EXCLUSIVE! Bobby Saleem Talks About Coming Out on ‘The Biggest Loser’ & Gaining Weight Back

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Bobby Saleem  lost a staggering 188 lbs. on The Biggest Loser this season, dropping over 52 percent of his body weight. Although his (and the other contestants’) incredible weight loss achievements have been overshadowed by winner Rachel Frederickson‘s scary skinny appearance at Tuesday’s finale, The Ashley wanted to recognize the very big moment that happened this season involving Bobby and trainer Bob Harper.

For the first time ever, Bob publicly discussed his sexuality. During an emotional episode that aired in December, Bob confirmed to Bobby that he was gay, in an attempt to get Bobby to feel more comfortable with his own sexuality. The Ashley talked to Bobby about this very important moment in the show’s history.

“I didn’t realize [how big it was] at that moment but I did after I watched it on television,” Bobby told The Ashley after Tuesday’s finale. “That just shows what kind of person Bob is. He’s always been willing to help his contestants learn from their experience, and for it was [about] my sexuality.”

While Bob has always tried to keep his sexuality private, he decided to use himself as an example to show Bobby that being gay doesn’t mean being weak. Bobby said that this conversation has ultimately helped him become more comfortable in his own skin.

“I would say the biggest thing I’ve learned was confidence and being sure of myself and my decisions,” he told The Ashley. “I’m so proud of myself as a person.”

The Ashley didn’t have an opportunity to interview Bob after the finale, however. He and fellow trainer Jillian Michaels uncharacteristically split immediately after the taping ended, most likely because they did not want to answer questions regarding Rachel’s controversial weight loss.

Some fans made comments that Bobby, like Rachel, ended the season too thin. He addressed the issue on his Facebook page yesterday.

“In an effort to gain some weight after being told I was too thin, I gained approximately 30 lbs…most of it being water,” he posted. “If you notice the weight gain, please do not be harsh. I am setting myself up to shred weight once again, but add muscle training…I have Bob and Jillian giving me diet guidelines. Rest assured I am fight hard for my health and will make goals along the way to accomplish such standards. It’s a commitment, and I’m ready to tackle it head on.”

Earlier this week, Bobby responded to comments made by former ‘Biggest Loser’ contestants about him and Rachel losing too much weight.

“I love how some past contestants, who have gained some, if not all their weight back, want to say a lot of things about my cast and our season. Not fair, or cute for that matter. They need to mind their business,” he wrote.

I love this guy.

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