‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Sold Out by Friends & Family

"Alright...who squealed?!"

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer recently learned the harsh reality of fame: you can’t trust anyone.

Apparently, a very close friend or family member recently sold false stories and private photos of Leah’s twin daughter’s 2nd birthday party last weekend to In Touch Weekly (which is The Ashley‘s least favorite, tabloid, just FYI.) Photos from the party appeared on the rag-mag’s website, as well as inside the current issue. Leah and her best friend Amy are fuming mad that someone so close to Leah could have sold her out.

“Whomever was at the girls’ birthday party and sold pictures and a stupid ass story to In Touch magazine should really be ashamed of themselves,” Amy wrote on her Facebook. “And you call yourself friends and family? WTF?”

“That’s why this sucks so bad…[it wasn’t] just random people who were there, it was family and super-close friends,” she continued. “People we all thought we could trust.”

This latest episode is the second time in a few weeks that someone close to Leah has sold her out to the tabloids. A few weeks ago, someone (probably the same crapnugget that sold the birthday photos) told In Touch that Leah was cheating on new boyfriend Jeremy and gave them photos of her supposedly hanging out with guys on a “mudding” trip (this must be a West Virginia thing?) What the source neglected to mention was that the photos were taken months before Leah even met Jeremy and the story was totally fabricated.

“[Leah] tries to be trusting and honor her relationships with people but it always seems to backfire,” Amy told a friend on her Facebook page.

Leah also mentioned on her Twitter page that the paparazzi had been stalking her lately, saying that they were following her around her neighborhood in West Virginia.

This kind of stuff is all part of being a television star, but it certainly hurts worse when it’s a family member that betrays you.


  1. If there were only family and really close friends there I’d think she’d be able to figure out the most likely person based on who was taking pictures and where they were. I pay attention to that kid of stuff around my kids.

  2. I have a question Ashley, if the Teen Moms are making good money do they “pretend” to be having a hard time? If Jenelle is making a Mtv salary she wouldn’t qualify for financial aid. Kail wouldn’t qualify for the so called assistance she just signed up for. Leah and Corey were living in something that looked like a shack. Is that part of the “act”? To play “poor” for the cameras?

    1. The Ashley has mentioned before that the Teen Mom 2 girls make less money than the original Teen Mom girls. Since these girls have qualified for financial aid, the difference must be pretty significant.

  3. wouldn’t be at all surprised if she learns this lesson next about the moving too fast boyfriend. could he possibly want some air time? will mtv pay him to propose on the air?

    anyone in a position of “fame” should realize that this is a part of the game & should be especially suspicious of any new people in their lives.

  4. That is mess up but it is what these girls sign up for it’s mess up that it was close family member or friend. But celebrities if you want to call theses girls that get sold out all the time it comes with the price of fame. Leah and her friend Amy need to chill it out a little bit I know they are mad but for them to blast the person on face book. Is a little immature when Leah and Corey find out who sold the picture their are the only two people that should deal with that person. I get Leah is mad but she need to realize that she did sIgn up for this and at any time she can just walk away I heard alot of people online said that Amy is always cussing at people. Who said negative things about Leah

    1. I get that they signed up for being on TV, but being on TV doesnt mean its ok for your own family to screw you over. I would imagine Leah being very cautious about who she shares certain information/events with, but who would ever think to be worried about a family member being the one to leak shit to the tabloids? Thats just effed up, and not in anyway is it Leah’s fault.

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