‘Fear Factor’ Mom Insists She & Her Son Aren’t Creepy!

mother and son
"Get your own girl! This mama's mine!"

A mother who appeared with her son on Monday’s premiere episode of the “new and improved” Fear Factoris angry with the show’s producers for editing her to appear super-creepy!

Anyone who caught Monday’s episode of the show surely noticed the, um, “close” relationship between mother and son team Monica and Mattius. The pair were seen holding hands, hugging and holding each other throughout the entire episode. Even host Joe Rogan noticed the duo’s touchy feely tendencies, prompting him to quip, “I hug my mom every time I see her … but then I let go.”

(Speaking of creepy, am I the only one that noticed how bad Joe Rogan looks these days? Seriously, he looks like someone’s creepy uncle.)

Anyway, Monica was apparently appalled and angry once she saw that she was “edited” into looking like she and her son had something freaky going on. She told TMZ, “In no way, shape, or form am I inappropriate with my son. I’m broken hearted. Joe Rogan … shame on you. You are a father. How dare you talk about my son that way?”

She’s also threatening to sue (of course). Maybe if she does, she’ll win money and she can buy a cozy little lovenest house for her and her son. (I’m kidding…kind of.)

"That ain't right..."

The Ashley snored her way through the painfully boring two-hour episode on Monday and thought that the creepy mother and son team was the only interesting part. First of all, the mom must have had that kid at the age of 10 or something because they looked more like they were brother and sister.

Here’s The Ashley’s opinion on the whole thing: Though I’m sure producers picked up on the creepiness and played it up once they got the footage on the editing table, but it wouldn’t take much to make them look that way.  The pair massaged each other’s shoulders and cuddled throughout the entire episode. At one point, in an effort to show the other contestants just how studly her son is, Monica pulls up her son’s muscle tank to reveal his beefy chest and abs. Nope…nothing creepy about that, right?

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  1. First of all, the mother never tried to sue. She was just pissed at joe and wanted to make a statement. You can read in any article about this that says she never waged to sue. Second what you said about joe was really messed up and very immature. It was really not needed In any situation at all. I’m actually annoyed I even went on this site.

  2. I thought it was the brother/sister duo that was the odd group. If I thought, hmmm, who would I want to hang out with; the slightly strange but fun mom/son combo, or the stupid/arrogant sister/brother combo, I’d pick the mom/son any day of the week. It’s one thing to point out physical weaknesses to psych out your opponent, but when you start saying ‘we’re better looking’, I hope you loose. The black chick also said something similar to the two hot girls on a latter episode, and unfortunately those ass holes one too.

  3. They were definitely creepy as hell! They probably still share a double bed. Oh and turks is definitely the mom or the son! Seriously though that Mattius was never told by his mom that he was born a wee tad weetaded! I’m sure he’s a good kid but he’s not the sharpest pencil in the box that’s for sure sorry dude lol

  4. If you watched the episode you saw they were creepily close. No one on the show said they were incestual or that it was inappropriate. They just pointed out that it was weird and it was. You can edit things to make them look more weird but they were the ones that were all over each other. Do I honestly think they have sex? Of course not and i dont think the show led anyone to believe that. Do i believe they have a weirdly close relationship? Yes, and i’m sure whatever girlfriend that kid has will agree. Also if you watched the show you know that mom is crazy as shit.

  5. That sh*t was creepy. Even if the producers did a little bit of editing, they did not make the mother and son touch each other…that nastiness was real. She probably breast fed him until he was 14. Total carnal incest lust…yuck!

  6. @Turks If i didn’t know better i’d say YOU were the Mother… or maybe a relative or friend close to the duo? Maybe you are googling anything that has “fear factor mother and son = creepy” in it?

  7. are you kidding me? you’re calling that creepy? It was for entertainment purposes, pushed by the producers. They made no one else seem inappropriate, but the brother and sister team kept bumping chests…. that was creepy. Doing something a little funny for 2 seconds does not seem creepy to me, but a brother and sister bumping their private parts together does. Fear Factor took what should have been a mother an son working together and decided it was OK to make it look incestuous. I can guarantee that is not the case, it was the obvious choice for ratings. Things like that can ruin lives, so before anyone goes passing judgement on something seen on “reality” tv, and decides to let hate drip from their fingertips as they sit at their keyboard putting someone else down, take a look at your own life and get off the couch.

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