’16 & Pregnant’ Star Jordan Howard: “None of This Drama is Happening Anymore!”

Last night, 16 & Pregnant watched as the mother of Jordan Howard basically spit  venom at Jordan’s baby-daddy, Tyler, throughout the entire episode. I’d understand if she didn’t like him due to his unfortunate haircut, but that wasn’t the case at all. The mom didn’t like him in part because he was white. This caused some pretty gnarly fights within the family, one of which even caused Jordan to walk out of her own baby shower.

Anyway, almost a year has passed since Jordan’s episode was filmed, and, according to her Facebook fan page and Twitter account, a lot has changed since then. Her son, Chase, is about to turn 1, and her bowl-cut-wearing boyfriend is now her fiance!

The relationship between Jordan’s mother and Tyler has also improved. In fact, according to Jordan, the two are semi-BFFs now.

“We are all besties now and none of this drama is happening anymore,” she tweeted in response to what viewers saw on last night’s episode.

“My mom pays for everything. Tyler and my Mother get along. [They] talk about books and watch ‘Game of Thrones’ together. They have a blast!” she tweeted. “My fiance and my mom  don’t..act like any of that drama ever happened. We are all cool beans!”

In addition, Jordan told her Facebook fans that despite what they saw on her ’16 & Pregnant’ episode, her mother isn’t a racist.

jordan and tyler
Yay for no more bowl cut!

“We all know MTV loves the drama. My mom is not racist. She is mixed!” Jordan tweeted yesterday.

Even the once-hated Tyler can attest to the fact that Jordan’s mom doesn’t hate white people.

“Me and Jordan’s mom are cool,” he posted on Jordan’s Facebook fanpage. “And she isn’t racist towards white people. Her mom is white.”

In other good news, Tyler appears to have stepped up big time in the fatherhood department. In fact, the couple is planning to move out on their own soon. He also seems to have reconsidered that horrible ‘do he was sporting during the episode, as evident from the photos that have come out of the couple at the recent ’16 & Pregnant’ reunion in New York City. Thank the baby Jesus for that! His hair was epically bad in that episode!

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  1. This episode just realy pissed me off. If it was the other way and it was a white mom shooting off racist remarks about her daughter’s black boyfriend it would of been an uproar and probably wouldn’t of even aired. And the mother would of gotten death threats. But, since it is a black person shooting off racist remarks its ok.

  2. If racism doesn’t apply when used to describe black people, then the comments made by this “mother” ARE CERTAINLY race-baiting, separatist, intolerant, narrow-minded and prejudiced. All related words to RACISM, by the way. What an offensive bigot.

  3. You can’t be racist towards white people if your someone of color! REVERSE RACISM does NOT exist period! MTV edits these clips. THE BABY IS STILL BLACK NO MATTER WHAT! THEY SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ON TV ABOUT THIS PERIOD! this show is so dumb.

  4. Kelly also stereotyped “white people” when she made that comment about white peoples houses. Not all white people run their homes the way you think. Its ignorance and uneducated people that continue to allow racism to continue in this country. Kelly you should be ashamed of your the garbage that came out of your mouth. Viewers are right, if it had been a black boy with a white girl and her family they would have been labeled as being racist. Kelly get down off the cross honey, someone needs the wood!

  5. bklyn viewer. how can you call her a pig.she don’t have apologizing to me.i don’t lose sleep over people talking crazy.

  6. I dont understand why Jordan would decide to move back into her mother’s home knowing that her boyfriend felt completely unwelcome there. She should have kept her family together by staying with him at his parent’s house. Yes, its not exactly “their” house but at least they can keep their family together. How in the world can she expect her boyfriend to come around with a mother in law like that!

  7. u kno i wonder if maybe the reason Kelly had a dislike towards white ppl even tho she is half white is maybe bcause of her mom. like it has been said Kelly’s mom is white.. maybe she made comments about her child being half black… u nvr kno what she went through growing up.. im not sayin anything she did was right.. u jus nvr kno if maybe there is a reason she was that way…

  8. Jordans mom literally tricked/ brainwashed her daughter into pushing Tyler away and she deft tried to take over everything! She in my opinon wanted Tyler out of his sons life and persuaded her daughter to be rude and reject Chase’s dad too! Ugghhh I seriously hope that never happens again and Jordan and Tyler move away from overbearing mom (kelly) and live their own life with their son and make a stance that kelly never oversteps her boundary! I felt so bad for Tyler! Hope he stays strong and they stay a family!

  9. Can you imagine if her mom was white saying she didn’t want a black boy in her house? Everyone would freak. It seems when a black person is racist against a white person, it’s not big deal. I am SO sick of the double standards.

    1. I TOTALLY agree! If it had been a white mom saying that against a black boy it would be ALL over the news and everyone would freak out, but since it was against a white person it’s no big deal. This happens ALOT!

  10. Kelly needs to butt out and Jordan needs to grow up and realize she has a baby and Tyler is the dad and deserves to be in that babies life. Kelly, Chase is not yours. He belongs to Jordan and Tyler.

  11. Do you know what a big deal that would have been if Jordan’s mom had been white and wouldn’t allow a black man in her house?? double standards….. she’s racist.

    1. I just watched the episode and I completely agree. She mentions his skin color multiple times – she’s racist! I hate double standards!

  12. Now they’re trying to backpedal and say the mom isn’t racist. It was clear to all that not only is she mixed, but racist as well. Stop trying to cover for that PIG of a mother Jordan. She dug her own grave with that drama. It’s great that everything’s cool now, but she has some apologizing to do….to the entire nation. Grotesque.

  13. I couldn’t pay attention to any scene with Tyler in it last night. I found myself just staring at his hair..

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