Before They Were Reality Stars: Guess Who?

Skylar Laine Before They Were Famous
Guess who?

Recognize this feisty little gal? Before she was captivating America with her big voice, she was performing in a bunch of musical productions, including “Annie.” By first grade she had made a name for herself as a little girl with a big voice in her home state.

Back in those days, she was using her real last name, Harden. These days, we know her by her first and middle name.

Who is she? Find out below!

It’s Skylar Laine from American Idol! These days Skylar is known for her Reba-like attitude and ridiculously good voice. She sings tonight as part of this season’s Top 6!

Skylar is The Ashley‘s favorite contestant this season! I’m predicting we’ll be seeing her at the finale!

(Top Photo: Courtesy of Tori Greene/ Bottom: FOX)

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