Grandmother of Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Remembers Her Son on 5th Anniversary of His Death: ‘Derek Would Have Been a Great Father’

Farrah Teen Mom
Sophia is the spitting image of her father, Derek Underwood!

While Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is busy Keeking about herself today, her daughter’s grandmother and extended family is mourning the loss of Derek Underwood, the father of Farrah’s daughter, Sophia. Five years ago tomorrow, Derek was killed in a tragic car accident.

On December 27, 2008, Derek left the house he shared with his family to go out with friends. Some time during the early morning hours of December 28, Derek lost control of his car and crashed, killing him and his friend, Zach Mendoza.

Although Sophia never had a chance to meet her father, who died two months before her birth, Derek’s mother, Stormie Clark, tells The Ashley that she often thinks of what could have been had Derek lived to see his daughter.

“If Derek were alive today, Sophia’s life would definitely be different,” Stormie told The Ashley. “She has so many family members that she has never even met.

“Derek would have been a great father to Sophia. She is his twin. Like I have always said, Derek was all about family,” she said.

Stormie has only met her granddaughter twice in the almost five years since Sophia’s birth, due to Farrah and her mother’s unwillingness to allow Derek’s family into Sophia’s life. (To read the heart-touching letter that Stormie wrote to Sophia, and learn more about the days before and after Derek’s tragic death, pick up The Ashley’s book, Teen Mom Confidential.)

“It is really sad that Sophia is missing out on meeting all of her family,” Stormie said. “We have so much love for Sophia. A child can never have too much love.”

farrah abraham
Derek’s father had this memorial sign placed alongside the highway in St. Joseph, Missouri.

To mark the anniversary of Derek’s passing, Stormie and her family will visit his grave, which is located in St. Joseph, Missouri.

“It’s really hard to believe that it has been five years since his passing. It seems just like yesterday,” said Stormie, who added that the holidays are an especially hard time for her and her family.

In the letter she wrote for Teen Mom Confidential, Stormie describes the period immediately following Derek’s death. In a weird twist of fate, her daughter, Kassy, gave birth to a daughter only two days after Derek’s death. That little girl, Ali, is about to turn five now.

“By this tragedy, we have deeply learned not to take things for granted,” Stormie said. “I am now, more than ever overprotective of my daughters, Kassy and Alissa. We always say I love you at every visit with hugs and kisses, and after every single phone call. I didn’t get to say goodbye to Derek, which devastates me everyday.”

While Stormie plans to commemorate the day, it’s unclear if Farrah, who in her book claims Derek was her “one true love,” will do anything special. Farrah is currently trying to promote her upcoming appearance on VH-1’s Couples Therapy and has yet to mention Derek or the anniversary on her social media accounts.

“I do believe that Farrah will remember the fifth anniversary of Derek’s passing,” Stormie said. “I would hope that she will commemorate that day and involve Sophia by visiting his grave, or at least taking a moment of silence, and acknowledging the gift that Derek gave to her.”

(Photos: All Derek photos courtesy of Stormie Clark/ Sophia photo: Twitter)





  1. This honestly is the worse thing Farrah has ever done. It’s unfair to Sofia and to the boy she said she loved, she didn’t love him. If she loved him, she would understand and want his daughter to know his family and the people he loved. I’ve been fairly amused by Farrah bat shit crazy antics, but this is too much. She is causing so much pain to his family, I couldn’t imagine never being able to see my nieces/nephews so I can’t imagine the pain his parents are going through not to see their granddaughter who looks just like him!

  2. It’s so sad to see people bash Farrah so much. She is only human, everyone makes mistakes. I hope none of her family takes these people to the heart. Sometimes it is better for the child to be left with grandparents or another family member. I see people writing how she’s emotionally and mentally unstable, and she’s trying to work on that. Not everyone can fix themselves while taking care of another person. Haven’t any of you heard the phrase you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. This goes back to her being human. Don’t bash her for her mistakes. Everyone has skeletons in their closet, the only difference here is hers are made public.

  3. Is Michael Abraham a psycho Internet troll for Farrah? What a pathetic man maybe if you had done a better job she wouldn’t be such a sad excuse for a person.

  4. This young woman is emotionally and mentally unstable. She seems to put herself before everyone else. I have watched this young woman since she began on teen mom and she has always been vile but so is her mother. Horrible people who should have never been on tv to begin with. She has proven over and over again what a mean hateful little person she is and a liar to boot. I hope for Sophia ‘ s sake someone with a moral compass will help her cause her momma is a sociopath.

  5. It is very sad that Sophia will grow up without ever meeting her father. I am not a parent but I personally think that a parent is supposed to guide and provide for their children. But what Farrah is doing is not really providing for her daughter. She is pursuing a teenage dream by being a porn star. That is not a suitable job for a single parent. Sophia is going to grow up and see that her mom is a porn star.

  6. Just because she’s her grandma doesn’t mean she should see her. She seems messed up and maybe she is. Remember when she saw Sophia at the park with a babysitter, took a picture with her, and sold it to a magazine? That’s not normal behavior. I wouldn’t trust someone blindly just because she’s a grandma.

  7. This is going to come around and bite Farrah. In about 10 years Sophia will be reading all of these articles about her and her dad on the internet and see what a trainwreck her mom was. Carrying her daughter into a porn studio, gone for weeks at a time and claiming Sophia has “her own life” at 4 years old, and completely estranging 1/2 of the child’s family. It’s so much worse that the father is dead and Sophia will never meet him, the least Farrah could do it try to have Sophia connect with his family. I’m thinking Sophia will never talk to her mother again after age 16, and Farrah will be fine with it. Time will tell.

    1. I agree with you 100%… Sophia deserves to know her dads family no matter what Farrah feels about it! Farrah is so selfish! It’ll bite her in the butt in the end!!I’m sure Derek is turning in his grave knowing all this is going on!

  8. Hannah STFU! You must be Farrah or her dad talking posing as “hannah”. Woww! Do you personally even know Farrah or the Underwood’s? No one else would be defending Farrah’s honor.. (cough)

    Sophia is the one who is suffering.*** It’s all about the child! Not the “adults”. Farrah is a stuck up fake ass bitch who needs to pull her head out of her ass and wake up and stop this stupid petty bullshit of CONTROL..

    Karma is coming for you Farrah, and when Sophia gets a couple of years older, she will hate your guts for what you are doing to her. Stop going onto daytime shows just to be in the public eye. You are just setting yourself up for shame, not fame.

    #Get your shit together!

  9. Farrah should forget all the past drama with Derek’s family and let Sophia see them. She is still angry cos his family didn’t like her. She has to put the past behind her and act like an adult I would never stop my child from seeing family members unless they are drug addicts

  10. I’ve gone thru the SAME situation with my sons fathers mother… But because Eric was still alive to take my son over there they grew a relationship so when Eric passed away when my son was 11 mos the court granted her visitation. Oh and it’s been hell 6 years latter and I’ve almost got my son back (away from her visits) she tells my son things like your mom is a horrible mom I’ve just tryed to be her friend why does your mom hate me so much. Just things that should not be said to a child and the things she says to me… I can’t stand her I wish with every wish I would of cut her off from the beginning… If my son wanted a relationship with her he can wait till he’s able to drive and drive over there lol but seriously when he’s old enough to make his mind up of truth or fiction on his own

  11. I am a teen mother myself and granted i dobt like the things that Farrah does, she still has a job and transportation and home for them both so its not like shes leaving sophia out in “the cold” and no one but the family knows the real truth! Sorry but teen parents dont have to let grandparents see them but if they are not allowed to ever but fight for it, the “bond” does not apply! Obviously the court system knew things we dont! Its sad that so many people tell Farrah to suck it up! Sorry you must not be a parent or not a good one! Unsafe environment, im not taking my child there! Let Farrah do what she has to! Sophia will grow up and she can make her choices and beliefs at that point for herself! Just let them be already! You are all grown adults! Act like it then!

    1. Thank u! I had my daughter at 20 and refuse to let her dads side around her. And as long as I’m alive they never will. Her dad has to come to my house to see her or at the very least i go with. I have my reasons and until people get the truth from both sides out of their mouth and not someone else’s you can’t judge.

      1. You can tell your a teenage mother with that selfish attitude! ! When u have a kid its not about you and what you want. ..
        When does Farrah ever think of anyone else but her self? Her attitude toward her own parents was disgusting. Saying stipid stuff like its about keeping her daughter safe is bs! She has no problem taking her to porn studios or having a pic on her twitter of herself and her daughter whilst advertising moulds of her private parts alongside it, lying about the sex tape and talking nonsense on vh1….. shes a media slut with zero concept of what it is to be a real mother!

      2. Right because that’s rational to withhold relationships because you are petty and a crazy bitch. You do you, ya know?!

  12. When Sophia is grown she will find out the truth about both sides. Maybe then she will be able to establish a relationship with her dad’s side of the family. As for Stormie, I would never stop trying to be apart of Sophia’s life: send cards, pictures and presents, etc.

  13. People are so rude. R.I.P. Derek. I hope and pray that someday someone from Derek’s family will tell Sophia all about her daddy.

    Prayers to all.

    1. Gracie…the Abraham family does…a everyday…also..Sophia visits with Derek’s father and he shares with her also…

      1. Just wondering if you honestly think the choices your daughter made have been the best for your granddaughter? Having pictures of her on social media alongside moulds of her mothers vagina and anus are respectful of the tot?
        Also putting it out there that she tried to abort her? disgusting behaviour! !
        We all try to be the best parents we can but it appears Farrahs only interested in making herself look, sound and act stupid

      2. Just not enough to let her have a relationship with his family and be blessed to have more family members who love her. You got to keep that crazy contained so Sofia can grow up thinking it’s normal. Can’t wait to she gets old enough to call you out on it, she will too.

      3. I can’t wait when Sophia is older that she looks for her fathers mom and tells you lot what selfish bastards you are not to have given her the chance to see her other blood grandmother, you’ve manipulated the situation and this kid is already damaged and messed up, because the Abraham family are hypocritical heathans.

  14. Hey Sophia is wearing a Primrose uniform shirt in that picture! I work at one of their locations and its a great preschool. I really hope for the best for Sophia, its so sad she could never meet her father and the family she does have is so delusional and insane.

    1. Lola Sophia has met her family my comments above. Also we are not insane or delusional…you have you right to your opinion but its not based on facts..Michael

  15. Never liked Farrah. If I had the same circumstances as she did, I would make DAMN sure that my child got to know every member of her family.
    In my opinion, she seems like a selfish, egotistical, materialistic, two faced, wannabe entitled little girl.
    And her poor daughter. Breaks my heart.

    1. Autumn….you would never put your child in an un stable position would you??? There was reasons the courts did not give Stormy visitation rights and its not because the was no established relationship…as for Farrah being a hard working parent- which she is…you a a woman should never put another single mother down with out have ALL the facts to back your opinion. Michael

  16. No one knows the truth. Iowa laws stated that she had to have had a “relationship” with Sophia, but Farrah and her mom wouldn’t let her because Stormie didn’t like Farrah when she was dating Derek. Anyone with a brain could figure that one out. Farrah is a money hungry fake, plastic piece of trash.

    Farrah should just suck it up for Sophia and let Stormie see her granddaughter.

    1. Jasmine there was a reason the courts did not permit Stormy to have visitation rights…Derek’s father Jerry does get to visits and is part of Sophia’s life…get your facts correct…not rumors Michael

      1. Michael-you are an idiot, just like your sociopath daughter. That your family deny Sophia the opportunity to spend time w/Derek’s family is unforgivable. How can anyone believe ANYTHING you or farrah say? Farrah is a proven liar. You are delusional. You are violent & have been arrested, I think more than once, for being violent.

        Poor Sophia.

  17. Something always rubbed me the wrong way about Stormie. Don’t get me wrong, Farrah and her entire family are looney tunes, but the courts didn’t grant Stormie visitation for a reason (and what was with that, you don’t need social services because you don’t know Derek would have declared her him daughter. But now it’s oooohhh he’s all about family.)

    Just saying, it says something when Farrah and her family are the better choice for Sophia to be around.

    1. You lost any credulity after saying “her him daughter.” And bashing a guy that died too young. Basically I am saying you are a moron after reading your (hauntingly similar vernacular of Leah Messer) post.

    2. They are the only choice, the kid does not stand a chance, with a narcissist mother, bat shit crazy granny and a pussy whipped weak man as a grandfather

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