Leah Messer’s Fiance Confirms the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Suffered Miscarriage

The Ashley is sad to report that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has suffered a miscarriage. Her fiance, Jeremy Calvert confirmed it to OK! magazine.

“It’s a devastating experience, but all I can do is support Leah and take things day by day,” Jeremy told the magazine.

 Another source (most likely also Jeremy) told the magazine that, Leah was “having bad cramps for the past two weeks, and then she miscarried.” (The story will be on the cover of this week’s OK!)

Teen Mom 2 fans (well at least those that have The Twitter) have been wondering what was wrong with Leah in the past few weeks. She’s tweeted cryptic tweets such as “in the arms of the angels” on January 18 and “only God knows…” on January 15, among others.

This is so sad. Luckily, Jeremy appears to be supporting Leah through the hard times. He’s still listed as her “fiance” on her personal Facebook page (click here if you want to see that!) Apparently, they are still planning on getting married, even if they aren’t going to have a baby.

Also, many of you are probably thinking that this is another made-up tabloid rumor. Unfortunately, it is not. Jeremy was named and quoted in OK!  so the words came directly from him. As The Ashley explained when the story broke about Leah’s pregnancy, a magazine cannot legally attribute a quote to someone unless they’ve actually said this. Therefore, this is truth.

The Ashley’s heart goes out to Leah and Jeremy. Regardless if you think it was smart for them to get pregnant so soon, losing a child is never easy. I’m really hoping that Leah and Jeremy’s relationship works out. He seems like a loving and supportive guy.

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  1. Not only has she given her kids stupid names but her constant on screen whining is annoying too. When she cries it’s so screechy and irritating. Wish someone better and more entertaining had made the series instead of this uneducated brain dead tramp.

  2. She dis have an abortion. I live on her town and know for a fact. How’s that for a great teen mom? What a role model.

    1. …and… you don’t know shit. dumbass. if anything she would of had an abortion with her first pregnancy cuz of her age, now that she is older she knows more, and is ready for a child. wow…how stupid can u be. leah is a great mother and yes she did cheat on corey but u can always learn from ur mistakes. y would u people b bashing her and refering her as a “slut” right after miscarrage? seriously, either way she lost a child u heartless bitches. grow up

  3. I can’t help but think the worst…she has never actually said the word “miscarriage.” I think she got an abortion. They realized it was all too fast, she gets her engagement, no one’s the wiser. All those cryptic tweets would still apply “in the arms of the angels” and “only God knows…I’m surprised there’s not more speculation along these lines…I’m not usually the biggest cynic in the room!

  4. Um, hello? Can you say publicity stunt? I love Leah as much as any other Teen Mom fanatic. But, let’s be realistic. It is way too easy for “celebrities” to say they’re pregnant then just a few days after the media goes nuts about it to say “Just kidding, miscarriage.” Maybe in Teen Mom 2 Season (3? 4?) We’ll get to see the real story, kind of like how we are now with the divorce issue.

  5. What I hear is terrible, but she did want more kids, and have her own Tv show. So she can get paid. Like John and Kate. Since they pay them to be on Tv. Which is not right. Having a bunch of kids just to get your own tv show so they pay you? I mean thats for the wrong reasons. If she wants more kids, she needs to think about doing other things than just trying to get more kids and asking for her own (personal tv show) she’s 19. Maybe wait for a year or two before rushing into having more kids. Having kids is so expensive. Im not trying to be mean but just letting everyone know that she’s not making good choices. If thats what she wants than fine. But trying to get prego and have a bunch of babies and ask for your own show is not right at all!

  6. Can we please delete this post.. its a little immature and very annoying to not even call leah by her name but to reference her as the slut. yes lets grow up. and please delete this. its rather rude.

  7. I don’t know if I trust Jeremy. He keeps getting in contact with these tabloids or they are contacting him, but he keeps talking. He’s the only person who has come into the Teen Mom world that has been close to a girl and still on good terms with her and talking to the tabloids (that I can think of). I just think he’s kinda loving this spotlight and is milking it as long as he can. I just don’t completely trust him =/

    1. Never even thought about that. I just find it odd after the potential backlash that it would cause that he would announce her pregnancy so early like its no big deal. I mean shacking up after 2 months and engaged and pregnant after 5 is not smart at that age especially after twins as a teen and a failed marriage. Sad for the loss but see it as God’s sign to let them know to slow down. Hopefully he’s a good guy but honestly his behavior is questionable now that you had me thinking bout it.

    1. Yeah but you also can’t say the smoking couldn’t have been a factor. Plus smoking on birth control can have lots of risks. Either way that would be disturbing if they lied for money. Idk if I want to believe that but anythings possible.

    2. Apparently form what I’ve read, even heavy smoking by the father (even before conception) gives you higher chances of a miscarriage. So, if smoking by the father before the baby even exists is bad.. I can’t imagine how much more of a risk it is when the mother is smoking and it’s going straight to the baby. So no offense, but you can’t really say ‘shame on you’ for her stating that when it’s a FACT. Not some crazy thing she is making up.. smoking it the cause of a lot of miscarriages.

    1. Ciara she was quitting. Her doctor had advised her to cut down, but quitting cold turkey can rave havoc on your body cause you to lose the baby. More than likely it was the fact that she got pregnant while the Mirana was still in, although its hard to say for sure.

      1. Well obviously either choice had the risk of loosing the baby but wouldn’t you think quitting would be the better option if you had to choose?

    2. smoking does not cause miscarrage. its all these people judging her thats causing her stress that did it

  8. Maybe I’m being a cynic… And I’m not paranoid enough to assume that someone will post false tweets for the sake of a story… but isn’t it convenient that they announced the pregnancy and then the miscarriage to magazines, in all likelihood receiving payment for these “stories?” I don’t wanna believe that they made up both of these stories for the money, but crazier things have happened, and that was my first thought when I read the headline of this post.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Either it was all a publicity stunt, or Jeremy honestly thought she was pregnant and told the magazines and come to find out she wasn’t.

      Either that or she had an abortion.

      Anyways, here’s the silver lining: at least she’s NOT bringing another kid into the world.

        1. i agree; as soon as she was having regrets about getting pregnant and Cory told her if she wasn’t pregnant he would consider being w/ her again, i was like… i bet you anything she is gonna have an abortion to try and make things right and claim she had a miscarriage and BOOM all of a sudden she reports she had a miscarriage; i think that’s bullshit. she had an abortion cuz she realized getting pregnant ruined any chance at her and Cory getting back together.

    2. I honestly was thinking the same exact thing. If they wanted to let everyone know, they could have announced it themselves instead of selling it to a magazine (she might be under contract but he isnt.) I heard they got a decent sum of money for selling the ‘I’m pregnant’ story… Then they made more money off the ‘we lost it’ seems totally fishy to me!!

      1. Yup my hinky meter went off. Glad someone else had the same thought because I felt like an asshole posting that! If it’s true (which someone pointed out below could likely be due to her having her IUD when she allegedly became pregnant), then I feel for them both.

      2. you are right about the contract. she is under contract with MTV and can’t reveal that kind of stuff. Jeremy, however, is not; hence why she is not quoted and he is. And I guarantee they received payment for both stories! -The Ashley

    3. Really, there is nothing strange about a woman having a miscarriage in the first trimester. The chance of miscarriage in the first few months is extremely high.

  9. My heart goes out to Leah. It’s defininitley not easy to lose a child. Born or unborn, it’s still your baby.

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