VIDEO: Take Your First Peek of ‘Bachelor In Paradise!’

ABC decided to give us a tiny glimpse into the chaos and tropical-themed ridiculousness that will be Bachelor in Paradise. The Bachelor spin-off, which premieres on Monday, August 4, follows a crew of ‘Bachelor’ and Bachelorette rejects as they attempt to rub their private parts on each other and drink all the free liquor they can get their hands on.

The clip gave us an idea of what we can expect from the show. Although ABC released a partial cast list last month, it appears that a few names were left off it, including Michelle Money, who, during Brad Womack‘s season of ‘The Bachelor’ acted crazy and even managed to give herself a black eye. (As you do.) Reality Steve also reports that Chris Bukowski will be part of the cast (just like Erica Rose told The Ashley last month), as will Marquel from Andi’s season and a few others that are not on the cast list.

Here’s what we learned from watching the sneak peek clip:

  • Clare is going to be just as annoying in ‘Paradise’ as she was when she was trying to get Juan Pablo to say “Okay” to marrying her. She will also find a new guy to boink in the ocean, apparently.
  • That other Michelle girl will go batsh*t crazy, as per usual. (This is obviously the only reason they brought someone from so far in the past back again.)
  • Host Chris Harrison will apparently be dressing like Don Johnson from ‘Miami Vice’ for the duration of the show.
  • There will be rose ceremonies just like on ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’

Are you excited about ‘Bachelor in Paradise’? The Ashley is counting the days until this hot mess begins!

UPDATE: Another rejected guy from Andi’s season has been added to the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ cast. Cody Sattler, the Muscle-Milk-drinking personal trainer that was cut during this week’s episode, will be hot-tubing his way to “true love” come this August, according to People magazine. At least one more man from the current season is expected to participate in the new series, but his name hasn’t been announced yet.


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