Ryan Seacrest Promises Upcoming Season of ‘American Idol’ Will Be “Fun”

Season 13
J-Lo is trying to figure out how to make Casper Smart the fourth judge…

If you’re like The Ashley, the only thing you enjoyed about the last season of American Idol was the catfights between judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. The constant eye-scratching cattiness between the divas was really the only reason to tune into what turned out to be a completely lackluster season.

For the show’s 13th season, which premieres on January 15, host Ryan Seacrest tells us that they are taking away the one good thing the show had going for it: no more bickering.

“The chemistry [between the judges] is good! It’s fun,” Ryan recently told Huffington Post. “We are returning to our roots and what we do best, which is finding great talent, cultivating great talent and having a laugh along the way. And not take ourselves too seriously.

“I mean, we can’t get caught up in that,” he added. “We need to just have fun and laugh a little bit.”

Personally, I found it fun when Nicki Minaj threatened Mariah’s life during last season’s auditions. But that’s just me…

Anyway, Ryan promises that the new judging panel, which consists of Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr., will be drama-free. He added that he thinks Harry will be the “breakout star” of the season. (Ms. Lopez certainly won’t enjoy having the spotlight taken away from her.)

“If people aren’t familiar with [Harry] they’re going to fall in love with him,” Ryan said. “He’s so smart musically and he’s as quick as anyone who has ever been on our show.”

Even if Harry is horrible, he can’t be worse than Nicki. That’s just not physically possible.




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