Answers to More of Your Frequently Asked ‘Sister Wives’ Questions

Although The Ashley doesn’t write about it as often as she’d like, she’s a big fan of the show Sister Wives on TLC. Every time The Ashley watches an episode of the show, however, she’s left with a ton of burning questions about the way these people live and um, love, (if you know what I mean).

A while back, The Ashley dug up the answers to some of the questions she had about the Brown family (you can read that article here).

In this installment, The Ashley provides answers to some of the other frequently asked questions about the ‘Sister Wives.’

Q: Did Kody and the women get to choose who they are married to, or were their marriages arranged by their church?

A: Although many fundamentalist Mormon sects, such as the FLDS, arrange marriages for their followers, the sect that the Browns belong to, the Apostolic United Brethren or APU, does not.

“I was able to choose my family. In some Mormon sects, marriages are arranged,” Janelle said during an October 2012 panel discussion at UNLV. “In our community, we don’t assign spouses. We also wait to get married after we turn 18 years old. The only common thing is we worship from the same scripture as the LDS.

Q: How do these people get their health insurance?

During an interview with Dateline in 2010, Kody said that before going public, he was too afraid to put all of his children on the health insurance plan he received from his employer at the time. (When the show started he was in advertising sales.)  However, that backfired when one of the kids that wasn’t on the insurance had to have emergency surgery and they had to pay out-of-pocket. Kody said that after that experience, he “did not make another decision out of fear again,” which we can assume means that they now have all of the kids under either Kody’s or Janelle’s health insurance plan. Meri, as his legal wife, would technically be allowed to be covered under Kody’s plan. Christine and Robyn, however, and Robyn’s kids, unless they were formally adopted by Kody, would have to get a plan of their own.


“Oh….you know about that?”

Q: Are the Browns on government assistance, like welfare, food stamps, etc.?

A: According to Sister Wives Blog, the Browns have all filed for bankruptcy at one time or another– Janelle filed solo in 1997, Christine filed in 2010 on her own while filming the first season of the show (she owed had over $25,000 in debt!), and Kody and Meri (as a married couple) filed in 2005, relieving themselves of over $85,000 of debt! Robyn did not file for bankruptcy; however after her divorce she was over $32,000 in debt!

Christine and her kids, at least, were on food stamps in 2009 and 2010, during the filming of the first season of the show. Today, the Browns claim to be completely off government assistance.

The Browns’ church, the AUB, discourages the use of public assistance. In 2008, they issued the following public statement regarding this topic:

“We try to encourage our people to take care of their own needs and to entirely avoid any reliance upon the government. Though there are some members of our faith who may have received government assistance, they are encouraged to become self-sustaining as soon as possible. Our teachings are to be honorable in all our financial dealings which includes full payment of all required taxes as well as avoiding debt.
The AG goes on to say, about the AUB, “A reliance upon each other is considered a higher form of living. For this reason, the use of government aid programs such as Medicaid or Food Stamps, though not forbidden, is discouraged, except as a last resort.”


“Don’t even think about it!”

Q: Does Meri, as the only “real” wife of Kody, have more power in the family than the other wives?

A: “I’m the legal wife, so I have the power to pull the plug [if Kody was on life support],” Meri said during the UNLV panel discussion. “But I take into account what my sister wives have to say. I don’t see me having any more power than they do.” The other wives agreed, with Christine adding, “We don’t see her having any more power, either.”

However, legally, Meri is the only wife, and the only one that is entitled to the legal benefits of being married, such as being the next of kin in case of emergency, filing jointly on their taxes, being eligible for alimony should she ever leave Kody, etc. The other wives are, in the eyes of the law, single women.

Q: Do the kids have to listen to all of the mothers in the family, or only his or her biological parents?

A: According to the Browns’ website, the kids not only have to listen to their real mom and dad, but also the other three wives.

“Our children should respect and be obedient to all the mothers in our family,” reads a post on the website. “The mothers should treat all the children fairly.  The children are all brothers and sisters and should treat each other as such.”

The kids,however, do not have to call all four women “mom.” They call their biological mother “Mom” and the other women by their first names. They all call Kody “Dad,” even Robyn’s kids that aren’t biologically Kody’s.

However, how one wife treats another’s children has caused problems in the family. In their book, Christine reveals that about a year before the family started doing the show, she got into a fight with Meri over how tough Meri was on Christine’s kids. According to Christine, she felt that Meri took her frustrations out on her children.

Q: How do these people make enough money to support all of the people in the family?

A: “We are working on a family business but right now we’re living off Kody’s retirement,” Robyn told Radar Online in June 2011. “It’s a challenge to start over again.”

These days, the family makes their money with this venture, not to mention the hefty paycheck they receive from TLC. Their payments have gone up steadily as the seasons have gone on.


“Quit pulling my hair!”

Q: Do all of the wives really love each other, or do they secretly not get along?

A: In the family’s book, Becoming Sister Wives, Janelle revealed that she and Meri did not get along when Janelle first married Kody.

“Meri and I went from cordial to frosty overnight,” Janelle wrote. “We sniped at each other over the smallest things. When she was younger, Meri had quite an overbearing personality. It was clear I was unable to do anything right–or rather, in a way that suited Meri. I folded Kody’s clothes incorrectly. I bought the wrong dish soap and put away the dishes in the wrong places.”

Eight years later, Janelle actually left the family after an explosive fight with Meri.

“I…had a particularly nasty fight with Meri — one of the worst we’d ever had,” she wrote. “I was at my breaking point. I couldn’t see my way out of my depression. I told Kody I was leaving. That night, I got into the car and drove to my mother’s house. My kids and I stayed with my mother for several months until I found my own place. My job paid a decent salary, which allowed me to buy a better car in addition to my own home. I started to build a life for myself outside the sisterhood.”

After getting a college degree and living in her own house for over two years, Janelle eventually rejoined the family when Kody told her they were moving to Utah.


“Helloooooo, ladies!”

Q: Is Kody going to take a fifth wife eventually?

A: While the family has never said that they are absolutely against adding any more women to the mix, it doesn’t sound like we can expect a fifth ‘Sister Wife’ any time soon.

“I don’t think we are looking for any more family members,” Janelle said on a November 2011 episode of ‘The Rosie Show.’ “It’s a very spiritual decision for us. We meet a lot of people, but they’re not for our family.”

“If I was going to marry somebody, which we don’t think we’re going to, let’s just put that out there, but if we were going to, it would have to be somebody the whole family would be going to embrace,” Kody added during the same interview.

Q: What would happen if one of the wives decided to take another husband?

A: During Season 1, Meri asked Kody how he would feel if she were to be giving attention to another man.

“It’s just not something I’m comfortable imagining,” he told her. “The vulgarity of you with two husbands or another lover sickens me.”


“Are ya kiddin’ me?!”

Q: Do the wives ever do threesomes with Kody?

A: You know you were wondering this too! Unfortunately, due to their religion, the Browns don’t get freaky or partake in any wife-on-wife action.

“[We] each have our own bedroom, and Kody is welcome in each of those bedrooms…alone. We don’t go weird!” Meri explained during a very early episode during Season 1.

In addition, Kody is not allowed to sleep with any other woman that is not his wife, which included Robyn before they got married. They did not sleep together before the wedding, the Browns said during an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Q: Is it true that the Browns were related before they all married Kody?

A: Technically, yes. Janelle was married to Meri’s brother before she married Kody, so she and Meri were sisters-in-law at one time. The marriage did not last very long, and Janelle and Meri’s brother divorced after about a year. Two years after her divorce, Janelle fell in love with Meri’s husband, Kody.

In addition, Janelle’s father is now married to Kody’s mother, so in theory, Janelle are step-siblings, in addition to being husband and wife.

There is one more family connection among the wives. Robyn was first married to David Jessop, who is first cousins with Christine. Although David and Christine are related, Robyn did not know Christine, as Robyn and David lived in Montana during their marriage. (David has since left the church.)

Q: How long has Kody been married to each of the women?

A: Kody’s been married to Meri about 22 years, Janelle about 19, Christine about 17 and Robyn about 2 years.

The Brown family’s book, Becoming Sister Wives, tells the whole tale about how the wives met Kody and came together in plural marriage. If you want to order a copy, click the link below.


  1. 100 percent sexual it has nothing to do with enjoying being around multiple females in the long run it is completely sadistic in the idea is that this man enjoys fucking multiple women disgusting

  2. My husband was retired law enforcement and I am surprised that Mari did not go to law enforcement about her stalker. They have special depts to handle things like that plus protect you if you need it. Love to all of you. Joyce

  3. Wow! So many judgemental comments! They are happy, and their kids have turned out well. If it’s not what each of them wanted, they wouldn’t be there. I don’t agree with plural marriage, but I’m not God, and have no right to judge them. No one does.

  4. Okay I do not understand this family. They repeat over and over that they’re so happy but the wives always seem so pissy at each other..c’mon, who’s truly okay with their “husband” cuddling up to them along with intimacy and then moving on to the next woman another night to do the same thing? Not! And please, Kody needs to get rid of that ridiculous Amish haircut, what’s he trying to be, Hulk Hogan? This isn’t a lifestyle, it’s a mans sneaky of being able to live out some weird sexual fantasy where he gets to sleep with 4 women in one week. Next!

  5. Hello everybody,

    I was just wondering about what happens when one of the wives has a yeast infection? Then do all of the wives get one as they are all sharing the same husband?
    I’dd also like to ask a mathmatical question: in the eyes of a male, does having four fat cows for a wive equal the same as one pretty, slender wife?
    My last question is about polygamy: if in the Mormon culture they don’t have a problem with polygamy, then howcome we never see a woman with six husbands?

    Curious greetings from the Netherlands!

  6. Cody,

  7. I am so glad I get to post something about this show. I have watched it and Robyn seems to always have the most ridiculous frown , to the point of being almost insane on her face.
    When she talks , it is always with this crazy whiny poor us we are so deprived thing.
    that nutty sister wives closet is absurd. Why in the world would I want to buy anything from sister wive’s ??? Maybe from my sister’s closet, but no way would i give them money to promote their life style as they call it. I thought it was a religion, but they refer to it as a life style? I don’t get it. It is funny and very entertaining. Now knowing they were on public assistance and went bankrupt while living in these lush homes , it just does not make any sense. ok. that’s my two cents.

  8. Watched the show for the first time today as there was nothing on TV and looking at the wives, despite the talks, etc, all I could see were women with very low self esteem and only come across as confident having been in the situation for a number of years. The husband came across as highly manipulative and narcissistic but then again, these are the type of guys many women seem to go for. I wonder how the Kody chap would feel if one of the wives decided to take on an additional husband.

  9. Maybe these home sites were chosen by the production company for easier filming. Otherwise, they could live in bungalows or townhouses. These houses are way too big and cumbersome for a family with small children.

    1. I wonder about the houses as well. And now they have four giant houses on a cul-de-sac that they had built to specifications. I don’t understand why they didn’t just build two houses right next to each other and had two wives per house. It would’ve been closer to what they had before they moved to Utah. Besides, with the older kids leaving for college there are open bedrooms. Like Meri is in that big house by herself now. She could’ve been in a house with Janelle. And Robyn and Christine could’ve joined into a house. They could’ve even made the master bedrooms on opposite ends of the house for privacy. And it would’ve been less of a financial strain to have two big houses instead of four.

  10. OMG that Meri and her ‘mini me’ daughter! She would have to be the most entitled, lazy, good for nothing cow on TV I’ve witnessed in a long time. Her whinging and whining drive me crazy which came to a peak when she had to wait to move in to her house. Her child like temper tantrums, both her and the daughter, were so frustrating to watch. Because of her moodiness, the others have to walk on egg shells around her. Grow up Meri…your child like attitude looks ridiculous on a woman of your age.

    1. Oh my God, just what I was thinking! She is the most manipulative person it’s sickening. She’s had problems with every wife except newbie naive Robyn who hasn’t caught on yet. I wonder why Kody is still married to her. I swear she has him wrapped on her finger, manipulating him and using him to recruit other women for her to be friends with. She is so power hungry and control hungry it’s pathetic

    2. Does anyone know how it works as far as which house he stays at is it weekly . Monthly . Or daily . Basically I am asking how they choose who he sleeps with.

      1. he spends about two days a week with each and tries to spend an equal amount of time with all of them. if you ask me its hard enough to nurture and maintain a healthy relationship with one women non the less four. i mean do people really think this is true love. my wife would kill me if i ever asked for this. as a guy i can see the attraction instead of cheating you just get a new wife and when you get bored with one you always have the other. but if you think thats true love your mistaken true love means you only need/want that single person. maybe he loves them but not very deeply not if you can sleep with one girl one night and another the very next. if you ask me the women are just putting up with the ultimate male fantasy to be with multiple women at once. watch few episodes they are far from happy and in complete denial

          1. Ditto,Katherine! He`s all about himself and that dang head of hair! He always has that facial expression of confused or`I never make mistakes`…and his `car`. You never see or hear of him coming home from work, but always making trips in those nice RV`s. Lots of info not being put out there.

  11. Although show is one that I watch with awe, disdain and just plain lol’s…my opinion of Kody posted for the ladies is, “why?”…Meri is pitiful…lazy and feels entitled…Robin…gross..that jutting jaw and beaky nose and crude misuse of the basic english language annoys me…Janelle…you have the most going on….get out and enjoy your life…these peeps are bringing you down..

    1. Can’t stand revolting, simpering meri. I” ll bet she wants another kid. Yeah righT! It’s all about her! How she behaved about not being in her new home ( and how she didn’t care about janelles kids starving as long as she got her wet bar) is just sickening. Robin is stoopid and annoying, as proved by marrying kody after her divorce. so right, jay!
      I love janelle, and Christine. I wish they’d keep with the family, but find men/ lives of their own. I can’t decide if kody is a smart control freak, or an ok guy with a sexist misguided belief in his right to poke his dick N! S! W! and E!
      No problems with polygamy, if it swings both ways.
      I’d love to see Christ almighty come down from the heavens and say you don’t have to live this way to enjoy celestial delights. Kinda sad, really, but I can’t look aWay. I admit, I’m fascinated!

      1. totally agree. meri was the first and if you’ve heard she could not have more then one kid… are people blind how does nobody see she’s is using these people to fulfill her maternal need to be a mother. i doubt any of them are really in love like i said before.

  12. No more ignorant guesses or judgements. I see love lots of it. those nitpicking Cody about time with kids,wifes or which wife is best. They all have unique qualities. For Cody to have more than one wife he compartmentals well. I wish more monogomos marriages learned from them. They each have been married a few years to Cody. He must do something right. And to have God in there life God Bless the browns.

    1. What kind of piss poor monogamist marriages are you around that this family seems exemplary? Women want to marry Charles Manson too…doesn’t mean he’s doing something ‘right’.

      1. seriously they constantly complain about their perfect privileged lives. i just saw an episode where robyn is complaining that everyone is teasing her about being pre go and this upsets her because she has to wait… this is your biggest problem are you joking. they are all totally jealous of each other and if you’ve watched the show they’ve all contemplated divorce at one point of another and i bet you anything the only reason they stayed together if for their kids or religion. kody and keri are also fairly manipulative so who knows how much that played a part. i mean janelle seem like she does not want to be with the guy. they all seem to be using one another for having a big family

  13. On today’s episode, the brown’s were out looking for a cake. did i hear them say the cake was 8,500 dollars? Kody worries about paying for mariah’s collage tuition. but he can blow that much money on a tree cake. also i notice he doesn’t give much affection to his children.

    1. i agree. i was watching an episode with my wife and we said the exact same thing. at first the conversation was how does he spend time with all of his kids when he has that many. then as we watched more we realized he doesn’t. he’s so busy trying to spend time with all the wives he has no time fro the kids the women take care of them he basically neglects them… then the best part that cracks me up is that he spends no time with his kids as i said almost neglectful until dating is a factor. once his daughter brings a boy home he tells them they aren’t even allowed to kiss. is that a joke i mean how you raise your kids is your own business but once they’re old enough to date then you try to give them this bull that if you kiss it makes you want to have se because ”their hormones go inside your mouth.” your gonna want to have sex either way weather you kiss or not kissing is just a way to be intimate and connect without having sex. some would say its more intimate but if your in love your in love age should not matter. jody also gave his kids this bullshit that just because they’re young they don’t know what love is therefor can not be in love. well if you don’t let them date and experiment of course they’ll never know what love is. i get its hard to let your kids go but if you don’t let them date and kiss they’ll have a messed up love ice. your supposed to be their dad guide them and help them find there way don’t cram bullcrap down there throats to scare them

  14. I have questions:
    *How did Kody have time to meet and date another woman while he had 3 wives and all those children?
    *Did he set out to “find” another wife or did he just happen to meet Robyn?
    *Were the wives fully aware each and every time Kody was out on a date with a new woman?
    *When it comes to Kody marrying another woman, is it something all the wives have to agree on? They ALL have to like her and be willing to accept her into the family? Example: What if 2 of them DID NOT like this new woman he was dating and considering to marry? Let’s say there were personality conflicts? Do they ALL ultimately decide AS A FAMILY about this woman?
    *If they are all one family, why don’t they all live together in one home? It CAN be done. (The Duggars have a huge home to fit their big family) I’ve wondered from day one why they all moved into these separate houses. (in the Cul-de-sac) I would think it creates more of a division between each wife and their children & in-laws ect..Instead of one big family, it’s like 4 separate families. The wives are neighbors and Kody runs from house to house. Sadly, I think it will ultimately hurt this family. (this living arrangement) While the wives now have their privacy, They also are going to begin to build their lives in their own homes with a husband that occasionally comes over to visit. In my opinion, they would do better in a LARGE home where there were wings so to speak. There would still be privacy so there can be intimate moments. The women would have their own kitchens and such but at the end of the day, they live under the same roof. The fact that they all “wanted” their own homes tells me that they don’t fully see each other as one actual family, but four separate families. Normally, A husband and wife live together(and kids.)A Nuclear family!
    Just because you add in a few extra wives that concept shouldn’t go away. I think they should all live together. I know I want my husband under my roof every night. Not 3 houses down the road. No disrespect, I mean I REALLY do like this family!! Their all good people.

    1. Meri “found” Robin. And they all had to agree–and the children–that Robin would be a good fit for their family.

      As for their living arrangements. They had one big house in Utah. It was basically broken into like 3 apartments. Robin continued to live in her own home.

      I, too, have wondered why they didn’t build one big house as well, with 4 apartments in Las Vegas. Looks like it would have been much cheaper as well and saved quite a bit of money!

    2. These people are losers. The Duggars are right-wing nut jobs. They ALL subjugate women And believe that females are “less than”, and are just there to sex and serve. The Duggars come across as some kind of sweet, starry-eyed cult, but you should listen to what they say when they don’t realize the cameras are on, and the vile lies the Mrs. made about women’s birth control. She robo called three states to try and get people to vote against women’s health. All of these deviant types of marriage, have you noticed, are great for men, but crap for women, and that in all cases women are told that God said it has to be. Funny, God never seems to tell women that they should subjugate themselves and convince the men to go along, but in ALL of these instances we are told that God came to a MAN to tell him to force women, by using his name, to denigrate and control women.

      I heard a religious panel discussion once, all the participants were ministers, priests, rabbis, or accomplished religious scholars. One Rabbi said, re:Adam and Eve, and asked why did men say they were superior to women because they were made first? That in the bible God started creation with low creatures, that every creature made was an “improvement” to the one before it. Why, he asked, would God stop doing that when he created women? Why would he suddenly take a step back? The answer; because his Book was written and interpreted by men, and that men have been physically stronger than women and able to enforce that until it became accepted. Also, being stronger does not make you superior, because many, many animals are stronger than men, and no one has said that bears, or rhinos, or boas, or horses, or, or, or are better than men because of it.
      The problem is that religion would need to be changed, and women told that they are not second.

      1. i applaud you for seeing in between the lines. i have also noticed how these families subjugate women and i think its messed up and I’m a dude! have you noticed the duggars brainwash their kids to not date until they’re 18 then when they do they can’t do anything but hold hands? have you noticed this causes their kids to marry the first person they meet. as far as I’ve seen the first three of their kids have married the first person they’ve dated. this is partially because they haven’t dated before. most people fall madly in love with the first person they date and think they’ll be married forever. its also because they have a ton of hormones only being allowed to hold hands making a lot of sexual tension. i remember one of them i think jill knew the guy from india for a while but i believe four months after they met face to face they decided to get married and they were only engaged for a few months because they wanted to be with each other like any other teenager would it only natural. would you really rather your kid get married to the first person they date someone they haven’t known for very long and not kiss or have sex or would you rather let your kid kiss warn them they should wait until your in love and let them date and experience love and dating so they can figure out what they want. so many marriages are bad because they are unhappy but won’t divorce because they don’t believe in it or they have kids. the browns are the same way with their kids kody telling his kids if they kiss it will make them want to have sex because the hormones go into each others mouth telling them he doesn’t want them dating. at least he doesn’t brainwash the kids like the duggars did. if you don’t think those kids are brainwashed your sadly mistaken. if you tell a kid from birth they shouldn’t kiss until they’re married thats what they’re gonna do. they say they only encourage this and not force it but they make sure they don’t have to force it by home schooling the kids not letting them have any outside exposure to and ideals besides there own right wing nut job ideals

  15. Get Meri and Robin out of there, keep Janelle amd Christine! Meri has almost made the last episodes of the show sickening from crying about empty nest syndrome, get over it, Robin is obviously hooked at Meri’s hip, get on with your life Robin, you don’t need to suck up to Meri to stay in the loop, make it on your own.Kody. please start acting like you even “like” Janelle a little bit, she is wonderful, she is patient and kind and she acts greatful if you just even look her way! Christine is great as well, she is a beautiful gal who leads a simple life and truly acts as if she is greatful. Meri is a prude, in the episodes of the houses being built, Janelle was willing to downsize to keep costs down and Meri kept wanting to upgrade, Kody, di you have a telk with Meri and tell her to slow down on the wanting or did you just let her keep on? Robin seems to be your trophy wife Kody, its very noticeable, in case you haven’t seen it lately, all of your wives are beautiful, its the personalities that make a few of them less attractive.

    1. Wanted to say to Janelle, “you go girl with the weight loss”, you look great! Even with the negativity of Meri always crying and complaining and Robin stuck to Meri like glue, I love the show, I have great admiration for anyone pursuing their religious beliefs.

    2. Just wanted to comment on your comment. You ARE right about alot of the things you’ve said although I don’t really see Meri as a Prude so much. I see her as having heightened sensitivity to all of the things that happen around her. I see her as a woman that doubts herself often but yet has enough strength to do what she wants to do without others approval. I see that she can be emotional but who wouldn’t be in a situation like she’s in? I think any woman who can tolerate sharing her husband with three other women has got to be a pretty patient and loving woman. She has a lot of love and I can see that she can be very loving but I do see her as the most intense of all three of them. Not in a bad way, just intense with emotion and issues she has going on in her mind. A bit on the dramatic side but that’s ok. It’s not overboard. I do like Meri a lot, But I CAN see that her personality is one of those, you like her alot or you just don’t at all types. For me, I understand Meri. From here anyway. I think she could use some counseling. She just seems to have a bit of a wall around her. (Not with Robyn) But I just think things could be a bit smoother with everyone if she let her guard down a little and was a bit more open and loving and let the joy just happen and trust it. I don’t think she should have to leave though. After all she IS the only legal wife of all of them. She has been with Kody for the longest. They were the original couple. Then Janelle. We do agree on Janelle. She IS very sweet and most patient and kind. I do agree that he [Kody] should demonstrate more affection for Janelle. I don’t care how many wives you have, if you want to keep them, you have to give them what ANY woman would need. Affection and kindness. Your time. Hold her hand. Give her a hug. Touch her. Look at her and tell her how much you love her. It’s not rocket science. Your also right about Robyn being the trophy wife. You can see on any given day that Robyn is his favorite. While it’s not fair to anyone..It’s bound to happen. Christine is awesome. I love her personality! I find her to be the most down to earth of all of them. She seems like the kind of woman who likes to laugh and have a good time, but she also seems like she doesn’t put up with BS. lol All of them have some really great qualities and I can see how Kody can love them all.

      1. Kody didn’t have a problem telling Meri no about a baby but now Robyn wants one and a baby she will have…..

        1. I agree Robin is going to wind up pregnant and having another baby and I hope Meri goes off on Kody and kicks him to the curb

  16. It is good these people are now able to support themselves from proceeds from their tv show. Unfortunately, they have all but one had to file bankruptcy and accept public assistance. That is why I do not agree with polygamy. It would be rare that one man could support more than one wife and untold numbers of children on his own or even with the wives working. It is not right for hard working tax payers to pay to raise other people’s children because they have been irresponsible. My belief is not just for polygamist. I do not want to pay to raise children of men who go out and have 20 children by 10 women either.

  17. They have money because they are all related except Kody. They are all cousins from there poly church. Robyn was married to a cousin of the other girls. Thay arw getting supported by the ploy church to makw polygamy acceptable. The real face of polygamy is shown on the show Breaking the faith. The show is a sham.

  18. I was interested in knowing if someone was to seriously ponder whether this religious lifestyle was for them; eventually what would they have to do to join polygamy.

  19. Love the show!! and I feel like it must be hard for him but at the end of the day is all about family and all the wives and the husband show alot of respect, sometimes you need that help with your kids as women. Forget about the negative comments, everyone in this world wont agree with even the most perfect things in life, no matter how good something is they always criticize you. May God bless you all!

  20. Personally I believe that if people believe in this lifestyle (I have no problems with polygamy) and I am a BiG SisterWives fan ; however I am a firm believer that the parents should take full responsibility for their own bills and not be dependent on Food Stamps, government assistance or Bankruptcy because our Taxes are paying for your lifestyle. I have NEVER filed bankruptcy or government assistance because I believe in living within or below my means. If any person can not afford a large family, they shouldn’t look to others to support them UNLESS they have a catastrophe (Medical or an Act of Nature (storms, fires, floods, etc). This is a strong tenet of any religion and the Bible teaches in Self-Reliance. I would feel very guilty if I used Bankruptcy or Government Assistance to lead a life that depended on other hard working Americans unless it was a Dire Crisis. All the ladies should have been employed and using their own resources rather than mine. I have met a number of people who would have loved to have more children (including myself) but I knew it was economically not feasible to do it without assistance and I am a great proponent of being Self Reliance.

    1. Those women are not happy, they are insecure spineless individuals who are lead around by a guy who must think his “junk” is to die for.

  21. Kody is a deadbeat dad with benefits. I know he allows Medicaid to pay for the delivery of his children because the extra wives can’t be covered by insurance. Taxpayers and his wives are supporting him. Living on his retirement, HA! My dad worked 30 years as a postman and had a good retirement but it was just enough for he and my mom to live on comfortably. Think about how many people Kody is supposedly is supporting. They are all complicit in this charade.

  22. I thank all the assister wivies are vert strong women and i thank other people Should leave th in peace i had five children an had to do it alll n’y my self ny husband. Wer mo help ot would haven been nice to have help i dom.’t know if i could share. À husband but. Kody. Is à better dad then my kids ever had. God Bless then all .

      1. Perhaps this poster has learning dissabilities, why make nasty comments.
        I despise haters. Accept people for there differences, or stay away from sites!

        On a happier, less judgemental comment, I agree with those of you who like Janelle and Christine, they are the most down to earth women on the show. Janelle, pack your bags, you are so much better than this, find someone who truly loves and cherishes you. Christine, you are awesome! I love your sense of humour, please consider finding someone who appreciates you.
        Kody, you are a narcissistic, somewhat cruel individual who thinks the sun shines out of your ass.
        People, if you like watching polygamist families, I suggest watching my five wives, ten times better viewing than sister wives!

  23. I have watched your show from the very beginning. And I have had mixed emotions about you all. Not that I am condeming your lifestyle–it is your lives. But last night I watched the debate you had at UNLV with Christine’s aunt and those other poor souls who have left polygmy. My thoughts today are that I admire each one of you for standing up for what you believe. I am so sorry that society is trying to make you change. Christine you are my favorite–we know eactly how you feel about all the issues. Robyn I think you are going to be the glue that keeps you all together. Meri I am not sure how I feel about you. You come on rather pathetic most of the time and Janelle you are the worst. Leave if you are not happy but quit being such a downer. If I had to look at you every day I would leave.

  24. Why is it that we judge so freely especially when it cones to things we don’t except or understand. I am happy to see that they are not like the ones who marry off young girls to much older man or child abuse in other forms. If they are happy and are not hurting anyone or each other what does it matter to to others so much. I would never choose to be in a marriage like that but that is my choice. My own marriage ended badly and he only had 1 wife to deal with. This is their choice too and really who are they hurting? There is good and bad marriages in all forms of life so please remember that before you throw the first stone. Besides I don’t think Cody really wears the pants in this family lol.

  25. Kody is a joke. He appears to act like ” king” of the hill. The idea that one man can support that many kids, & then make the statement that ” he will have as many kids as he likes”, is irresponsible & unrealistic. These women are crazy too! If they want ” sisters” join a sorority.
    I feel sorry for the kids.

    1. your right its messed up and the kids are the one who suffer. the ”sister wives” are in total denial they say they’re no jealous and they’re happy with their lives and wouldn’t have it any other way but they constantly complain talk shit about each other create unneeded drama and the kids are really who suffer. you don’t have kids until your stable and can give them the attention they need but instead they are all totally unstable and they’re so busy dealing with their relationship problems they have no time for the kids. i mean at least kody has no time for the kids

  26. I don’t understand how it is all right for one husband to have several wives, but not all right for one wife to have several husbands. Kody: “It’s just not something I’m comfortable imagining,” he told her. “The vulgarity of you with two husbands or another lover sickens me.”
    Why isn’t it vulgar for him to trollop from house to house to sleep with different women? Meri seems to be the smart one. I say she should RUN, not walk, away from this screwball relationship. (Janelle is also smart.. finished her degree(?).. RUN Janelle). Christine is a little bit of a ditz. Robyn, obviously, is the manipulator. Until these women smarten up, Kody has it made.. four women working for him, and he doesn’t even have to be a real father to any of the kids.

    1. I think you are right on about the women. I made my self sick thinking about Koty running from one bed to another. He does not wear protection or he would not have 17 kids. If he is sleeping with all 4 then they, all 4, are having sex with one another. I pray that they open their eyes and can find a true love for each of them. I think Robin has something in her mind, she is sneaky.

  27. I am a South African that loves your show. When exactly will the 4th season begin in S.A? I am worried that Robyn may be trying to take Kody away from the rest of the wives. What do you all think about that?

    1. he is not that great looking. I think they should look elsewhere for a real man. Just because you can make babies does not make you a real man.

  28. Hello everyone, I’ve watched this show on and off thru the years. Very interesting to see four women with one guy and all those children. We have to remember this is normal for these people to live this way and really there is nothing wrong with how they their lives, it’s their choice. Just as it’s our choice to live the way we live. On the other hand I’m waiting to see who will be the first to leave. My bet is on Janelle, she seems more distant from everyone as if she’s guarding her heart from being hurt. And I don’t know how Cody can tolerate Meri, she’s way too moody for me. Robyn’s smart to choose the first wife as a friend it will make her road a lot easier. As for Christine she doesn’t fit in at all, she’s always got a bone to pick with everyone, way too critical for me. I must say these ladies are not brow beaten and stand up to Cody. And how ironic they end up in Las Vegas, had to laugh. I’ m glad they chose to share their lives with us and sometimes I tease my husband on how he would handle four wives and his response is “not a chance”. Poor Cody reminds me of a chicken with his head cut off, lol…

  29. After watching the August 11th episode of Sister Wives I was thoroughly disgusted with the comment Cody made regarding Robyn being so pretty that it didn’t matter if she couldn’t cook. How rude of him. If I were the other “wives” I would be insulted by that remark. I think he should think before he speaks. If you want to live with four women you need to treat them all equally and with respect. Even the builder they are working with on the new homes made a comment on that airing of the show about how he noticed how differently Cody treats each wife.

    1. I caught that comment too. You can tell how he feels about Robin, and it is not the same way he feels about the other woman. I think it hurt the woman but they are so brain washed they would not do any thing about it. so sad

      1. If they were conscious about respect in any way they would not be concubines and broodmares to a lazy, creepy, misogynist loser who is just interested in procreating. Nor would they commit to any other man who is not interested in a marriage that an equal. respectful supportive, loving, partnership with a strong self-confident woman.

  30. I can not understand how these non working people can afford newly built homes even with the TLC $ they are paid. There are young people working hard every day that can’t qualify to by any home. Why???? While I realize Kody and these women made choices, I can’t believe they expect ordinary people to believe what they’re expecting use to believe. What is the mortgage payments on each of those houses, and how do they plan to pay for them. I can’t believe this show

    1. The drama of waiting for each of the wives to get their loans approved was a built in storyline to hold viewers’ attention long enough for the seasons ratings to be calculated. Once the show got the green light to film another season, the loans were approved. The 3 women who applied for loans on their own, with their current income levels and bankruptcy history, would never have been approved without adding in their fees for doing the show. The notion that cody supports that family on his “retirement” is absurd. Based on what other reality shows pay its stars, the members of the Brown family are paid between 35k-85k per episode depending on the contract each has negotiated. Interesting storylines and.wise money management will keep them in those new houses.

    2. They all have brand new MCMANSIONS 3 car garage I notice on one. all have the latest in luxurys where does all this money come from. Cody needs a haircut desperatly, and also an attitude adjustment, he really thinks he is hot stuff.

      1. Kody is a tool and the rest of the women should keep their eyes on Robyn. I thought she was manipulative and sneaky from Day 1.

  31. If Robyn is to pretty to cook then she is to irresponsible to have her house first since she is the one with the bad credit and holding up everything. Shouldn’t Janelle get her house first since she has the best credit and then mary because she’s the real wife and then Christine. Cody the hody, Yes I do mean whore has his favorite it is Robyn she just married into the family to have some help with her finances and built in baby sitters. How dare he say one is to pretty to cook. What are the others to pretty to do. Maybe robyn should have to clean Mary’s house because Mary is to pretty to clean. By the way Cody is to creepy to breath.

    1. You are correct, I just watched the episode where this was explained…Janelle’s mother married Kody’s father, not the other way around.

  32. It seems to me all kody does is supply the sperm. He drives a sporty car like a single man. It doesn’t seem like he has a job.He doesn’t seem to have any husband qualities.

    1. @ least on the show 19 kids’ the family is together. This show is more like single moms w/ women friends-getting used and abused by the same jerky pig headed guy.

    2. He’s very selfish. He drives a single car so he doesn’t have to deal with any of the children. That’s the women’s jobs.

  33. This show used to really bother me, since I think it’s horribly irresponsible to completely sidestep the fact that religious polygamy is based on the complete subjugation of women and that in real life has resulted in both psychological and physical abuse of women (both easily backed-up claims). However, after reading several blogs, I realize that people largely watch it because of the freak show factor. And, unfortunately, nowadays advertisers have no problem supporting freak shows that appear to get ratings. But, after four seasons, Like Sherri above, I’m surprised this show still has any. I wonder if a woman would four husbands would be considered okay?

  34. To be honest, the more I get to know about the Brown’s the less I like them and the more unChristian-like they appear. One episode detailed how cheated Meri felt because she wasn’t considered for the same home/home allowance needs as the other wives based on the number of children. She insisted that it should be based on the size family she would have chosen [as if one could choose] This amidst the financial strife being experienced. Selfish? I think so — plus very irresponsible while Christine was on public aid. As a child, I was keenly aware of the injustice of my cousins who had fewer siblings than me getting bigger gifts from my grandmother. Family size should neither be rewarded nor punished. Did Meri miss this lesson?

  35. Interesting to note that Elizabeth uses the word “god” with a small g. Probably more appropriate than she realizes since the God the Bible defines marriage as a man shall his parents and cleave to his wife and the two shall be one – not two, or three or four as Kody believes. Also interesting that Kody would find it “vulgar” if any of his women took other men into their lives. Isn’t that what is known as a double standard, hypocrisy etc, etc.

    1. I totally agree with you. How does he support his big family? He is disgusting. I could never be in the situation of these women. So he can have 4 wives but he couldn´t get along that one of his wives get another husband .. Right….He is really disgusting .Sorry, everybody if I look fundamentalist but I´m a very easy going person and I respect the differencies .

    2. What´s the matter with these women ? Have they got any pride of being a woman ? I wonder if they know what being a woman means …I think they have a very poor self esteam .

    1. Kody–You are a COWARD! My husband does not to be begged to involve himself with children’s disputes! DO YOU BRING ANY $ TO SUPPORT YOUR FAMILY? So far you have not contributed ANYTHING monetarily to your FAMILIES!! What is your problem? How in the heck do you expect these lovely women to carry all the load? HELLO!! You are the “DAD”– at least “SPERM” wise. MAN UP–Or LET THEM GO TO A BETTER MAN!!

      1. What kind of retirement can take care of 3-4 wives, 17-22 kids, utilities, health insurance, car payments, care insurance, food etc. etc. etc.

      2. I am a woman who would not agree with my husband sleeping with another women. be a real man and be with one wife. it is selfish being with four wives and selfish to the children. what kind of message are you sending the children.

  36. People are so rude when they ask question no one should ask. The show is of family,love,god,understanding,their for each others. The people who are negative about you needs to step back and look at their life and see what they have.

  37. Hello Robyn Brown : how are you and the kids doing, I hope doing well. how does the other sisterwives handle that you had baby soloman ?
    I just love all of uses because I love watching the sister wives and its my favorite show . does Janelle , Meri , Christine and you take care of eachother children when its needed. Janelle , Meri , Christine are great sisterwives and keep up with good job. Kody is a great father to all of his children. Love your fan Heather poe

    1. Holley moley, Heather Poe, did you go to school at ALL?
      …”all of USES?” There must be twenty grammatical errors. Yikes.

      1. Geez… she is probably a child. A child who you just insulted online. Karma is real. You are hurting yourself when you attack someone unprovoked. Your behavior makes you look terrible!

        1. Most of us are able to overlook spelling /grammatical errors in the comments, but some people have to point out all the mistakes in order to feel superior. I agree w/ you, maybe the poster was a kid, or just someone who’s not a good speller–does that make her opinion any less valid?

    2. @Heather Poe – Please ignore the mean spirited people who have nothing better to do than pick apart a stranger’s comment. Your comment was lovely and kind.

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