’16 and Pregnant’ Season 2 Star Valerie Fairman: Her Turbulent Life After Reality TV

Life after being 16 and pregnant took a wrong turn for Valerie.

The Ashley likes to keep her readers up-to-date on what’s happened to the participants of 16 and Pregnant since they appeared on the show. (Let’s face it, we really shouldn’t care, but we do!) While a lot of the girls have kept themselves in the limelight, some of the girls have seemingly fallen off the face of the Earth.

One of the girls that readers constantly ask about is Season 2 star Valerie Fairman. You might remember her for uttering one of the most famous lines in the show’s history. On her episode, she was only 15 when she gave birth to a daughter named Nevaeh (that’s heaven spelled backwards, y’all!) and was trying to get her baby-daddy Vanilla Ice Matt to like her.

After participating in the “Where Are They Now?” special a few years back, not much has been heard from Valerie, except for this little incident back in 2011, in which she was arrested for beating up her adoptive mother. (As you do.)

So what’s happened to Valerie since then? The Ashley went digging for dirt and came up with a doozy!

In 2012, multiple sources informed The Ashley that Valerie had been allegedly dealing with a prescription pill addiction and had spent some time in rehab. Unfortunately, her troubles have not stopped there.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that in late 2012, Valerie was arrested yet again for a plethora of serious crimes. Her charges including three misdemeanors and three felonies!

On November 28, 2012, Valerie was charged with two counts of Theft by Unlawful Taking of a Moveable Property– one misdemeanor and one third-degree felony count. (The Ashley did some digging and found that, under Pennsylvania law, to be charged with this crime, the item she must have stolen had to either be worth more than $2,000, or some sort of motor vehicle. Yikes!)

But that’s not all Val did on that fateful night. She was also charged with receiving stolen property, which means she was either buying or selling stolen goods. In addition, she was charged with two counts of Access Device Fraud.

She wasn’t actually arrested until December, and in the spring of 2013, she hauled her (and her sticky fingers) into a Pennsylvania courtroom, where she pleaded guilty to many of her crimes (although her receiving stolen property charge was dropped.)

16 and pregnant 2013
“I was gonna give it all back….maybe.”

For her crimes,Valerie received at least 52 days behind bars, as well as two years probation. She was paroled on June 12, 2013, after serving only a week in jail. Valerie was also required to pay back over $4700 in fees and restitution. She is currently on probation and was ordered not to have any contact with her victims.

It appears that she is no longer living in her parents’ home, as she was required to find a place to live before being released from police custody.

Not much is known about the whereabouts of Valerie’s daughter, Neveah. In late 2012 (during this time), Neveah’s father, Matt, was in a Pennsylvania rehab center, so hopefully, Valerie’s adoptive parents, Janice and Gary, are taking care of the little girl, who turned four in September.

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P.S.– If you are following “Valerie” on Instagram or on Twitter, you should stop because those accounts are fake.

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  1. Poor baby…she just needs help… Only she knows why she is so broken….but only true love and true loving connection can heal a broken soul. It is very hard to be in this planet and go through life without your parents…even if someone with a kind soul plays the role of your parents for some of us …it still doesn’t feel the same….From the show you can tell that she is sad….and lost. She craves connection and yet she is always dealing with rejection. I wish she can find the light… and only good people come into her life. Fix your life …. Only you can do it… Love yourself…

  2. Valerie isv tricking on Maryland ave in Wilmington de she is on herion. She is homeless and sleeps, under train tracks in beech street behind dart building. Ashley i have proof.

  3. hey Ashley I just ordered the teen mom book how long will it take to ship to thamesford Ontario Canada?? I just cant wait to read it please e-mil me back

  4. it is a shame to think about how others have made money over glorifying the downfall of so many young promising lives.

    there are no perfect people in this world, but when you throw drugs, alcohol, youth and becoming parents into the mix… life seems to be a ticking bomb waiting to explode!

    Although it’s true both Val and Matt have had their struggles since MTV… we dont have the full story on their personal lives and we may not know the circumstances along the road that got them there!

    I can tell you first hand that their beautiful baby girl is doing quite well. She is smart and sassy, loving and kind! In addition to Janice and Gary, Neveah has Matt and Matt’s mother as well, which she sees regularly.

    For Matt and Valerie… It’s never too late to change and turn your lives around. Dont give up!

  5. You are incorrect on what ‘receiving stolen property’ means. It has nothing to do with buying or selling stolen goods. It just means that you are in the possession of goods that you know were stolen.

    1. To go with the above comment… just an fyi, one doesn’t get “paroled” from being in jail for a week. Just so “The Ashley” uses correct terms, parole and probation are two very different things. Parole is after PRISON, not jail… and prison and jail are two different things. And not everyone is on probation after jail either… just sayin’

      1. Actually you’re incorrect. You CAN be paroled from a county jail. You do not have to be in a state or federal prison to be paroled.

  6. This news doesnt surprise me that much overall even just watching her on her show how she was with her parents I get the sense she would get into more trouble. Its the saddest for her little girl, I would hope it is Valeries parents who are looking after her.

  7. What a waste. Just goes to show u looks aren’t everything, bc this girl is gorgeous but flat out dumber than a box of rocks. Tysk tysk

  8. Got online to find a recipe then make a quick trip to the store. Ended up on here instead now I am rereading teen mom confidential and ordering Chinese food .

  9. “when she gave birth to a daughter named Neveah (that’s heaven spelled backwards, y’all!)”

    If that’s the way she really spelled it…then it’s not heaven spelled backwards. Fail. (Hopefully not a fail on your part!)

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