Farrah Abraham Uses Twitter to Attack ‘Teen Mom’ Co-Star Gary Shirley

"What can I say? That bi-otch is crazy!"

Oops, she did it again!

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has pissed yet another reality star off by saying rude things about them on her Twitter account. First it was Kourtney Kardashian but this time it was her own ‘Teen Mom’ co-star, Gary Shirley!

Farrah, never one to think before she tweets, decided to attack Gary after watching him say some not-so-nice things to Amber on the ‘Teen Mom’ series finale.

“To be honest Gary is so negative and I don’t see how he is better to raise Leah than Amber, get the point Gary! Learn to focus on Leah,” she tweeted to kick things off.

After reading the tweet, Gary decided to defend himself (and, I must say, did a pretty good job of making The Ashley laugh in the process!)

“Seriously Farrah I don’t care for you one bit,” he tweeted. “Your cry face sucks and so do your cookies. Unless you change you are gonna die lonely.”

Or, to quote Farrah herself, she’s going to be a ‘lone bird.’

Farrah continued her rant on Gary, tweeting back, “What a pig! You’re horrible! Go get mental help for Amber’s sake P.O.S.”

Gary retaliated with yet another hilarious response.

“Go make another hit single or treat your parents like sh*t. Always stuck up for you but not anymore,” he tweeted.

Gary must have felt bad because he later deleted his tweets and sent his co-star an apology.

"Whatever...Michael! I mean Gary!"

“Sorry Farrah but you need to be nice to people. Sorry for my tweets, not who I am,” he tweeted.

Farrah, shockingly, has yet to apologize to Gary, although she did delete her hateful tweets. She also advised Gary to read her new book, My Teenage Dream Ended. (Which, for the record, is quite the literary treat, with chapters with titles like “The Crotch Incident” and “There’s a Hair in My Taco.” Seriously. More on that later.)

Gary isn’t the only person from ‘Teen Mom’ that has no use for Farrah. Amber Portwood‘s brother, Shawn, has also publicly denounced his sister’s co-star for being rude and disrespectful. (You can read his comments here.)

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(Photos: MTV)

6 Responses

  1. She also tweeted something about tyler. Sophia got it right when she told her she was a bad person (and a crybaby)

  2. Farrah also said something to demo lavato once that was just as rude a while back. She said something about her musical abilities and her cutting that a lot of ppl didn’t like.
    The first thing I thought when I saw this was that farrah is desperate for more publicity. She of all ppl would know not to judge off a tv show. Maybe gary was even apart of it

  3. Gary does care about Amber. He puts money on her books and pays her car note. Now when mist women go to prison their male partners forget about them. Gary can be a jerk sometimes, but in the end he will always be there for Amber.

    1. Gary is obsessed with Amber. I don’t even know if it’s love. He wants to completely control her, that’s why they have such problems, because she rebels against his controlling nature. Like in the beginning when she kept having car problems – he didn’t want to fix it, he wanted her to rely on him. He didn’t want her to get her HS diploma because he knew that would open the door to her independence. He used Leah to control her and now that he has full custody I fear it will only get worse when she’s released. She’s said many times that if she hadn’t got pregnant she would never be with him now and he’s still madly in love with her. She hangs on only because she wants Leah to have the family she never had. It’s so sad. Amber has some pretty serious emotional problems and Gary is a big cause of much of them.

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