‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham: The Government “F*cks Up Your Life!”

Teen Mom
“Quit ruining my life, USA!”

There’s a few things we can always count on Farrah Abraham to do: tweet stupid things (and randomly insert hashtags into every one of those tweets), talk about how great she is, and, of course, refuse to take any responsibility when she messes up.

The Teen Mom star held true to this earlier today when she posted a video to her Keek (or, as she would say her #Keek) account  and Twitter with the caption “F*%# BOMB the Government!” (As you do.) Apparently, Farrah’s not too happy with Uncle America for making her take her “stupid” DWI classes and she wanted to make sure her “Keekers” knew it!

“I wanted to give an update on this whole drinking and not driving situation that got me a DWI,” she says in the video. (As we all know, she still refuses to admit that she was drinking and driving when she was arrested back in March. Of course, she did tell Dr. Phil that she had some drinks…and then drove her car around back…but, you know, that’s not really driving. If you want to know what really happened that night, click here. )

Anyway, Farrah continues her video tirade by saying, “So I passed my drug and alcohol class with flying colors because I got my certification…we already know this.

“Then I had to do a DWI evaluation, passed that, but yet the people who evaluate you make sure to give you 60 hours of intensive therapy and then more.”

Honestly, Farrah I think you could use 1,600 hours of intensive therapy…and maybe a lobotomy.

She ends her rant by scolding the government for making her life so damn hard.

“So if you’re going to be under the government and try to get through things and waste $4,000, they’re gonna just f*ck up your life,” Farrah said. “Have fun!”

Of course, the $4,000 she “wasted” is just chump change to Farrah these days, after scoring a $1 million pay day for her backdoor p0rn movie.

The Ashley has an idea– let’s all pool our money and pay for Farrah to leave our country, if she’s so unhappy. I vote she goes to North Korea! I hear it’s lovely this time of year…

#NorthKorea #I’llHelpHerPack


7 Responses

  1. Oh my why does Farah make these dumb videos it just sows how stupid she is!!!! I have never seen a more attention seaking *+*e in my entire life!!! My mother always taught me you do the crime you do the time! So if you want to have a few drinks and then get behind the wheel and “DRINK AND DRIVE” then be prepared for the consaquences!!!! Be thankful you didn’t hurt or kill someone!!! As im sure being in the porn industry you would make a great jail b*^*h take your punishment Farrah and lets try and stop the family cycle in your family as the would doesnt need to see Sophia make the same mistakes you are!!!

  2. The ending “have fun” just annoys me to no end! You did a bad thing so learn to live with the consequences! Wasn’t she just tweeting the other day that she was trying to be a good mom?

    Also, was she driving when she made that video?

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