Josh Duggar’s Jail Visitors Revealed: Wife Anna Faithfully Visits Nearly Every Day, While Duggar Family Shuns Josh, Even on Christmas

“Next time send some ramen, too.”
“Shut your face, Josh.”

Josh Duggar has been in jail for 20 days and, although he has been placed in solitary protective custody for his own safety after being convicted of receiving and possessing child p0rnography earlier this month, he hasn’t been all alone. According to the Washington County Detention Center’s video visitation records, the former 19 Kids & Counting star has been video-visited by his ever-loyal wife Anna nearly every day.

His family, however– including parents Jim Bob and Michelle and his 18 siblings— are no-shows when it comes to visiting, even on Christmas!

A report circulating The Interwebs from the Detention Center’s visitation website shows that Anna has been burnin’ up that jailhouse Internet on the regular, initiating video visitation calls from her home with Josh on nine of the last 16 days he’s spent in the clink! In fact, Anna has called multiple times on some days, even running out of money and having to pay up and call her husband back.

“Joshy Girl for life, y’all!”

The Washington County Detention Center— where Josh is being held until he is sentenced in April— allows visitors to visit for free via video chat kiosks in the jail lobby. They also have a pay option to visit their legally-challenged loved ones, by adding in some funds and then video-chatting from the comfort of their own home (and/or warehouse on their in-laws’ property).

There is no in-person contact visitation offered at the Detention Center.

Interestingly, though, Anna has been Josh’s only video visitor (aside from a man named “John Pakula,” whose call may have been an error or a prank, as it lasted under a minute before Josh hung up). Josh’s mother, father, and plethora of siblings, in-laws and various other family members have yet to video chat with Josh…not even on Christmas!

Jana Duggar posted several videos of the Duggar Family’s Christmas celebration, with some of Josh and Anna’s children visible in the holiday footage. (Anna— as well as Michelle— were nowhere to be seen, though.)


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Josh is allowed to make phone calls via jailhouse collect-calling during the hour a day he is allowed out of his cell. No one is allowed to call Josh inside the facility, but he can make collect calls from inside.

Josh can video-visit with his some of his children during Anna’s video calls, though. According to the Washington County Detention Center’s website, a maximum of two adults and two children can be on the call during the visit. 

While the Duggars haven’t made time to video-visit Josh while he’s been behind bars, they can still send him money and/or pre-made gift packages. (It’s unknown if Josh has received any prison loot from his famous family, though.) 

For $44, Joshy could be gifted with what’s called the “A.M. Delight Care Pack.” Josh— a big coffee nut— would receive packs of Instant Coffee, bagels, a dozen Poptarts, a Honey Bun, donuts and more. 

“Gotta send some Honey Buns to my incarcerated Honey Bun!”

For the same price, one of Josh’s loved ones could purchase him the “Meal Deal Care Pack,” which includes very “Duggar” items such as dill pickles, a variety of ramen, a “pouch” of lasagna, a “pouch” of taco filling and fixings and a few other items.

“That lasagna pouch can’t hold a candle to Jana’s tater-tot casserole!”

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27 Responses

  1. Brainwashed or not, Anna gets no sympathy from me. I am pretty sure God would disagree with futher enabling a child molestor. That is one sick family.

  2. 2 adults and 2 children can be on the calls. Jb or Michelle can be on a call under Anna’s name as long as she’s there on the call.

  3. She isn’t fit to be a mother. She’s neglecting her 7 kids in favor of her convicted ped0 husband. Take those kids away and give them to a normal family

    1. I’m not an Anna fan but let’s not go off the wall here. Just because she talks to someone on a video call for 20 minutes here and there doesn’t mean she is “neglecting her children”.
      That’s like saying a mom should never take a shower because that time could be going towards taking care of her children.
      And as far as taking away her children, there are tens of thousands of children in homes right now being beaten, raped, starved, hurt, emotionally & verbally abused, neglected, and on and on, that CPS has not removed from their homes. Let’s worry about those kids first before Anna’s.

    1. Again, not an Anna fan, but who do you think raised her 7 kids? Not Josh, that’s for sure. They only just recently moved onto the family property. The whole time they lived out near DC, she was the one taking care of the kids. So to say she needs to “start being a mom” seems unfair at best. Obviously I disagree with a lot of her decisions and actions, but her kids are well behaved, polite, well dressed, well fed, and taken care of.
      Josh was at his job and on his computer looking at Porn and CP, out cheating, on Ashley Madison, etc., then would come home to a home cooked meal that Anna had prepared for him. She’s a mess due to the ridiculous religion she was raised in, but she has done all the work raising her kids. Josh should be the one getting condemned here.

    2. Well said, its clear hannah the buttlicker downvoyed you, happy new year to you and your family dejesusgawd!!!!

  4. She should be focusing on her children, not on him! Those poor kids need a mother right now, and it sounds like she’s still neglecting them.

  5. Others can’t use Anna’s name to hide their video calls with Josh. Doing so, without Anna on the call, would end Anna’s privilege to schedule video calls. Josh also could be disciplined.

    1. But Anna can have Jimbo next to her in one videocall and Michelle in the second.

      But my guess is that she has many questions. I hope so.
      Plus they need to make plans for her and the children while he is away. Anna needs money and help.

  6. I’m all for standing by your man but not when your man is a pedo. She’s just as revolting and despicable as he is. Hope the other prisoners know why he’s in there and act accordingly.

  7. Sounds like someone is gonna get pretty chubby up there in the jailhouse….

    Anna, still an idiot. We’ll see if she will be hauling her puritan rear to whatever prison he gets put into in April.

  8. How much to send him the cyanide sayonara package? As a Christmas present, for Satan, I mean from Santa…

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