‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Is Tired Of People Saying That She Parties Too Much

“Come on, y’all, I don’t drink that much…oh, look a Bud Lite!”

Maci Bookout is arguably the most-popular of all the girls in the Teen Mom franchise. Although Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska recently took the title of “Most Followed ‘Teen Mom’ on Twitter” from Maci, she is still extremely popular and generally well-liked by fans. (The Ashley knows this better than anyone, because you Roundupers are always asking for Maci stories!)

Anyway, OK! Magazine recently did a quick Q & A with Maci, in which Maci revealed that she’s tired of people picking on her for getting her party on!

Maci frequently posts photos to her social media of herself partying and drinking with her friends, which has gotten some fans all worked up, and commenting that she is not being responsible.

(The Ashley has always maintained that she feels Maci got an extremely friendly edit from MTV during the course of ‘Teen Mom.’ Her partying was usually conveniently “left out” of the show, for the most part.)

Anyway, Maci finally spoke out about the comments.

“The biggest misconception about me is that I party too much,” Maci told the magazine. “Everyone on Instagram talks about it.”

Maci insists that she only puts her party pants on when she doesn’t have her five-year-old son, Bentley.

“I’m like, ‘Don’t you realize that my son, Bentley, goes to his dad’s house every other weekend for three days?'” she said.

Maci’s partying has gotten her into some trouble in the past. She came under fire a few years ago when photos of her shaking her ass and drinking out of a beer bong on the beach surfaced. She also took some heat when The Ashley broke the story that Maci and her posse were kicked out of a hotel in Anaheim, California, for being drunk and fighting.

Maci didn’t deny that she likes to pop a cold one, but insists that she does it at the right times.

“If my homework is done and Bentley is not with me, I am definitely going to go get a beer–because I deserve it!”

Wait…seriously, this chick is still in school? I figured only signed up for college so that she could participate in Spring Break.

In case the first paragraph of this article perked your interest in which ‘Teen Mom’ girls are the most popular on social media, here’s a ranking of their number of Twitter followers.

Chelsea Houska: 1.28 million

Maci Bookout: 1.27 million

Leah Calvert: 1.03 million

Jenelle Evans: 966,000

Farrah Abraham: 938,000

Kail Lowry: 907,000

Catelynn Lowell: 883,000

Amber Portwood: 58,300 (Amber just started her account, however.)

(Photo: MTV)



18 Responses

  1. I have always felt that MTV cast her as their good girl. Each of the girls played a specific role, and they edit the scenes to fill that. They want to appeal to a large audience after all.

    I see both sides of the coin. She is young and wants to go out and have a good time. But she has responsibilities and has made herself a public figure by being on a tv show and having 1.27 million twitter followers. It is not just the drinking… you don’t go out wearing practically no clothes and acting like a carefree teenager when you have a child to raise. It doesn’t matter if he is with Ryan, you know these pictures will end up permanently on the internet. So embarrassing for Bentley and just wrong for me.

    But then again, I didn’t get pregnant at 16 and got my fun nights out of the way. I’m Maci’s age now and love nothing more than staying in with my husband and watching movies. I have always hated the party scene and would NEVER go out in public wearing the outfits Maci is photographed in. Just Gross.

    1. NVM I am almost 3 years older than Maci. Still, at 22 I was not doing any of her stuff.

      If she gave up her partying weekends I bet she could handle another class or two. She has been working on an associates degree for 6 freaking years. That is nuts!

      1. Right? She has been working on getting a 2 year degree for 6 years. Obviously there is something going on there. Maybe she would already have her degree if she didn’t spend her free time partying and drinking. What is she going to do in 10 – 15 years when no one cares about her anymore? She will probably end up working some minimum wage job because she partied instead of going to school.

  2. Everyone should stop being so judgmental. These girls can go out with their friends as long as it’s in moderation. Maci is a good mother and it’s obvious Bentley is her top priority. If she wants to go out on the days he’s with her dad, there is nothing wrong with that. What is she supposed to do? Sit at home and watch Real Housewives by herself?

  3. People say she parties too much because that is mostly all she talks about on social media. I don’t follow her on twitter or instagram, but a few years ago I saw her accounts. It was pretty much just pictures of her partying, posts about partying with her friends, and a few pictures of Bentley sprinkled in.

    There is nothing wrong with her partying when her son is gone. However, she should probably focus more of her time on her school instead of friends and partying. The girl has been in community college for almost 6 years, for goodness sakes!

    1. Kailyn is annoying and always trying to sell a product; Scentsy, Oragami Owl, her book, and I don’t remember what else.

  4. Hey Maci, how about instead of your routine every other weekend 3 day binge drinking session you get a hobby?! Also, I wonder if she thinks we are stupid enough to believe that she never drinks around Bentley. She basically had him living in a sorority house. It’s ok to drink once in awhile, parents do deserve to have some time to themselves, but she should find something other than alcohol to occupy her time.

  5. Well she does party too much. She hasn’t accomplished anything, and a lot of that is due to her partying. She has HUGE problems with the IRS, can’t seem to finish school, and is basically very non impressive!

  6. Nthing wrong with her partying its her business all you need to know her son is t ooken care people need mind thier own business!

    1. I agree. The people who are probably saying this stuff behind the safety if their screen are probably partying harder than her! She is being a 20 something year old mom, and if she doesn’t have her son why can’t she go out with her friends?! Why is it anyone else’s business.. she’s drinking. It is legal. Get over it…. Also about her being in school for so long, at least she is still trying! A lot of young moms give up. There is no set time you must finish college.. we will all be working till we are 80 anyways!…

    2. Uh really? She CHOSE to be in the spotlight. She CHOSE to be on a TV show that million watch. She CHOSE to upload tons and tons of pictures of her drinking and partying. THEREFORE she CHOSE to be judged.

      END of story.

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