Clare Crawley Reveals What ‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Told Her During Their Helicopter Date

"Am I in the Twilight Zone here?!"
“Am I in the Twilight Zone here?!”


For once Chris Harrison was actually telling the truth: Tonight’s season finale of The Bachelor was, indeed, the most shocking ever. Although Juan Pablo Galavis was hardly a fan favorite going into tonight’s finale, his actions with finalist Clare Crawley, followed by his rude behavior at the “After the Final Rose” taping (more on all that later!), Juan Pablo has managed to snag the spot of Most Hated Bachelor away from Jake Pavelka!

‘Bachelor’ fans were left with many questions after tonight’s finale, but one is particularly nagging: What did Juan Pablo tell Clare during their final date that she felt was “disrespectful”?

After a romantical helicopter ride, Juan Pablo found himself alone with Clare without any camera or audio equipment around. Clare assumed that he would use the time to talk about his feelings for her. Instead, she claims he made a sexual comment she found so demeaning that she wouldn’t even repeat it on television.

But what did he say, exactly? Clare revealed half of JP’s sleazy comments during an on-camera confessional.

“He leaned over and then he said, ‘I feel like we don’t know each other. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you,'” she said. “He chooses not to say something romantic, but that he loved hooking up with me. What he said and the words he used, I can’t even repeat it.”

After he reveals that she is not his chosen one during the dramatic proposal scene the next day, Clare decided to let the world know what it was that JP had said to her in the helicopter.

“Don’t tell me you love f**ing me,” she sobbed to the camera right after giving Juan Pablo a piece of her mind. “Don’t tell me that. That to me is not a man.”

(Does that mean they did get it on in Vietnam, despite her previous denial? Or perhaps she was talking about their excursions in the Fantasy Suite.)

Be sure to check back tomorrow for The Ashley’s full recap of this insane finale!

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  1. I was always so confused why the girls were so taken by him. Every time they hung out all they did was make out and make small talk. I mean when Claire was asking JP how he felt about meeting her family all he could say was her sisters name over and over again and how she was cute. Then Claire is like ” it was so nice to know that JP loved meeting my family and he liked them” I just think the girls were falling in love with the experience. I bet if any of them went on a second date with a guy and the first thing he did was go in for a 15 minute long make out they’d walk away.
    I think it was episode 2 and I knew JP was a douche. However, the comment he made to Claire, I don’t think was a big deal. It wasn’t romantic but after your sleeping with someone they should be able to tell you they love sleeping with you. You can’t be romantic and lovy all the time some times talking a little dirty is fun. For women that don’t like it, just tell him you don’t like that kind of talk. I think Claire knew he was a douche and they never would have made it. She just wanted to be in love soon ooh bad. I really think she was living in a make believe world. Now on the other hand. ..Nikki truly loves him. She is a kid who is as deep and intelligent as JP.
    JP is like every guy who comes up to you at a bar and all you have to do is look at him to know that he wants 1 thing! He’s not ready to settle down and get married.

  2. Honestly Clare, shutup because even after he said that to you, you still wanted to be with him..and if he had chosen you instead of Nikki you would have nothing bad to say about him. But cause you were rejected Juan Pablo is a terrible guy. Give me a break. Not sure why people hate Juan Pablo he is being real and that is what happenes in real life. good for him and NIkki.

  3. While I don’t care for JP, I don’t fault him on saying what she says he did. In his mind he probably thought he was being flirtatious. To say “I loved f*cking you” does not mean that’s the only thing he loves about you. Sure, probably not the best time and place but he’s not exactly a rocket surgeon 😉

    I always fault the girls on this show that say they’ve “fallen in love” after 10 weeks of dating a guy on TV. But I fault the girls on this season even more. JP is incapable of having a deep conversation (in part because of the language barrier but mostly that’s just who he is) so none of them ever got to know him on anything more than the most superficial of levels. They fall in love with the idea of being in love, not with the actual person in front of them. Nikki and many bachelorettes before her would fall in love with any man that’s put up there as the bachelor. The makeup of the man is immaterial to what he represents. Hopefully, Nikki grows up in the emotional maturity department before she ends up getting married to someone she doesn’t even know.

    1. I’ve looked at Nikki’s Twitter account, (I suppose I was hoping for some form of explanation) and I saw JP’s Youtube video montage of their love–no I love you though. Anyway, I ended up on JP’s sister Anna’s Twitter and she’s making excuses for him, mostly that Chris and the Bachelor set him up to look bad. She also said that he didn’t say “that” to Clare because if he did she would ‘beat him up’ so to speak. I guess it’s possible he didn’t say it but I can’t see Clare lying like that, and the producers can edit it to make him look bad but they can only use real footage of him. JP seems to think he has been fed to the wolves–but don’t worry, he’ll come back leading the pack! Any thoughts??

  4. Bob Marley couldn’t have said it better!!! “The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her”, Bob Marley quote.

  5. This episode and ATFR–best episodes ever!! I think Chris was actually accurate about shocking moments. I liked JP at first and tried to give him the benefit of the doubt with ocean-gate–“peoples makes mistake, is ok.” Sharleen helped remind me that ya, JP doesn’t seem to have an intellectual side and Andi cemented that fact as he chose to brag about himself above sharing ideologies. But what he said to Clare and being rude to Chris and refusing to disclose his feelings, was the final straw. JP is a douche! It seems like his family knows it too. I bet the change that occurred 2 wks ago had to be that the producers dumped him for DWTS! Can you imagine their reluctance to put him on a live show?? I have to say though, it was the most interesting Bachelor ever!

  6. if she didn’t like the comment why did she continue the date or even consider accepting a proposal from him. She played the sex card first and he was just saying what his impression of her was. A sex object. Frankly I think he is a total jerk. His family warned both of them. Nikki is an idiot for staying with him. She should run away as fast as possible. Lucky they live in separate states, that way he can continue being an horndog in Miami. Cause its-OK.

  7. Maybe she shouldn’t have gone to his room at 4 in the morning to ‘swim’ in the ocean if she wanted to be respected?
    Should he have said that? No. But her playing the morality card after sleeping with him is a little hypocritical.

    1. You know he had sex with at least 3 women in 3 days but that is no big deal right? Yet she has sex wtih ONE man and you are saying she deserves no respect? Really?

      1. Calm down. I never said anything about him sleeping with any amount of women nor my feelings on that so don’t put words in my mouth. I’m just saying that sleeping with someone after only knowing them a few weeks and then playing the morality card is hypocritical.
        I also never said that I didn’t respect her, but based on her behavior I can see why Juan Pablo might not. Again, not saying I agree, but I, unlike SOME PEOPLE, can see the other side.

        1. Just wanted to agree fully with AP! She knew him for a few short weeks and knocks on his door in the middle of the night to go “swimming” (wink, wink). Don’t be shocked when this even less moral man says dirty things to you after you had a midnight rendezvous in the ocean while the other girls were sleeping. I try not to disrespect anyone and would show them all respect so I’m not condoning whatever he may have said, but I understand why he may respect her less than the other girls.

          He is so slimy though. Ew.

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