Live-In Lovers! ‘Teen Mom’ Star Maci Bookout Moves In with Boyfriend Taylor

Move In
“Welcome to our Tennessee love nest, y’all!”

Teen Mom star Maci Bookout had a lot to celebrate on July 4 this year. In addition to Independence Day and Maci’s family’s epic annual “Bookout Cookout” party, the 4th of July marked the first weekend that Maci and her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, are living in the same state!

Just days before Independence Day, Maci and Taylor took a huge step in their relationship and moved in together. Taylor, who has been living in Texas over the course of his almost-two-year-long relationship with Maci, packed up his stuff and moved across the country to Maci’s home state of Tennessee on July 2!

Maci headed to Texas on July 1 to help her love pack up and by the next day, she and Taylor were on their way home to Tennessee.

Taylor and Maci arrived in Chattanooga in time for Maci’s family annual 4th of July bash. Maci’s friends welcomed Taylor to his new ‘hood.

Taylor isn’t the first boyfriend that Maci has moved in with. During the first season of ‘Teen Mom’, she lived with Ryan Edwards, the father of her son, Bentley. In 2011, she moved in with Kyle King, and ‘Teen Mom’ fans watched as they bought a house together and considered marriage. They split in 2012.

Since the original ‘Teen Mom’ girls are coming back (in some shape or form) to MTV, (they are filming right now!) we will likely get to see how this big step in Maci and Taylor’s relationship plays out.

It’s probably not a bad idea for Maci to get a roommate– having Taylor pay half the bills will certainly help Maci, who owes nearly $80,000 to the IRS for taxes. (This story is definetly true. Multiple sources confirmed it to The Ashley, by the way!)
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  1. I like the catch up specials. It’s nice to see where they are now but I don’t think I could do whole seasons of them again. It would be cool if they did a special once a year to show the kids growing up and what is happening in their lives.

  2. I hope they don’t break up like her and kyle did when she moved to nashville to be closer. they seem good together.

  3. happy for her. so is teen mom coming back for sure? or its just more specials? are we going to see adam and gary and tylor mtv special being dad? why weren’t they in the special with jo and cory?

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