Catching Up With “16 & Pregnant” Season 3 Star Jamie McKay

Jamie is back to being a blond!

Perhaps no episode shown during Season 3 of 16 & Pregnant caused viewers to yell “Oh heeelll no!” at their television screens as much as Jamie McKay‘s. Viewers watched as poor Jamie struggled as a new mom to baby Miah, all while her boyfriend Ryan was being a general creep-muppet to her. (Who could forget him showing up late–and hungover–to his daughter’s birth?)

When we last heard from Jamie and Ryan on the “Where Are They Now?” special, Ryan seemed to be attempting to be a better dad to Miah, and he and Jamie were working on their relationship. So what’s happened since then?

A lot, according to Jamie!

“Ryan and I are great!” she said in an exclusive interview with The Ashley. “He spoils me rotten. We are together and very happy.”

It seems like Ryan  has made a complete 180! Not only is he sober now (he was using and selling drugs when we saw him on ’16 & Pregnant’), he has also stepped up to his responsibilities towards his daughter, making Jamie consider a long-term future with him.

“Ryan has a full-time job and we are trying to move in together,” she said. “My future plans [are to] move in with Ryan, graduate college in four-and-a-half years and settle into my career, [then] get married and wait two years to have another baby.”

While things between Jamie and Ryan are better than ever, Jamie said that the relationship between him and her mother are still strained, to say the least.

“My mom and Ryan still hate each other,” Jamie, who turns 19 in August, said.

16 and pregnant
Look how adorable Miah is now!

As for baby Miah, Jamie said that she is now one-and-a-half and is communicating very well.

“The other day she asked me if she could go outside and I said no, so she went to Ryan’s grandmother and asked her…she already knows who to ask when she wants something!” Jamie said.

Jamie has stayed relatively quiet since her episode aired, and has kept her name out of the news. Still, she said that people still recognize her from the show.

“I tell people not to watch it because I don’t want to be judged,” she said. “I didn’t care [for my episode]…but I wouldn’t change my decision [to be on the show].”

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  1. I believe blonde is spelled with an E on the end if it’s referring to a female. No E if it’s referring to a male.

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