EXCLUSIVE: ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Being Moved Out of Her Home!

So long, super fancy "apartment!"

The Ashley just found out that troubled Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is being moved out of her Anderson, Indiana, home right now! Amber is currently in county jail (and according to several sources, is being bullied and is on suicide watch.)

According to my Amber source (who wants to remain annonymous but, trust me, it’s a great source), movers have been at Amber’s house for the last three days, moving all of her stuff out. (I’ll bet it took them one full day just to remove all of the self-tanner bottles from the house!)

The source told The Ashley:

“Amber’s lawyer and prosecutor are making deals and trying to get her [on] house arrest. In order to get on house arrest, she has to live with family.”

According to the Daily Mail, Amber’s mother, Tonya, is currently trying to work with MTV to get Amber out of her ‘Teen Mom’ contract. Amber is apparently adamant about quitting the show but is currently under contract with MTV and filming the fourth season of the show.

teen mom
"Make sure you get all of my creepy fake eyelashes!"

“Amber will have to live with a relative, take a safe sex course, as well as an anger management and drug abuse course,” the source told The Ashley. “She’ll also have to do community service.”

The source also tells The Ashley that, “the whole neighborhood is happy to be rid of her!”

The source thinks that Amber will most likely end up living with her mom or her brother Shawn in Tennessee. (Shawn has been more than vocal about all of his sister’s hi-jinks. You can read his reactions to Amber-isms here and here.)

On a completely unrelated note, the source said that while Amber is having a rough month, it’s been a great month for Amber’s mother Tonya. Apparently she went just won a new car at an Indiana casino a few weeks ago and a few days ago she took home a huge $7,000 jackpot at the casino! If Amber comes to live with her I’m sure all that money will be squandered within days on um, pharmaceuticals.

(Top photo: Splash News)


  1. well…most of this bullshit is just lies. First of all, no one bullies her in jail. i have a friend that was in there with her and they all cal amber Hollywood hahaha. the picture of the house shown…she hasnt lived there for awhile. another thing, she is definitely not on suicide watch. i love reading these FAKE ASS stories when i know whats really goin on for the most part (and it and that). it just makes u look stupid as fuck and shows everyone how lame u are that people have nothing better to do than sit around making up bullshit. good try tho.

  2. @Ashley I thought season 4 was already finish and that was the last season for the original teen mom girls. So why is amber mother trying to get amber out of her contact when the series is over for amber and the other girls. I don’t feel sorry for amber why is everyone making her out to be the victim the real victim is Leah she didn’t ask to be born. Leah is the true victim in all of amber crazy behavior alot of people get bullied in jail and attack in jail amber is no different. Than the average joe Amber only has amber to blame and this whole big bad wolf that is MTV if it was not for mtv Amber would not be able to half of the things she get to do with MTV checks. It is really annoying how when bad things happen to some these girls they all want to blame MTV and not take responbilites for their actions. Everything is all good when they all have the fame and glory and twitter fans and facebook fans page. And making money off of Mtv everything is great you know they are alot of girls who are struggling right now taking care of their young kids. Would love to trade places with Amber and instead bettering herself with the money and her opportunity that MTV afford her. She blow on her reckless and careless hood rat behavior let me said it again Amber has no one to blame but amber not MTV not the so called fans not the media and not Gary . It is all Amber fault

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