New Season of ‘Sister Wives’ to Focus on Brown Family’s Money Issues

season 5
“Do you have any spare change?”

The upcoming fifth season of Sister Wives may finally answer the question the show’s fans have been wondering for years: How the heck do these people afford everything?

According to a new press release distributed by TLC, the fifth season will focus on the Brown family‘s money issues. Over the past four years, we’ve watched Kody Brown and his wives build four brand-new houses, invest in random business opportunities (who could forget the “let’s open a gym” fiasco?) and seemingly support five adults and 17 children without ever going to an actual job.

While each of the Browns makes a sizable income from their participation on ‘Sister Wives,’ it appears that their reality TV salaries just aren’t hacking it these days, and the money problems are causing turmoil in the family.

“This season, tensions are high as the family tries to lock in investors for their fledgling jewelry business,” the press release reads. “With  four mortgages and three  kids already in college (with more following fast), pressure to make money is at an all-time high”

As per usual, the Brown women handle the money issues in their own way.

“Robyn is so overwhelmed with the workload, she gives Kody an ultimatum,” the network says. (No more kids until he actually gets a real job, perhaps?)

As for Meri, she handles the money issues by deciding to go back to school. Good thing it doesn’t cost a bunch of money to go to college…oh, wait.

“I love the idea that you want to go back to college…Robyn’s going to freak out though. She needs ya! I need ya!” Kody tells her.

Apparently, Meri had started school when the family was living in Utah, and now that Mariah has left home, Meri decides to pick up her schooling at UNLV, where two of the family’s children also go. (Haven’t these people ever heard of community college? Geez.)

If you’d like to read more about the Brown family’s ways of making money, click here.

Watch Meri discuss her college plans with Kody in the clip below:


  1. Seriously ??? This whole family is a mess. Meri looks like she never washes her hair and is orange in color. Janelle is obese, Chrisine is pretty but overweight and sort of demanding; then you have whining Robin. They all needed their tubes tied years ago. Or better yet sterilize Big dick Kody

    Who cares

  2. This is a family who has choosen to share their lives with interested people. If you are not interested, or do not like them, change the channel, and quit searching articles about them. I used to love Jon and Kate +8 until I really saw who they were and I simply quit watching. I don’t go trolling articles and bashing them every chance I get. This family has choosen this life, the good, the bad… all of it. I don’t agree with every thing I see, and Kody is certainly not cup of tea, but overall they are a good family. The kids are not neglected. They live their life the best way they know how and I wish only the best for each one of them.

  3. i think it is funny some of the “problems” they have….like how will they affor another child in college or what car will they for buy Meri’s daughter or what chaos is planned for the day, whose house is done first, uhm….i struggle everyday financially but i work and raise my 3 children. i just find it amusing they think they have real problems meanwhile the rest of the world is actually dealing with pain and poverty daily

  4. WHAT THE FU**K IS WRONG WITH THESE WOMEN? This guy is no prize even without having to marry all those other women as well?

    1. I don’t think a man should marry multiple women and make all of these babies if he alone can’t financially support all of them. If he wants to live like a kjng, he should have the finances of a king.

  5. To you hosers saying the women should all get johs, who the heck is going to take care of all their young kids? 2 women and Kody should work full-time, 2 need to be stay-at-home moms/home-makers and make life easy for the ones who work. If I were a sister wife, I’d take the job OUTSIDE the home!

  6. I simply do not understand why all 4 of those women chose to share 1 husband. Especially Kody Brown. I had hopes that Janelle would grow a spine, get a job and get the hell out. But obviously she has esteem issues also. Yes, the show is scripted and none of the women come off as having any sense whatsoever. As for Mr. Brown, in the name of all that is human, get a damn haircut. You look like a damn freak. But the ones I feel sorry for are the kids. I would hope that after having their mothers and so called father expose them as they have, they get the hell out and change their names. And do not do the plural marriage thing. They deserve so much better.

    1. But who is to tell them what religion to believe I am Wiccan but was raised Free Will Baptist by my mother and grandparents but the man I call my dad was a full out athiest after spending four tours in Vietnam and put of all the churches Catholic Nazarine Southern Baptist Non Denomination I chose Wiccan

      1. Fine and dandy for you. I myself am agnostic but religion is not the issue. If those women choose to share one man, more power to them. But the ones I feel for are the kids. At the start of every episode Kody says “love should be multiplied, not divided”. Just exactly what is he doing? Dividing himself between 4 women who have no back bone. I simply do not see where having multiple wives makes him a better man and puts him closer to heaven. For all their crying about money issues they seem to have enough to rent huge motorhomes, send their kids to expensive colleges and buy huge homes. I for one am glad that most of the kids are against plural marriage.

  7. i watch the show as a sociology interest. they have been raised this way. I looked on with disgust as i listened to Codys mom explain jealousy and sister wives. She described the wives as spokes to a wagon wheeel, saying when a new one is added the others must move aside to make room. while they repeat that to themselves, im thinking they’re inanimate objects while we are women who want loyalty from a husband. and what the heck! Cody doesnt even believe what he says. His eyes shift from ear to ear when ever he discusses religion, relationships with wives, or BIOLOGY !!! of kissing or hand holding.. this man is DUMB!!! i studied physical linguistics (body language) our class has a blast reading his body language.

  8. I’m just wondering when Meri is going to contribute something to the family coffers? Besides getting a super expensive college education for her little darling, she seems to have no urge to contribute at the level she has received! Didn’t she weep her way to the biggest house of the four, with no kids at home? If I were Janelle, who appears to be the only one pulling in any real income besides network $, I think I’d be somewhat resentful. At least Meri didn’t cry her way through this first episode. I was getting truly sick of her constant whining and crying.

    1. OMG! Every time she opened her mouth to speak she would say she was “stressed out” and start damn crying! ! I wanted to throw my shoe at my tv..then realized my tv cost too much!!she manipulates with her stupid tears. As for being over budget on the build!!! I was so frustrated with her, I could have slapped her in the real estate agent’s office. Pathetic woman. Janelle is my favorite. I had to shriek with laughter at Christine’s expression when she was told the hours she would have to work selling houses!! Priceless.

      1. Mary does not need a job she gets the same amount of money as the wives with 6 kids. Lucky girl…. She could afford to buy the house with the 5 bedrooms… Because sgphe is going to pay for it out of her budget while Christine gets to use her grocery money if she wants to see her family.

    2. If you had watched the first season completely you would have seen that Meri worked with inder privileged children in a huge corporation and when they went public she lost her job just as Janelle and Kody did she cashed out a huge sum of monwy from her pension funds and from money she had invested in so Mariah could go to college she and Janelle both did their due diligence in the financial area now Robin and Christine not so much in money wise but Christine ran the household and was the stay at home mother for 13 children so I feel she done her due diligence as well in a way

  9. I think Janelle is a beautiful women inside and out, but she really needs to smarten up and quit supporting that stupid Robyn and others. She ( robyn) is a user who flants her self around like she is important. And she is so not.

  10. I think it’s great Meri is going to go to college. She will need to support herself when the show ends. She is entitled to her own home. I’m sure it comes from the money she makes from being on the show. Robyn will have to get over the jewelry business. It’s not going to be the business she had hoped for. The jewelry looks to much like other designer’s so it’s not original enough to set them apart. They would do better to sell T-Shirts & candles, maybe plaque’s. Craft’s. These show’s show how unhappy the women in these marriages are.

  11. These people could learn a lot from my 5 wives. They all work and don’t depend on investors for their crazy business ideas. The husband on my 5 wives is trying to better himself and works hard. He looks better than Cody, Cody looks like he’s been rode hard and put away wet. The 5 wives are much better looking than the Browns. They don’t whine as much as the stupid contrive Brown women.

  12. These people are ALL dillusional in my opinion ….. I LOVE watching My Five Wives instead now…. They actually WORK real jobs…. Live within their means…. And don’t act so selfish and self centered as siisterwives… Geeez instead of Meri helping raise her siisterwives children she goes off to waste more money on herself and go to a University??? Really…

  13. Harsh comments out there! Stop hating on them. Just quit watching.
    Personally, I couldn’t care less about their choice of Polygamy. Umm…Freedom of Religion, I believe it’s called? And, it’s not an issue in Vegas. So, with that said, leave them alone. Don’t watch!
    The sister wives are sweet. Why are y’all hating and again judging these girls because you clearly think their less attractive or plus sized? WTF? RUDE! Ugly jewelry? Again, you’re rude! That’s why there is something for everyone.

    1. Well Dear also there is a saying:
      FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! We are all allowed to say what we think!!!!!

  14. This show is all staged and scripted now, they don’t really get into any real facts about how much money they have and where it comes from. Everything they talk about comes directly from a script!

  15. I have seen some dysfunction in my time but polygamy takes the cake. I used to feel somewhat sorry for Janelle but when is she going to get a spine? All of those women are more than capable of getting off their duffs and getting jobs! As for Kody, God help any woman who is dumb enough to hook up with him. As for the decision to purchase huge and expensive homes, ridiculous. And Meri is the dumbest of the bunch. Frankly I wish they would all just go away and truthfully I hope that the 17 kids are smart enough to not decide to do the multiple spouse thing.

  16. None of these ladies have style, so why would anyone want something from their “closet”? Robyn is delusional that people want that hideous jewelry. I fell badly for jenelle, as she is the only one in the family that is sane and realistic. The one thing that she could market is workout clothes for plus sized women. They will lose their houses because Meri insists on the same amount of ## for herself, when she has no kids to raise and a huge house to cool and heat for herself only. Cody as the husband, should put his foot down instead of allowing this dumb idea to continue

    1. But legally Meri deserves half of everything Kody owns she is the only LEGAL wife and it is not her fault she is “baron” medical reasons are to each tjeir own

  17. I use to live in Vegas. Last I was there, it was harder to get into community college than UNLV because how many people chose to try to go back to school after the economy went to crap.

  18. Can we just take a minute to discuss Kody’s hair. Is he now using a flat iron on it? I kept waiting for the wind machine to start and blow his luscious locks….

  19. Oh heavens. Luckily Janelle has an actual marketable skill and license (real estate) so she can support her kids without all the whining, teeth gnashing, and ugly jewelry.

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