EXCLUSIVE! MTV Responds to Rumors That ‘Teen Mom 3’ Has Been Cancelled

It’s over, folks!

A few weeks ago, The Ashley broke the story that MTV was considering not renewing Teen Mom 3 for another season. Over the weekend, one of the show’s stars, Alex Sekella, announced on her Twitter account that the show had, indeed, been cancelled by the network. (Her announcement and comments later caused a Twitter war between her and members of the Teen Mom 2 cast.)

Anyway, The Ashley decided to get to the bottom of the issue and contacted MTV, who issued The Ashley’s Reality Roundup the first official statement on the show’s fate.

MTV will not be moving forwarding with a second season of “Teen Mom 3.”  We’re thankful to Briana, Katie, Mackenzie, Alex and their families for sharing their stories as they navigate young parenthood and for helping to have a positive impact on the importance of teen pregnancy prevention.

Although the show’s main stars: Alex, Katie Yeager, Mackenzie Douthit and Briana DeJesus received calls from the show’s production team to inform them of the cancellation, other members of the cast–including some of the male stars of the show–did not even get as much as a letter in the mail informing them that their services were no longer needed!

The Ashley’s sources tell her that there has been some talk of future filming with ‘Teen Mom 3’ girls (Perhaps something similar to what the original Teen Mom girls are doing right now?) but so far nothing has been decided.

“This isn’t the last MTV has seen of us,” one cast member tells The Ashley.

Although the show’s ratings were good, they failed to capture the high marks that the original ‘Teen Mom’ and it’s follow-up ‘Teen Mom 2’ achieved.

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  1. Teen mom 3
    Calling out joey Katie’s now ex boyfriend how the fuck dare you do that to a baby I saw the episode this afternoon that baby was crying for mommy to comfort her and your trying to shove a bottle down her throat it’s fucking disgusting behaviour you should have taken her back to her mother like a good person would do and you weren’t just making Katie suffer but your own child you are a worthless piece of shit two whole proper days without her normal milk is not good dickhead

  2. To be fair I wrote a long post tearing the girls up on Starcasm…I stand by that post but I forgot something…part of the Teen Mom first season intrigue was the fact that Debra, Michael, Maci’s parents, Ryan’s parents, Gary’s mother…these parents all added something to the story line.
    Teen Mom 2 brought us Momma Dawn, Babs – both characters that not only added to the story but some of us actually liked.
    The young ladies of Teen Mom 3 were pretty much on their own because Bri’s mom wasn’t very good at being drama – she just acted inappropriately crazy when the camera wasn’t on her I mean when her daughter & Devon talked. She also babied her daughter and badgered her older one into doing the same. Not someone I wanted to watch.
    Katie’s mom may have been watchable one more season…she was too much of a ‘hands off’ I’m your best friend not your parent type though. Her daughter needed her to be mom more often.
    Mackenzie’s Mom makes religion look terrible and religious people are tired of those sterotype’s.
    Alex’s mom talked the most common sense but she was again, playing the role of friend more than mom. There was always something that made her seem like an MTV act of production/editing as well. Her daughter didn’t grow into this angry, explosive individual over night. She gave her a place to live but what was it she paid for that she had to work so much as well as finish school? She threw away costumes? She didn’t even offer to pay back the costumes! This woman was an editing trick….too many questions throughout the season.

  3. I was so excited for this season until I started watching. At first the stuff with Alex and Matt was really exciting and I wanted to see what happened next and then all the sudden matt was gone and it was just alex screaming at everyone and everything alll the time. Bri on her cuts was only ever sitting on the bed or couch I think only two episodes she actually got off her ass and did something and they weren’t for the baby they were for her. One was a date and one was college. Shea always complaining like a baby when she doesn’t get her way its annoying. And McKenzie omg we don’t have any money josh. Why aren’t u looking at me josh. Josh. Josh. Josh. Like holy fuck Blondie shut up. Her episodes were just as boring as bri. It was just her practicing cheerleading. Or going out with friends or going to see josh. To talk about josh. Nothing like my baby is walking. Talking still breathing. And then Katie another one that the only thing happening was her fighting with joey. The reason there was no ratings and people like teen mom 2 more is because they actually took interest in their kids. Their life revolved around their kids. But the girls in this season their life is based around the guys and they use the babies as an excuse for him to stick around. ThAT’s what.

  4. They are not needed because number one Bri is a ghetto bitch who complains about doing it”alone” when her mom and sister help her 24/7. Mackenzie is a dumb ass who thinks she needs to ask if birth control is a good idea. And look she’s now pregnant again. The other two are boring as fuck. Not interested. The end.

  5. Joey never broke Katie’s nose Katie said that was just a rumour. I’m from Scotland it’s not even aired yet here MTV should have waited until it was aired globally before making a decision as the ratings may be better in other countries I feel they treat viewers from other countries bad they make us wait months for the shows never made the segments of some of the 16 and Pregnant girls on the Dr Drew checkup viewable online from outside America but never showed it on our tv.

    1. Debbie – Scotland’s entire population is 5.3 Million people and declining. That is about the population of the state of Alabama. TM3 had 1.81M viewers on its most viewed premiere episode which means that out of America’s 314 Million people, which means that 1 out of 200 Americans watched the show. Assuming the stats for watching are about the same in Scotland… the total viewership from Scotland would be about 26,500 viewers. Probably even a smaller percentage of Scots watch the show because I can’t imagine that 16 year olds in the US are of much interest. Maybe I’m wrong.

      Bottom line: MTV does not care rather Scotland is watching any of their shows. Not one bit.

  6. Well if MTV would have chosen better moms from the 16&P season ratings wouldn’t have been so bad. Brianna was so freaking boring, even in 16&P, so how is this a shock? Alex is a freaking loud mouth dumb a**. All she does is scream and its not even entertaining. Katie was good. Ratings would’ve gone up if they kept filming and showed how joey broke her nose after they broke up. McKenzie was alright. She brought the most drama with mooching off of her parents and getting married and pregnant again.
    Honestly MTV needs to get their crap together and quit filming one year before the show airs. We knew so much about these teen mom 3 girls before the show ever aired, no wonder its boring.
    Same with teen mom 2.

    1. *after they broke up and got back together.

      And seriously, did MTV not notice that all Brianna ever did was sit on her couch and on her bed or on the floor. The girl was a couch potato. how could they have wanted to move forward with her on teen mom 3?

      1. ahaha ya really, 99% of anything filmed for Briana was in her living room and the other 1% in her bed…I would have gone crazy never leaving the house like her. Seriously, you dont always need your mom or sister with you to go out! Get your damn stroller and walk, go out give your baby some fresh air!!

        1. Come on, she wasn’t ALWAYS on her couch. She had to get up to apply for food stamps! 😛 Horrible, trashy family. That stuff is for people who NEED it, not people getting a reality TV paycheck.

  7. I am a watcher of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, I never watched Teen Mom 3, I got tired of watching a constant train wreck

  8. Tm3 isny as good as the others tm1&2.

    Tm1&2 had better girls and mote stuff to know about. Dont really care that the bkonde ones having another baby.

    Im one of those teen moms.
    Im 20 about to be 21, ihave two little girls ages 4&2 and a lil boy whps 10 months.

    Cant relate to anybody on tm3!!

  9. because this show is tired, it’s the same old thing, dysfunctional girls that got prego too early, no matter how you twist it, it’s the same thing over and over again, just not great TV just not!

    1. What they need to do is show girls that can do it! I’m so tired of see the drama that most Teen moms never go through. And most of the stuff that these girls went through is stuff everyone goes through.

      1. Kailyn from TM2 is an amazing example I think. The girl went from being a homeless teen mom to a college graduate and homeowner. She did it with pretty much no family support. She has a deadbeat dad, an alcoholic mother, and the rest of her family lives half way across the country. If any of these girls are examples to young mothers, it should be Kailyn. She should be the face of the Teen Mom franchise, not Maci. Maci has a 5 year old and still hasn’t finished community college. Chelsie is another good example for young mothers. She has a lot of family support but she is still basically a single mother. She graduated beauty school and has her own career now. The only bad part of Chelsies story is that she lets Adam treat her horribly.

      2. What would you want to see happen?? When you say that they show things that “everyone goes through” that’s life for everyone. I mean maybe shoot them off into space to be different??
        I think the cast for t3 wasn’t very good. T2 had/has girls you can see yourself being friends with, you cant stand, you shake your head at wondering wth they are thinking, and then another that has major issues, so its a bit of everything in one show. I do with it doesn’t seem so scripted at times, but then this next season looks like its gonna be a doozy so we shall see!!!

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