See ‘Teen Mom’ Catelynn Lowell’s First Sonogram Photo!

Congrats, guys!
Congrats, guys!

It’s shaping up to be a great Father’s Day for Teen Mom star Tyler Baltierra!

Last month The Ashley broke the news that Tyler’s fiance, Catelynn Lowell was expecting her second baby! (Their first child, named Carly, was born in 2009 and was placed for adoption.)

Now, we have been given our first look at Catelynn’s first sonogram photo!

According to All The Teen Moms, who broke the story this morning, Catelynn had an ultrasound appointment  last Tuesday, and got the first photo of her and Tyler’s little boy or girl! Catelynn is currently seeing an OB/GYN in her hometown of Port Huron, Michigan.

Pregnant 2014 Teen Mom
Catelynn’s first sonogram!

Catelynn is about 9 weeks pregnant. As The Ashley previously reported, Catelynn is due in mid-January, according to her brother River.

Not everyone is happy about Catelynn’s pregnancy, however. Last week, Catelynn and Tyler’s former ‘Teen Mom’ co-star, Farrah Abraham, made some mean comments about Catelynn getting pregnant again, causing Catelynn to fight back against her former friend on Twitter. Click here to read about their feud!

Congrats to Catelynn and Tyler!

(Photos: All The Teen Moms, MTV)

20 Responses

  1. Farrah is just a dirty pig. I feel that the best mom out of all of them is Maci Bookout. She seems to be the only one that has her s— together.

  2. I think they should have never given carly up. they sure were mature enough to lay down and make that baby they should have been grown up enough to take care of it.It just bothers me that there are so many people out there that cant heave kids then you have these two immature teenagers who have the joy of conceiving and use abortion or adoption as a way out.

  3. I thank Farrah for one is stupid she don’t need to say anything she did porn and all she has done is cry and bitch she is the one that need to grow up and I am so happy that there haven a baby I wish you guys the best of luck on the baby

  4. At 16 they put their child up for adoption knowing it was the best thing for her even though it was the hardest thing they ever had to do right there shows that even at 16 they had more maturity then Farrah will ever have. They have full time jobs and own there own house so what if they aren’t married yet I was engaged and not married when I had my first and only 22 now I’m married to the same man 15 years later and have 3 beautiful children . I wish them all the love and luck in the world god bless.

  5. I am happy if they are happy but has either one of them got a full time job yet? Or are they planning to use mtv checks to pay for baby stuff? Sorry, just seems like other than being out of high school nothing is different between now and 5 years ago when the were pregnant the 1st time. A little wiser, sure but still uneducated, still inexperienced in any type of field of work that would be considered a sustainable career. Farrah is an idiot for sure but I have to agree with her on this.

    1. From what I have heard is that both of them work full time taking care of elderly people.
      And they are making pretty decent money! Anything else they are making is on the side.

      While I don’t think it’s the smartest choice, I think they have really wanted this bad since they had to give up Carly. I’m happy for them.

    2. They both have jobs working as social workers and doing speaking engagements for adoption. Learn your facts before saying stupid stuff.

  6. I’m waiting for Tyler to back out of parenting last minute like he backed out of the wedding. Marriage, a lifelong commitment he wasn’t ready for, a child is an even BIGGER lifelong commitment. I think they should have gotten on the same page about where life is going before adding a baby into the mix.

  7. Ha as if Farrah has any room to talk bad or judge anyone that porn star whore shouldn’t even be in the spot light any more I cant wait to find out what the baby is Im so happy for them and just know they are going to be wonderful parents

  8. I think they will be awesome parents they have came a long way. And Farrah has no room to talk about anybody she should clean her own back door cuz it sure is messy to be talking about anybody else. Congrats Catelynn and Tyler super excited for u two.

  9. Congratulations to two of the most wonderful parents in the world. You are going to be amazing. This is so exciting.

  10. She was 9 weeks as of Tuesday? If you do the math, she would have been 2 weeks pregnant when they released the “We’re trying!” story. I’d be willing to bet this pregnancy wasn’t planned, they just released that story as a cover.

    1. The first two weeks of pregnancy you are actually not pregnant. They probably got pregnant the first month they were trying.

  11. Wow she’s 9 weeks 2 days now! Half way to finding out the gender ( if they choose to) I got an ultrasound at 10 weeks and its framed on the dresser ( my son is 15 months old now) it was so exciting

  12. Farrah aint even a good mom she setting a bad example to every teen mom out there becoming who she became im a teen mom myself id couldnt imagine doing that to my kid its gross and nowong that half the time shes doing that her daughter is somewere with famliy or what and being picked on cuz of what her mom does that sickenss me

  13. I Think its amazing that there finely grown and ready to have a baby and Farrah can STFU She has no room to talk shit About any one but her self!

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