Original ‘Teen Mom’ Girls Filming Again For MTV

being specials
“We’re coming back!”

Over the past few weeks, three of the girls from the original Teen Mom series have been spotted filming again. While none of the girls have indicated what exactly they are filming, The Ashley can confirm that Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell are, indeed, filming for MTV.

While they are not getting another season of their reality show (as other media outlets have been reporting), they are each getting their own special. According to two sources close to the girls and the show’s production, each girl is filming a catch-up special about their lives today.

Their co-star, Maci Bookout, had her very own “Being Maci” special, which aired over the summer but was filmed last winter. (However, as The Ashley told you before, the “Being Maci” footage was actually supposed to be used for a Maci spin-off show but the network ended up passing on it, but decided to turn it into a special.)

Now the other ‘Teen Mom’ girls are getting their own specials, all of which will likely be titled “Being ____.” As The Ashley reported in November, Amber was already filming her special on the day she was released from prison. Sources tell The Ashley that Amber, Gary, Leah and their friends filmed for a few weeks after Amber’s release.

"What about me? Why can't it be 'Being Ryan?'"
“What about me? Why can’t it be ‘Being Ryan?'”

While no release date is available at this time, one source tells The Ashley that the specials will likely air “early next year.” The girls are still currently filming (MTV car cameras can be seen in this photo that was posted by Tyler Baltierra over the weekend), so we will not see much for awhile.

The Ashley can also confirm that Farrah Abraham’s family was busy filming with MTV over this past weekend. ([Whatever] Michael and Deb are coming back into our lives, y’all!) One person that will not be on the “Being Farrah” special is Farrah’s sister, Ashley Danielson who has not spoken to Farrah since she was blamed publicly for Farrah’s DUI incident earlier this year. Sophia, of course, will be exploited to the fullest extent possible, as per usual.

From what The Ashley’s sources tell her, Maci will not be getting an additional special, however, The Ashley is not positive on this.

(Photos: MTV)


  1. It seems like MTV really wants to get more out of Maci; giving her the spot interviewing the TM3 girls for the After Show, doing Being Maci–but Maci isn’t a talented journalist or voice-over actress, or even particularly interesting. She’s just really, really popular.

  2. It will be nice to see Amber and Cate. Farrah on the other hand can just go away forever. She is so caught up in all of the glam and fame, that she doesn’t even see what is right in front of her. HER DAUGHTER! She is exploiting poor Sophia to make money for her yet again.

    And no one wants to see her psycho parents. They are all FAKE!

    They will continue to kiss Farrah’s a$$ until Sophia is old enough to move out on her own. Smh….

  3. I sadly predict that Amber will be back in jail or just lost, she doesn’t seem like she can pull herself out to me, I don’t think she was in prison long enough to effect any real change. Especially since she is still with the same circle of people, a lot of mental illness and dysfunction, and the others are all losers, that keep looking for paydays! None of them have done anything with them selves that has really been positive, and not exploitive of their ‘Teen Mom Fame’

  4. I am very curious at what positive changes Amber has made in her life, at the same time.. A special probably isn’t the best thing for her to continue to make those steps forward in life.

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