Next Week on ‘Teen Mom 2’: Leah Admits to a Shocking Secret!

If you thought this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 was good, just wait until next week! Judging from this clip, we haven’t seen anything yet!

If you’re too lazy to watch it (or you’re at work and don’t want your coworkers to know about your creepy ‘Teen Mom’ addiction), The Ashley is happy to provide a run-down of what’s about to go down!

Basically, Corey comes home (sans camouflage for once…maybe his hat is at the dry cleaners?) and confronts Leah about a rumor going around town that she slept with her old boyfriend, Robbie Kidd,(pictured below), a few weeks before their wedding.

Superfans of the show may remember the drama going around about this time last year regarding this same rumor. Robbie went to several tabloids and claimed that he and Leah slept together right before she got married in October 2010. Leah vehemently denied that she had anything to do with Robbie while she was with Corey and stated via her Twitter and Facebook fanpage that Robbie was a liar and just trying to break up her family.

Well, kids…. it seems like Leah was the one that wasn’t telling the truth.

“What can I say? I’m a stud!”

In the clip above, Leah admits that the rumor is true and that, yes, she did sleep with Robbie a few weeks before the wedding (not the night before like some of the magazines reported though, not that it matters).

Kudos to Leah for coming clean and admitting the truth, but Corey is devastated and asks her if her engagement ring was on her finger while she was with Robbie and she tearfully admits that it was. (Bring your Kleenex next week guys, just watching this clip got me all choked up.)

Although this is not the only reason that the couple ended up getting a divorce, we are a little bit closer to solving the mystery of what the hell happened between these two to make them quit the marriage so quickly.

I can’t wait until next week!

UPDATE: On Wednesday, Leah tweeted this message to her followers regarding the cheating scandal:

“Okay, I cheated a week before my wedding people. I’m tired of hearing about it. At least I’m not a coward, and can admit my faults! It was one of my regrets in my life, stop accusing and pointing fingers. Things happen to different people different ways. #GodsMyJUDGE

I can not change whats happened! I can only be proud of where I stand now, and learn from it. I’m in no way proud of my mistakes, but last I checked we aren’t proud of our mistakes. There’s isn’t a souls out there thy could ever say I was a bad mom!”

(Video: MTV)

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    1. she got caught, she didn’t have much of a choice, did she? Not to mention this was the second time she cheated on Corey w/Robbie (remember when she fessed up to it on the 16 & Pregnant Reunion episode?), she obviously has issues with where she places her worth. She shouldn’t be praised for any of this. Not that I agree with any bashing or horrible things said on Twitter but come on..if this happened to any of the girl’s on TM2 the guy would be getting it just as bad (if not worse) and everyone would think it was acceptable. I actually have wondered if she has abandonment/daddy issues..she is a textbook case.

    2. yes she was…and even though she was comfronted she still admitted it, she could have lied. i absolutly agree with u Glenna. as for…(Me2)…hmm check ur resources before u run it

      1. Me2 is right. She only admitted it because it was already going around. If she had any respect for herself, Corey, or her children, she would have told him the day after. Once again Salina, you need to learn to spell…..:(

    1. and what are you? U better look before u judge sweetie. u only see whats on camera u dont see what they dont show.

      1. @Salina: You really have to learn how to spell. It makes your whole comment useless if you can’t even spell things right.

  1. I like how Corey says “Ive been cheated on more in the past three years than I have in my whole life”… As if his love life “history” is so many years in the making. Aka… hes been cheated on for as long as hes been dating. I feel bad for Leah but dont. The prior episodes have made me side with her a little more than after all of the tabloid crap. yeah what she did is bad. Is Corey a douche? yes mam. Ohhh look at my truck.. that is just fine.. and my infant daughters take their baths in a basement … where I would never dream of taking one. But no lets get a truck over a new safer place for my girls. 🙂

  2. She is just a two bit slut. The purpose of this show was to PREVENT teen pregnancy, but this two bit slut sleeps around, gets pregnant repeatedly with whoever. She’s just trash. This show needs to be cancelled. It came out today that Chelsea is a pill addict. All these idiot teens are train wrecks, and should not be glamorized by being on TV.

    1. dont beleive everything you hear and read. And Leah cheated for a reason. there is no exscuse for cheaters…no. but just because she made a mistake does not mean she is a bad person or a bad mom. she only got pregnant once. And at one point in time her and corey were happy. didnt u hear what she said… They were fighting a lot and he was ignoring her. She needed comfort. ur sitting there acting like ur queen bee of the innocence. who r u to judge other people like ur god. opinions dont matter. and i like leah. YOUR trash

    1. That’s Amy. Tryi’n to make her teenmomstar look good . & She did cheat on Jeremy. She was sending Robbie naked pictures.

  3. I find it funny that, starting just the other day, her admins on her Facebook page had already started vehemently denying that Leah ever cheated. They kept saying that things are not what they seem, and that Leah NEVER cheated on Corey. Something smells rotten to me…

  4. I just don’t get it why would Leah cheated again after she try so hard to get Corey back. Honestly don’t think that Leah can stay faithfully to anyone she will probably cheat on Jeremy that was heartbreaking to watch.You literally feel Corey pain in that clip Leah needs help Corey may have his flaws but no one deserve that pain. Leah excuses for why she cheated was lame I was drunk she knew what she was doing was wrong but Leah just cares about Leah. Her excuses are so lame we were fighting you were not showing me enough attention Leah maybe an adult. But Leah thinking is really child like Leah has alot of growing upto do and maybe Leah deserve to be with a guy that will do the same thing to her. So she can finally feel the pain that she purposely cause Corey She knew what she was doing was going to hurt Corey. Leah is selfish ,Cruel and heartless I granted she will have kept that secret for as long as she lived if Robbie was not running his mouth.

  5. Her makeup was godawful at the end of the clip. I kind of had a hard time taking it seriously because she looked so much like a talking, WV raccoon.

  6. I have always hated Leah. I don’t know how jeremy puts up with all this. It doesn’t make their engagment very promising. I bet her and Corey will hook up again just like Kail and Jo are doing.

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