‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Says She Has Rebuilt Her Relationship with Daughter Leah: ‘It’s Great Right Now’

“So she doesn’t DESPISE me anymore, so there’s that!!”

Amber Portwood‘s estranged relationship with her daughter Leah Shirley is on the mend, the Teen Mom OG star told Hollywood Life in a new interview.

“It’s great right now,” she told the website. “Honestly, I can’t ask for anything more.”

Putting some distance between herself and the 13-year-old space is what helped bring the mother and daughter back together, according to Amber.

“Honestly, when it comes to me and her, I did exactly what I thought I needed to do, which was give her space so she could understand what she was kind of like feeling and understand the emotions that she had though because she was obviously she’s getting older,” Amber said.

“And some people might not understand why that was the best thing that I ever could do because we actually talk now and she sees her brother [James] all the time and that’s exactly what I wanted.”

The troubled mother-daughter relationship was showcased last season on ‘Teen Mom OG.’ In one episode, recapped by The Ashley, Amber’s ex Gary Shirley shared how their daughter felt about her mom’s social media rants.

“What happens is, some of [Leah’s] friends follow [Amber], and, you know, see it too,” Gary said. “Then they see it and it’s embarrassing for Leah.”

“…not to post embarrassing things to Instagram!”

For a while, the two weren’t speaking, but today, Amber and Leah’s relationship is in a much better place than it was when the show was being filmed, Amber told Hollywood Life.

“She’s hugging me [and it’s just] a completely different dynamic than what you guys saw last season on OG […] where it was just kind of leaving the house and not saying anything,” Amber said. “And that is how we’re starting to grow a little bit.”

Never forget this scene featuring Leah “Savage” Shirley…

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(Photos: MTV)



  1. Everything will be fine and great with Leah until they start filming the next season. That is when things will conveniently ‘be in a rough patch.’ Amber is delusional.

  2. So you decided to talk about Leah publicly again? That will definitely help your relationship with her….

  3. so amber ‘decided’ to give leah some space and now instead of not speaking they are not talking LOL the biological mother of 2 sure knows how to spin a story,she usually forgets about her children until she needs a storyline,she treats her couch better, as if amber as if…

  4. Anyone else watching teen mom girls night? With Gary and Amber on the couch, without Kristina? I’m really starting to dislike him, he sold his soul for money. And am I the only one that thinks he appears drunk on the show? All giggly and red-faced?

    1. exactly! gary may be great in many ways now but people need to remember amber was his friends little sister who he was much older than. and that’s why i believed amber when she said gary would come on to her since we saw him do that after she got out of gel while he was with kristina

  5. If this is true, Amber will ruin it and leave that poor child holding the bag again. With Amber especially, history has always revealed the future. Rinse and repeat.

  6. I don’t believe a single word that comes out of her mouth.

    I can’t imagine going from I want nothing to do with Amber, to we are great and everything is perfect.


  7. You didn’t give your daughter space, Amber. You showed up to visit her when it was convenient for you and then ignored her when it was convenient for you.

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