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DrakeFaithful Roundup readers know that nothing makes The Ashley happier than making fun of bad tattoos, especially if those bad tattoos reside on the bodies of celebrities! For some reason, the stars of the shows Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 seem to be repeat offenders when it comes to getting bad tattoos!

Who could forget this monstrosity? Or this one?

Jenelle Evans (along with her boyfriend Gary Head) recently got matching tattoos. According to E! Online (and the photo above) Jenelle had “YOLO” tattooed on her collar bone. (Gary had the same tattoo inked onto his Adam’s Apple.)

For everyone who is old like me, “YOLO” is from a Drake song and it stands for “You Only Live Once.” Yes, I had to Google it. (Shouldn’t there be periods in between the letters? Sorry, that’s the editor in me speaking!)

The Ashley finds the collar bone a very strange place for someone to get a tattoo (however, as stated above, I’m old, so maybe this is what all the cool kids are doing?) A tattoo placed there would be very hard to hide if you were going on an interview, or if you are trying to look fancy. Plus, do you really want to be staring at a reference to a Drake song for the rest of your life? In 20 years, no one will know who the heck Drake was, but chances are everyone will still be asking Jenelle who the hell “Yolo” is.

Fellow ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kail Lowry got a tattoo on her collarbone last year and has since stated that she regrets getting it and wants to have it removed.

"I rememba when I got a sexy tattoo!"

Before ya’ll get mad and say that The Ashley hates tattoos, etc., let me just state that this is not the case at all. (I actually think they can be very sexy, especially on hot rocker boys!)

I just think getting tattoos based on current pop culture in very conspicuous locations is a bad idea. But, hey, to each their own. I’d rather see Jenelle making bad tattoo decisions than life decisions that result in her going to court!

She seems to be turning her life around.

“No more drama and no more drugs,” her manager told E! in the interview. “Jenelle is focusing on [son] Jace, school and her man, Gary.”

(Photos: E! Online)

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  1. It is always laughable when people assign deep meanings to their tattoos. Anyone who is shallow enough to think that a tattoo has any meaning is equally stupid enough to think that a piece of clothing has a deep meaning. Tattoos are only skin deep. If you actually think your tattoo has any meaning beyond a fashion statement, then you are hilariously deluded.

    If a tattoo is supposed to represent your values or priorities in life, then you must not be living your life in such a way that these priorities are evident to others. Tattooing your child’s name to your body does not make you a better parent or show any kind of dedication to your child. Anyone who really has their children’s needs as a priority does not need a tattoo on their body to prove it. Of all the things that make someone a good parent, a tattoo is not on the list. If anything, a tattoo is an obvious indicator that someone has to advertise their priorities, instead of actually living their life according to them.

      1. That is so ironic of her because she is alwaysssss complaining. “I work, go to school AND take care of Isaac!” Well woopty doo welcome to the real world hunny!

  2. Oh. My. Word. Is this real life right now? Yes, Jenelle. Just what you needed…something else to draw attention to your gorgeous body. And Drake lyrics? Seriously? The sad thing is, she’s so damn ignorant that she won’t even regret that tattoo when she’s older and “wiser”, like any other person would if they foolishly got a stupid tattoo in their youth. No. She’ll wear it proudly as a badge of honor like the hillbilly she is. (“My shit’s meaningful, ya’ll!”)Poor Jace…when he’s old enough to realize that he got the short end of the shit stick in the mom department, the poor kid’s going to have a nervous breakdown. (P.s. I find your posts accurate and entertaining as all hell, theashley. So glad I stumbled across your site!)

  3. I have a matching tattoo with my best friend, but we aren’t teenagers and we had been best friends for 16yrs before we did and they aren’t exactly alike (the design is but mine has my 2 sons names included into it.) but they are in the same place… Some might think it’s dumb but I didn’t get it so we had matching tattoos, I got it because I liked the tattoo and it’s got my sons names on it so even if we don’t stay friends (even though it’s been 19yrs now) I will still like the design of it!

  4. I think jenelle tattoo is stupid I think jenelle is in love with having someone love her so much. That she make reckless stupid decisions I agree with the comment that she said of had it spell it out. You only live once tattoo on her instead and matching tattoo are just as bad as getting name tattoo these girls have too much money. That why their spend it on stupid stuffs like tattoos and another crap all the money jenelle is getting from teen mom. she should buy a house

    1. Wow. Just…wow. I think I am going to go help my son with his homework so he will never, ever present a comment like this one. He is 8. He knows how to write complete sentences and use punctuation. I am very proud of him for his hard work in school. Isn’t it sad that everyone does not teach their children these critical skills? Isn’t it sad that every child does not take advantage of the educational opportunities offered to them? Oh, well. At least you don’t have a neck tattoo that says “YOLO.” That’s something.

      1. Wow just wow hopefully you can teach your son not to be rude asshole too. And maybe just maybe you can also teach your son if you don’t have nothing nice to said don’t said it at all

          1. While the comment definitely had broken English and grammar, I don’t think we should assume that the original poster did not “take advantage of every educational opportunity given to them”. English could be a second language for this person or they could have a certain disability. I, for one, am always a fan of correct English, but we don’t know where this person is coming from, so let’s just lay off.

  5. In my opinion, matching tattoos are just as bad as name tattoos. I mean is her future husband going to want to look at that when they are in bed? Really, how many guys has she fallen head over heals for? If your going to go down that road wait until after your I Do’s!!!!! I love tattoos, but I believe they are meant to be permanant! People think ” oh they can be removed so its no big deal!” If you want something semipermanant go get airbrush or henna tattoos!

  6. YOLO sounds like some kind of yogurt. If she at least wrote “you only live once” then it’d be cuter, but hey, that’s my opinion.

  7. Almost everyone I know that has “Best Friend” matching tattoos are no longer best friends or even friends. I’m sure this goes for matching tattoos with boyfriends. And YOLO? Seriously?!

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