Shakira Says She’s Quitting ‘The Voice’: “I Don’t Have Any Plans of Coming Back”

"Hmm...should I stay or should I go?"
“Hmm…should I stay or should I go?”

Kristen Merlin was eliminated on last night’s episode of The Voice, leaving Team Shakira with no representation in next week’s finale. This may have been the singer’s last chance to coach a winning contestant on ‘The Voice’ because it appears that Shakira is saying “adios” to the show.

In an interview with Synergistic Productions before last night’s episode was taped, Shakira hinted that her days of sitting in the Big Red Chair are probably over.

“For now, no, I don’t have any plans of coming back,” she said. “This was always a temporary thing for me to do.”

Gwen Stefani will be taking over Shakira’s chair for the fall season of ‘The Voice,’ due to the “every other season” arrangement Shakira and Usher had previously followed. However, from the sound of it, Shakira doesn’t intend to return for the following season.  She insists, however, that this is because of her busy schedule, rather than than the show itself.

“I love the show,” she said. “I love the people on the show, the producers, the fellow coaches. It’s been real fun. But right now I have to go on with my life as an artist…I have to prep a tour and also do other stuff like be a mother.”

According to reports, Christina Aguilera plans to return to the show after she gives birth to her second child. This could mean that Christina and Gwen, rather than Christina and Shakira, will switch off as the sole female coach of the show.

Are you sad to see Shakira go?

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  1. Shakira is so amazingly talented, refreshing, and an excellent coach. I’ll miss her. I know she will continue to have great success in her career and life.

  2. I had heard they’ve already signed Christina for the spring 2015 season so, to me, it doesn’t sound like Shakira was asked back. Shame.. I like her. So much better than Christina. And I’ve never been a fan of Gwen..

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