New Reality Show to Follow Mothers & Daughters That Are Both Pregnant

16 & Pregnant
"Hey look, ma! We match!"

Watch out, MTV! VH-1 is gearing up to present its own show about pregnant teenage girls…only for this show, the girls are bringing their [also pregnant] mamas!

Pregnant Mothers, Pregnant Daughters is currently casting mother and daughters who are both pregnant! The show, which is set to air this fall, will follow the teen moms and their moms as they go through pregnancy, labor and delivery and what happens afterward.

“The show will be from both the mother’s and the daughter’s point-of-view,” Sandra Philippeaux, the show’s casting director, said in an exclusive interview with The Ashley. “We are looking for all kinds of stories.”

The show is the brain-child of Ellen Rakieten, a former producer of the ‘Oprah’ show who also executive-produced NBC’s The Marriage Ref.

“I was reading an article that daughters of teenage moms are 66 percent more likely to become teenage moms themselves,” she said. “I kept thinking that there’s got to be some correlation—how fascinating [it would be] to take on the whole phenomenon of teenage pregnancy and throw in pregnant mothers.”

The show will begin filming in March and will likely feature daughters that are in their teens or early 20s. However, those behind the show insist that ‘Pregnant Mothers, Pregnant Daughters’ will put a unique spin on the concept that has become a hit for MTV in shows like 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom.

“The show will be different because we are exploring the relationship between a daughter and her mother who are pregnant at the same time,” said Philippeaux. “We all know the drama that happens when one woman is pregnant. What happens when you have a mother and daughter who are both hormonal and interacting with each other? More drama!”

The Ashley loves this concept! It basically takes one of The Ashley’s favorite TV shows, ‘Teen Mom,’ and meshes it together with one of her favorite movies, “Father of the Bride 2.” (That’s the one where the mom and the daughter find out they’re both expecting and they give birth on the same night. You know you like that movie too!)

’16 & Pregnant’ fans might remember that, back in Season 1, Whitney Purvis was pregnant at the same time that her mother was pregnant. There was quite a bit of drama caused by that scenario, which tells me that this new show should be pretty entertaining!

The show’s casting directors are still looking for more mother/daughter pairs to be a part of the show.

“Our deadline is quickly approaching but we are still casting,” said Philippeaux.

If you’re pregnant and you’ve got a pregnant mama and you want to be on TV, email the show’s casting directors at Be sure to include your names, ages, city and state, due dates and contact info.

(The photo on top is from MTV’s ’16 & Pregnant.’ Obviously, Whitney and her mother aren’t going to be on this new show!)

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  1. Me and my Daughter were pregnant at the same time I gave birth to a son March 10 2011 I was 40 My daughter gave birth March 20 2011 to a girl my daughter was 19 at the time she is a great mom

  2. This just happened to my daughter and me! I wouldn’t go on a TV show and neither would she, though. And in my case, it’s my 3rd boy with my husband (an international Diplomat). In her case, sadly, it was the result of a very violent sexual assault. She could have terminated the pregnancy, have the baby adopted out, or anything she would have wanted. But she felt having a life come out of that horrible attack she suffered would help her heal. I am very proud of her as she is a great mother and does seem to have healed a lot from her trauma by her baby. She is still going to school and I work part-time as a University Professor, so we have to use the live-in nanny we are entiltled to as part of my hubby’s work privileges. I will be taking two sabbatical years off at the end of this semester so I can spend a lot more time with the boys during their formative years. Afterwards, I might work from home, writing textbooks.
    Not all of us are guilty of something, nor are we all in the poverty curve and living off of our respective governements, nor are we what you Americans horribly refer to as “white
    trash”. We are a driven, loving family that has been through a tragedy with what happened to my daughter, but we are very proud of her for keeping her beautiful baby boy Cédric! Avalon ( princess!), Ardó, Fox, Willow, and our new arrivals Wolf and
    Cédric… we love you!! Mum and dad.

  3. I have a friend who was a teen mom and was pregnant at the same time as her mom, I don’t think it’s all that uncommon actually. Sounds interesting anyway.

  4. Samantha and her mom from season 2a were also pregnant at the same time! and something tells me this show really wont have more than 2 seasons…but maybe thats just me!

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