EXCLUSIVE! Details & First Photo of “16 and Pregnant” Star Kristina Head’s Third Child

16 and pregnant
It’s another boy for Season Four’s Kristina.

There have been many girls from the 16 and Pregnant series to have a second baby, but Kristina Robinson Head of Season 4 became the first ’16 and Pregnant’ girl to have a third child (from a third pregnancy) when she gave birth to son Layton last month. Although Kristina chose to keep the fact that she was pregnant again very quiet, The Ashley can confirm she did, indeed, have a baby boy on February 12.

The first photos of baby Layton have been released, and Kristina tells The Ashley that she had several reasons for keeping the baby’s birth quiet.

“I kept my pregnancy a secret because for once I wanted to enjoy something since the show without media and everyone’s opinion,” she told The Ashley. “I posted about him when I was ready to share him.”

Her mother, Kim, hosted a baby shower for Kristina on February 1 and was at the hospital when Kristina gave birth to Layton. (This is a big change since the “16 and Pregnant” days, when Kristina didn’t want her mother in the room for Lukas’ birth.)

She had a very scary delivery with Layton, however.

“I had him via emergency C-section alone because TJ couldn’t make it in time,” Kristina told The Ashley. “I went into labor at 3 a.m. during an ice storm! I was staying at Dotty’s so I wasn’t alone because I was so close to my due date. But my scheduled C-section wasn’t actually until February 17.”

Kristina had one of the most heartbreaking ’16 and Pregnant’ episodes ever. As you will probably remember, her episode was filmed just a few months after she lost her fiance and baby’s father, Todd, in a tragic accident that nearly cost her her own life as well. She gave birth to her first son, Lukas, in September 2011. Soon after her episode aired, she met and married a man named TJ Head and had a second son named Joseph.

Although there have been rumors that Kristina was unsure about who fathered Layton, she said that is not true and that her husband TJ is, indeed, the father of the baby.

Kristina says that she’s surprised by the fact that so many people still keep track of her life because of her participation in ’16 and Pregnant.’

“I would have never done the show if I had known all that I know now,” she said.

any viewers were outraged when rumors that Kristina was pregnant for a third time began to surface last year, due to the fact that she openly admitted to being on welfare and food stamps during the “Where Are They Now?” special. That may have contributed to the reason why Kristina kept her pregnancy relatively quiet.

Kristina isn’t the only ’16 and Pregnant’ girl that’s going to be the mother of three: Season 3’s Jennifer Del Rio is currently pregnant with her third child. She gave birth to twins during her episode of ’16 and Pregnant.’ Season 2 and Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert also had a third child last year, after giving birth to twins on “16 and Pregnant.”

(Photo: Facebook)


  1. Congrats on the little ones. I myself had 3 by the age of 18. I am now 25 with my 6 and last baby. My 3rd, 4th and 5th children were all planned pregnancies. My 1st , 2nd and 6 th were a bit of a surprise but also a gift. I wouldn’t change my children or the life I have for the world. My husband and I love having a big family. I also find that because I am younger it is a bit easy and less stressful than someone who is older than I am. Anyways keep your head up and ignore any negative feed back. As long as you are happy and able to support the children yourself than it should be none of anyone’s business how many you have.

    1. But she can’t support the children herself. She’s admitted to receiving welfare and other government assistance.

    2. I would not be bragging about that UNLESS you can support yourself…This girl clearly can not…I hope you can.

  2. Doesn’t her husband have a child from a previous relationship? So that’s 4 children. That seems like an awful lot of stress and pressure on someone so young. It’s also concerning if they’re still getting help from the government to raise and afford these children. It brings to mind a friend of my ex who said she’d keep havin children as long as the government would keep paying for them…sighs…

  3. I do find it a bit disturbing that she openly admits to being on welfare but gets pregnant a 3rd time. I know “stuff happens” but if you are using birth control correctly, the liklihood of getting pregnant 3 times would be 1 in a million (each time 1% chance). I try to understand the choices others make that are different than my own, but I just can’t make sense of choosing to have a more difficult life or dim the future of your family.

    In the picture she looks happy, and she does seem like a good mother. Hopefully she and her husband can get some education, secure good jobs, and raise these kids the best they can with or without government assistance.

  4. If you want to get technical about it, Leah actually gave birth to her third child after her third pregnancy as well. She had a miscarriage between the twins and her third baby.

    1. Yeah. MacKenzie from s.4 had an miscarriage… Then she got pregnant with Gannon… Then Jaxie.

  5. Judging by the look on her face, she seems truly happy. I hope we can close the book on this one. All the best to her.

    1. Except that everyone else will have to pay for her and her children to eat and have healthcare because she cannot afford food or insurance. Happiness does not pay bills.

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