“16 and Pregnant” Star Jordan Ward Finder Reveals She Had Plastic Surgery

16 and pregnant
Jordan admitted to going under the knife in the name of boobs.

Jordan Ward Finder is taking her “MILF” status to another level! The 16 and Pregnant Season 3 star revealed on her Instagram today that she has gone under the knife and gotten herself some brand-new breasts!

After posting a photo in which her bosom looked much more, um, ample than usual, several of her followers commented that she looked like she had gotten a boob job. In response, Jordan admitted to having her funbags surgically inflated.

“She got a boob job too?” one follower asked, to which Jordan replied, “Yes, she got a boob job too.” (I dig her snarkiness!)

In case you’ve forgotten, Jordan was the girl who was featured on ’16 and Pregnant’ alongside her twin sister, Jessica. At the Season 3 reunion special, Jordan was already pregnant with her second child but kept it a secret. She gave birth to her second child in November 2011 and is currently married to her children’s father, Brian Finder.

In July, Jordan told Starcasm.com that she and her husband intend to have one more child at some point.

“We want one more, hopefully a boy,” she said. “Right now we just wanna focus on the two kids we have already… And we are still young so we have plenty of time for more kids later.”

Well…she just “gave birth” to new twins…on her chest!

Jordan certainly isn’t the first girl from ’16 and Pregnant’ to get plastic surgery. Season 1 girls Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham both got breast implants after their episodes aired (and Farrah has gotten a plethora of additional plastic surgery since then, including two nose jobs, a chin implant and chin implant removal). In 2012, Season 2’s Jenelle Evans got her breasts enlarged and, more recently, Nikkole Paulun claims to have had an endobam breast augmentation.

Jordan didn’t elaborate as to when she had her boob job, but it must have been relatively recent, as her photo posts from this summer do not seem to feature the enhanced boobies.

(Photo: Instagram)


  1. Everyone wonders where these girls get the money, like it’s some big mystery. Seriously, do y’all think they do that show for free, or minimal money?! Come on now. Smh

    1. Lol!! She got the money for her boobs by working for it. I know her personally, and I used to work with her. That’s how she got her money for her tattoos also…I was there.

  2. A lot of people are judging but has anyone thought that maybe she needed it?
    She’s had two kids at an age where her breasts were still developing. This my have had a dramatic impact on their appearance. Maybe she wanted to feel confident about her body.

    Why the hell not!

    Its just boobs!

  3. Back in my day, the only surgery I would have had if I had gotten pregnant at 16 was to reattach my head after my mom knocked it off. Nowadays, these girls get knocked up, they call MTV 10 minutes later, and new boobs come soon after.

  4. Breast augmentation costs between $5K and $10K. I balk at the thought of some of these teen mothers shelling out that sort of money when they will at some point need it for their kids. That money can go towards getting out of debt, buying a home, kid’s college funds, and a million other things. Maybe I just don’t understand because I like my body… who knows.

  5. seriously, wheres the money coming from? taking care of TWO kids, paying rent, etc.. and you can still afford plastic surgery? daaaang

  6. One of my coworkers got one too and she’s only 20. I have mixed feelings about it because I think teens are too young to make decisions like that. I feel like if I got plastic surgery so young I would feel insecure about my body the rest of my life. Where do they get the money too?!?

  7. an interesting choice, and one that seems to be getting more and more popular with young women, not just Teen Moms, one of the girls at my work got hers done when she was 19. I guess if she can afford it and she wants it good for her.

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