Former ‘Bachelor’ Jason Mesnick Reveals How He Made Wife Molly Go Into Labor

Meet the first 'Bachelor' baby!
Meet the first ‘Bachelor’ baby!

Last month, former Bachelor star Jason Mesnick and his wife, Molly, welcomed their first baby together. The baby girl, whom they named Riley Anne, is the first baby to be born as a result of ‘The Bachelor.’ (For the record, The Bachelorette can be credited for the births of Trista and Ryan Sutter‘s two children.)

In this adorable video from behind the scenes of the couple’s recent photo shoot with People magazine, Jason revealed that he might be to blame for causing Molly to go into labor two weeks early!

“I got a funny text message from a friend of mine who said that if I pinched an area between Molly’s ankle bone and her Achilles, it would put her into labor,” he says in the video. “So as a joke I actually did this at about 10:30 at night — and about 3½ hours later, Molly went into labor.”

Both Mesnicks seem thrilled with their new edition. (Jason also has a son named Ty from a previous marriage.)

“I love being a part of Ty’s life, but we obviously have a different relationship because I’m not his actual mom, so this time I’m excited to be the actual mom!” a still-pregnant Molly told The Ashley in January.

The photos in the spread are adorable. (Hey, can’t blame them for taking the opportunity to make a buck off this!) Their daughter is ridiculously cute (and The Ashley doesn’t say that about all babies–some of them look like scrunched up old men!)

(Photo: Alison Dryer/People)



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