“16 & Pregnant” Girl Announces Second Pregnancy!

Cody Season 2
Yes, her shirt does actually say ‘Knocked Up.’

Yet another girl featured on the MTV series, 16 & Pregnant, has announced that she is once again pregnant! Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant, who was featured on Season 2B of the show, has announced her second pregnancy.

Fans of the show will remember Brooke as the race-car-loving girl who moved into a barn (yes…a barn) with her baby-daddy, Cody during her episode. The couple got married right before Brooke gave birth to their son, Brody. Brooke has stayed relatively quiet since her episode aired– no arrests, drug busts or TMZ appearances, as far as The Ashley can tell. She seems to be happily married and just taking care of her kid.

Anyway, Brooke and Cody apparently found a place in their barn for sexy time because Brooke is once again pregnant!

She joins fellow ’16 & Pregnant’ cast members Jordan Ward, Ebony Rendon, and a few others who have gotten pregnant for a second time while in their teens.

“Hey everyone! I just wanted to announce Brody will be a BIG BROTHER in December. Cody and I are very excited to share the news with everyone,” Brooke posted on her Facebook fanpage on Monday.

Of course, Brooke and Cody are married, and not 16 anymore (She’s 19 now) so this isn’t exactly scandalous news. I wonder if they still live in that barn though? Is there enough room for two nurseries?!

Update July 2012: Brooke and Cody recently announced that they are expecting a little girl.


    1. It is. That was one of her shirts that said something like “I’m not fat, I’m knocked up.” It was while she was still pregnant

  1. Congratulations to Brooke, Cody, and Brody! I much prefer to watch/follow teen moms who don’t submerge themselves and their child(ren) in constant drama. It is nice to see a normal teen mom leading a normal life. 16 & Pregnant is getting old for me because it is no longer about the hard time of being a teen mom, but it is all about the drama and ratings. So congrats to the moms and dads taking actual responsibility and not revolving their lives around trying to make it on TV. Kudos to you all 🙂

  2. She is young, but at least all of the girls that have gotten pregnant twice in their teens were married at the time. She and her husband seem like they have their heads on right, so all power to them!

  3. At least she’s married and with the same guy! Good for them, they seemed really happy in their episode and the “Where are they now” episode. Better than Ebony who doesn’t even have her daughter back and Leah who got knocked up by a different guy 5 months after she started dating him.

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