theres nothing to film. She’s got to feel good about that!

      1. Well said! chelsea clearly has moved on and matured dramastically! she got an awesome guy(a guy version of herself no doubt) It seems Chelsea has outgrown tm2. Good for u Chels!! Very proud of her!

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