EXCLUSIVE! MTV Filming Special About Amber Portwood’s Release From Prison.

Teen Mom Jail
Amber’s a free woman!

It’s official– Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has been released from the Indiana prison where she’s spent the last year. Chief Communications Officer of the Indiana Department of Correction Douglas S. Garrison confirmed her release to TODAY.com.

While it’s certainly surprising that Amber, who was sentenced to five years behind bars for violating her probation and being in possession of a controlled substance, was released four years early, The Ashley has learned some even juicier news!

The Ashley can exclusively report that an MTV camera crew touched down in Indiana a few days ago and are currently filming for a special about Amber’s release! Multiple sources have confirmed to The Ashley that MTV is, indeed, in town, and filmed segments with Gary Shirley and his daughter, Leah, yesterday!

In addition, The Ashley has learned that MTV paid to fly Amber’s father, Shawn Portwood Sr., from his home in Florida so that he could be there to welcome his daughter home (and give them a few on-camera Kodak moments, naturally!)

There’s no word on when we can expect to see the special on our televisions, but The Ashley’s sources tell her that it will likely be relatively soon.

Here’s to hoping that Amber is able to distance herself from the spotlight (and MTV) and continue to live her life drug-free and with her daughter, Leah!

UPDATE: Amber’s brother, Shawn Portwood, posted this on Amber’s Official Facebook Fanpage:

“Amber is doing well and thanks everyone for the well wishes that she has received. We had a long day today but we are happy she is finally out.”



  1. I agree carnt be wry good for her being in the public eye everyone’s got something to say and unless uv been there u just don’t no let’s hope jail has knocked some sense into her cause if u carnt stay clean for ur child u never will stay strong amber loads ov us have faith in u respect xxxxx

  2. I have to agree with Jennifer. A TV special is the worst possible thing to be doing. I also think she can stay sober and be an amazing mom, just this isn’t the way to start off.

  3. I’m glad amber is out of jail. My husband and I just love her and her daughter Leah I hope she does come back on television.

  4. I think a TV special is the #1 worst possible thing for someone fresh out of the slammer for drug addiction and anger issues that were egged on by the media and social pressure. MTV just cares about lining their pockets at this girl’s expense.

    I think she can stay sober and be a great mom. I hope she and Gary can work out an amicable custody agreement. Considering he has been a full time parents for the last couple of years I think it will be a rough road ahead.

  5. As much as I pray for Amber that she is able to get her life together and lead a clean wholesome existence for the sake of her daughter I just don’t know if that is possible. This girl has some serious demons to battle. She was so far gone she had to put herself in jail just to get sober, add that to her rage issues, and the fact that she became famous at such a young age for nothing. She has never led a normal adult life! She is going to have tons to deal with.

    1. She said in an interview that she was teaching anger management while she was in jail. So hopefully she has learned how to control her temper and the correct way of dealing with things. I wish the best for her and I hope she stays clean and sober. I hope that people can leave her alone and forgive her mistakes. I think that was one of the issues that contributed to her anger and addiction.

    2. You’re right, she had a lot of adversity to work through, and she still does. She had some extreme issues, that’s why she had to take an extreme measure to help herself (going to prison). She will still have lots of growing to do but she’s definitely gotten through the most difficult part of it all. It seems she’s got the right tools and mindset to go forward. She’s WORKED to improve herself while in prison and it’s clear that she actually WANTS to be sober now. I think she will continue to stay strong.

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