Jail Call Logs Show Josh Duggar & Wife Anna Have Made More Than 100 Calls To Each Other Since Mid-December; Jed Duggar Is Only Sibling to Chat with Josh

“I’m always joyfully available for my man… Wi-Fi-permitting.”

As Josh Duggar sits behind bars following his guilty verdict for receiving and possessing child sex abuse materials (CSAM), he and wife Anna are passing the time by making many (many) phone calls to one another. 

From December 12 to January 2, Anna dialed up her disgraced husband in jail 39 times, The Sun reports, with call logs obtained by The SoJo Files podcast. During the Christmas holidays, Anna upped her phone time even more, contacting Josh on Christmas Eve for multiple chats. A day later, Anna celebrated Christmas by calling her holly jolly jailbird husband two more times, in calls totaling around 27 minutes. 

“I just can’t quit him. Joshy Girl for life!” 

While Anna was unable to physically be “joyfully available” to her former 19 Kids and Counting star spouse on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, she made six calls to the Washington County Detention Center on those days.

The Washington County Detention Center— where Josh is being held until he is sentenced in April— allows visitors to pay to visit (aka video-chat) with their legally-challenged loved ones, by adding in some funds and then video-chatting from the comfort of their own home (and/or warehouse on their in-laws’ property). There is no in-person contact visitation offered at the Detention Center.

Josh is allowed to make phone calls via jailhouse collect-calling during the hour a day he is allowed out of his cell. No one is allowed to call Josh inside the facility, but he can make collect calls from inside.

Josh appears to be passing his time by constantly calling Ann. He phoned is wife a reported 64 times from December 10 to December 30, with some of those calls failing to go through. 

Josh when he’s not talking to Anna…probably…

During Josh and Anna’s (likely very cringeworthy) video calls, a maximum of two adults and two children are permitted to be on the call, meaning Josh is technically allowed to video-visit with some of his children while locked up. 

Josh has also reached out to his father, Jim Bob Duggar, while in the slammer, with the two speaking twice December 26 and once December 29. Josh made a handful of calls to his mother Michelle as well, and the two are shown to have spoken on Christmas Day. 

“We really oughta look into getting caller ID.”

Josh has also spoken to his attorney, Travis Story, and his brother-in-law, David Waller.

In addition, Josh chatted with Robert and Hilary Spivey, who are the in-laws of Josh’s brother Justin Duggar. (The Spiveys attended several days of Josh’s trial.)

It appears that only one of Josh’s 18 siblings has spent time chatting with him since he’s been in the clink. On December 21, Josh called brother Jed, and they spoke for 16 minutes. He has not spoken to any of his sisters during his time in jail.

“I get like 10 minutes of free time a day. If you think I’m gonna spend it talking to Josh, you’re crazy!”

Josh is set to be sentenced for his crimes in April.

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(Photos: TLC)


  1. I’m sure she regailed him with detailed descriptions of the children’s bath time. How else is she to satisfy her pedo husbands desires.

  2. I don’t give a crap how many times these horrible people call each other. Hell, let them be on facetime 18 hours a day for all I care, but PLEASE can someone take the kids away from her? She has zero sense of reality. She’s 100% a lost cause.

  3. She needs to have her children taken away. She is choosing a pedophile over her own children. Sick.

  4. Anna just has the most blank look in her eyes.
    I never watched the tv show so I’ve never heard her speak .
    I just wonder how she interacts with her kids
    Or is the sister raising them too.

    1. She speaks just like Michelle. It’s a tad bit completely creepy. She didn’t in the beginning, but I would bet she was instructed to by Josh or Jim Bob to do so. It’s creepy AF.

  5. What is Josh’s connection to the Spivey’s? I guess I just don’t understand why he’s so friendly with Justin’s in laws??

  6. He’s not doing himself any favors. Can’t build a life in the inside, as cloistered his experience may be, with your mind always on the outside world

    I don’t doubt that a refusal to adapt and accept his new lot in life has much to do with that astonishing Duggar entitlement, tho

  7. I can understand why he’s calling her, there’s not a lot to do in prison, and its scary.

    But she ahs 7 children to has to raise, what is she doing calling him up all the time. Hopefully as time goes on and she doesn’t have do see him, she will slowly dilute the brainwashing put on her.

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