‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Alexandria Sekella Has a New Boyfriend!

Look how cute Arabella is!

Fans of 16 & Pregnant watched as Alexandria Sekella dealt with one of the worst baby-daddies of Season 4. Good news: she ditched the creep a while back and now has a new boyfriend!

Alex, who will be featured on the new Teen Mom 3 series, is no longer with her baby’s father, Matt McCann. Throughout the entire episode, Matt acted like a creep-nugget to Alex (who can forget her having to chase him down while in labor just to get him to come to the hospital with her?!) Alex later revealed that Matt had a serious drug problem when the episode was filmed and later went to rehab, but it didn’t seem to help much.

She recently revealed on her Formsping that she is now dating a guy named David.The two started out as friends and have been in a relationship for about a month, apparently.

I don’t know how she dealt with Matt’s sweaty bangs for as long as she did!

On July 2, she sent this out this tweet, which I’m assuming is directed at Matt:

“Oh after a whole year you decide to start caring now. Well sorry I’ve moved on peace out sucker

According to her Formspring, Matt hasn’t seen baby Arabella for “a while,” although his parents are still involved in her life. Arabella will celebrate her first birthday in few days; no word if Matt (or the ‘Teen Mom 3′ camera crew) will be invited to the birthday party.

The new boyfriend, David, appears to be doing much better in the boyfriend department that ol’ Matt did. Last week, Alex tweeted, “My new boo is amazing I’m so happy!”

From what The Ashley can gather, the new boo David graduated from Alex’s high school in 2011, making him about the same age as Alex.

The Ashley is happy to hear that Alex has found a guy that treats her well and makes her happy. Hopefully we’ll get to see David when ‘Teen Mom 3’ premieres!

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  1. I can not stand this girl. The whole reunion show she was trying to get herself to cry. It was really pathetic. and did you see the thing with the car seat? I hope to god someone corrected her with that

  2. Jessica if you see Alex’s fan page she was single for basically a hole year until this new guy I’m happy that she is at least still trying to be young and have fun in her life you can’t blame her for wanting a man but that doesn’t mean she is putting everything aside including her daughter for this guy let them be teens and date all moms are allowed a few minutes of relaxation aren’t we cause I know if my husband and I didn’t have a date night we would be insane lol

  3. I agree Matt is a total loser and Alex is better off without him. However, what people seem to forget is that he wanted to give the baby up for adoption because he knew he wasn’t ready to be a dad. I have to give him credit for realizing that. Perhaps the best thing is for him to sign away his parental rights. It’s not likely that he paying support or anything else.

  4. Agree that is the problem with these girls the moment one relationship ends. They are on to the next one none of the girls can stay single it is really sad that girls feel the need to be in a relationship. To feel complete I will love to see one girl just one of the girls be strong and just said I don’t need a guy to feel complete. And just be happy being single and enjoy their kids and freedom

  5. What if they werent trying to find a guy it just happened. That’s how I met my husband. Wasn’t even looking for a guy and then he came over to give me my mail. We are human we’re allowed to have feelings and both Alex and Katie seem to be bright mothers from their fanpages I’m sure they are putting their kids before these boys

  6. What she needs to do is forget about this dudes stay single, foucus on her child and her education .

    1. I agree. The girls need to focus on their education and the babies! Boys can wait, they are still so young and have their entire life ahead of them, no need to find “Mr. Right” right now.

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