The Ashley’s “Best of 2011 Reality TV” Awards!

Oh, reality TV. You’ve made me laugh and cry (not really, because as everyone knows, The Ashley‘s heart is made of stone). You’ve also made me feel like I should be doing something more important with my life than sitting and watching knuckleheads make fools of themselves on TV. (But then you wouldn’t have an reality gossip to read at work, so I must march on. For the kids.)

Anyway, 2011 has been a great year for reality television. Not only were we introduced to many new shows (Teen Mom 2, The Voice, X-Factor) but we also had a bunch of reality shows really step up their game in regard to contestants, drama and creepiness. (For instance, the last two seasons of Survivor have been the best I have ever watched!)

The Ashley has collected her favorite people and events from the past year of reality TV. Take the poll and vote for your favorites! The Ashley will announce the winners at the end of the year (which is in about two weeks, so you won’t have to wait long!)

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