Exclusive! ’16 & Pregnant’ Star Lori Wickelhaus is Engaged–and Pregnant Again!

16 and pregnant
Congrats to Lori and Joey!

She’s remained one of the most-private girls ever to appear on 16 and Pregnant, but Season 2 star Lori Wickelhaus has some big news! She recently became engaged to her boyfriend, Joey and….the couple is expecting their first child, The Ashley can exclusively report!

Lori, who during Season 2 gave her baby, Aiden, up for adoption in one of the most heartbreaking episodes ever, has gone through her share of struggles since taping her episode.

While she has remained in contact with her son, and gets to see him frequently thanks to her open adoption, she has had a hard time processing it all. Although it was not reported, Lori fell into a deep depression after the episode and, as she put it, “fell into a downward spiral.”

“I had no dreams, I had no goals, I didn’t care what happened day to day,” she said in the video below, which was filmed after her episode. She later went to live at a transitional program for young adults in West Virginia and turned her life around.

After graduating from the program, Lori met Joey and in January they began dating. Joey proposed this summer and now Lori is reportedly at least halfway through her pregnancy!

Lori no longer has any contact with Cory, her son Aiden’s birth father. To learn more about Lori’s life after ’16 and Pregnant,’ click here.

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Watch the video below to find out more about how Lori turned her life around after ’16 and Pregnant.’

Congrats to the happy couple!

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  1. I thank God that I have never been the type of person to ever be bullied into doing something I did not want to do. It was undeniable throughout Lori’s episode of 16 and Pregnant that she did not want to give up her son. Her manipulative and selfish ass mother (and father) pressured her into doing something she knew with her whole heart she did not want to do; neither did Corey! But Like Lori, Corey was young and thus easily manipulated. I think his will to keep his child was stronger than Lori’s, but Lori’s mother’s comments and very presence eventually broke him down too. As a result, the baby was given to a set of strangers, and Corey and Lori have become estranged. All of which could have been avoided if Lori had been supported by her parents instead of manipulated by them.
    Lori raised a good point in her episode when she said, “my baby is my only other blood relative!” I felt her longing to want to keep her son because she had no clue who her biological mother and extended family are nor WHO they are. I wish I had a time machine to go back and stand next to Lori as her friend and ultimate supporter. I would have shut her mother DOWN.

  2. Sounds like an accidental pregnancy and the result is engagement…she didn’t learn anything. Hopefully at least she is older now and is able to take care of the baby on her own, without support of parents or boyfriend. I know her parents pressured her into adoption but it was the best thing for her son and her. Because if she did have her son…her parents or the state would be supporting both of them and she might of been a highschool drop out like majority of pregnant teens. I hope it works with her and her fiance. Good Luck.

  3. I don’t believe she ever really wanted to give her son up for adoption. She was pressured heavily by her parents to relinquish, and I felt so bad for her, because I could tell that she wanted to parent her son. When coerced into relinquishing, depression is the #1 the Birth Mother deals with. I know. I was one of them. I wish her and her fiance’ the best. Congrats to them.

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